‘Arrow’ – S01E10 – “Burned”


Boy, I hope that costume is breathable.

Here’s how “Burned” is described:

Oliver, his confidence undermined by his defeat at the hands of the Dark Archer, goes up against a psychologically traumatized firefighter. The man has started committing acts of arson while calling himself Firefly. Meanwhile, Thea tries to cheer her mother up and Tommy throws a benefit for the firefighters.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. My local CW affiliate just stopped broadcasting this month. I’m still debating on whether or not to watch week to week online or wait till it hits Netflix.

  2. I’m glad that this show is on television, but at times it feels like your average soap opera and kind of boring.

    • I watched most of the first episode, and I flipped over to watch part of last night’s episode, but this is exactly how it feels to me. A bunch of dull pretty people talking – the superhero action part just isn’t there. It’s not fun, it’s not funny, I don’t get it – because it got a lot of rave reviews.

  3. Love the show but man do they kill the villains too quick sometimes… So much opportunities and then “whack”, dead.

  4. Still thoroughly enjoying the show. I understand where comic fans are getting tired of the melodrama, but it is exactly what I expect from a CW show (my fiance is all about the CW lineups), so I was prepared. Melodrama aside, I really enjoy that they are [mostly] using actual villains versus creating their own, ala Smallvile. I am, however, hoping they start to do a little more costuming on the future villains, because a spiteful firefighter dressed as a firefighter just isn’t cutting it.

    Besides, I think we can all agree Diggle is the best part of the show.

    I’d give this episode a 3 out of 5 stars.

  5. My least favorite episode so far. It wasn’t bad, just spectacularly mediocre. The conflict with Firefly near the end was anticlimactic and, while I’ve had issues with villains being turned over too quickly, Firefly wasn’t very beguiling to begin with so I don’t think he’ll be missed.