Invisible Jet Delayed: CW Postpones ‘Amazon’ Wonder Woman Series

Who is TV's next Wonder Woman?

Who is TV’s next Wonder Woman?

A while back we reported on Amazon, a Wonder Woman drama poised to join Arrow on the CW. At the time, feathers ruffled at the suggestion that Wonder Woman would, if a casting sheet was to be believed, appear as a warrior called ‘Iris’. As you’ll recall, producers quickly commented that the name was merely a code name, that the series would indeed star a character named Diana. That was back in November.

Today, Deadline reports that Amazon is not among the pilots the CW has ordered for next season. Not because they’re disinterested, but because there’s no Diana yet. It seems Allan Heinberg is still working on the script as well. For now, the project is being “rolled,” with consideration for Fall 2014 or possibly even sooner with a midseason debut earlier next year.

That an unfinished project was not issued a go order is perhaps the type of news only Hollywood could care to generate, but it’s at least heartening to see the network remains interested (invested, even) and wants to get this thing right.

Meanwhile, the heated search for the next live action Wonder Woman continues. So if you’re a 20-something woman, 5’8″ or taller, get those head shots ready.


  1. Will a Wonder Woman project ever run? I hope so. It just seems that anytime a wonder woman project is plan something goes wrong.

  2. Although, yes, this is another roadblock on the way to a legit Wonder Woman feature or TV show, I choose to stay optimistic and say maybe this is a good thing. Maybe the people behind all of these projects (or the ones footing the bill for them) realize that the project isn’t good enough or isn’t ready. I’d rather have a great franchise than a luke-warm one just for the sake of having it. There’s my silver lining for the week and I’m sticking to it.

  3. I’m not overtly excited for a WW show so this doesn’t affect me. I think tho if I was behind casting I wpuld shoot for an actress 22-26 old, 6’0 tall, and Greek or Italien ethnicity (or how about a Black WW? Tell me that wouldnt be progressive). I also have doubts that CW is the right network for Amazon, in terms of budget and the types of stories that they’re likely to tell about an invincible warrior woman in training. And for the next live action DC show, can we stop doing series long origin stories for the big names in the comics (excluding GA, Superman and Wonder Woman)? How about Blue Beetle, JLD, The Question (Vic Sage or Renee Montoya), the Aquaman series we came so close to getting, or the Atom?

  4. I’d much rather have a non-CW superhero show. Too much talking and forced drama.

  5. Damn, how hard can it be to make a Wonder Woman show? Sexy fighting woman with huge family issues and romantic potential everywhere. I mean, isn’t that what TV tries to create everywhere anyway?

  6. This does allow them to debut her in Arrow season 2. Say if they find someone to play her, they can have her debut even before working on the pilot, which would help build buzz.

  7. That Amazon Prime bit – beautiful