‘Arrow’ – S01E09 – “Year’s End”

Who is this shadowy new archer? WHO?

Here’s how “Year’s End” is described:

Oliver (Stephen Amell) discovers that after he and his father went missing, Moira (Susanna Thompson) and Thea (Willa Holland) stopped celebrating Christmas. Determined to make up for lost time and restore a sense of normalcy to the Queen household, Oliver decides to throw the family a Christmas party. Meanwhile, Tommy (Colin Donnell) asks Laurel (Katie Cassidy) to spend Christmas with him but she points out that Christmas was also her sister’s Sara’s birthday and she needs to be with her father. Tommy suggests changing things up might be the best way for everyone to heal but Laurel isn’t sure her father is ready for that.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. “Green Arrow?”

    How dare you, Ollie? HOW DARE YOU?

  2. Wow, that description says nothing about a copycat killer. Way to bury the lead CW copy writers.

  3. Did this air tonight? We had the 12-12-12 concert on for our CW channel.

  4. HA! Dark archer revealed – I called it!


  5. I really enjoy this show but the Microsoft product placement in this episode was a bit over the top.

    • In the era of the DVR product placement is becoming increasingly important to paying for TV shows.

    • I know and I completely understand and accept that reality. I just feel that there is a way to do product placement that doesn’t intrude on a scene. This episode had a moment where they kind of lost me. Still love the show though… and it’s good to know that Windows 8 is the preferred OS of vigilantly archers!

  6. This was a fantastic close out to the first half of the season. It sets up a lot of interesting conflicts and, just when he thought he was in control of the city, it throws Oliver’s world into turmoil a bit.

    “Hit the road” was my favorite line.

    I still can’t shake the feeling, though, that the stunt man playing Deathstroke moves really stiffly. He’s not very nimble. He looks cool, though.

  7. The black archer above isn’t he supposed to be Merlyn? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merlyn_%28DC_Comics%29

  8. Good finish for this year. I always love a good death machine/death trap. I thought the fight between the two Archers was executed well even for television. Watching him break those arrows out of his back was cringe worthy (in a good way). I wish the relationship between Ollie and Thea would level out in either direction; one scene they are old fashioned best friend siblings and the next she is as rebellious towards him as could be. I had always been confused about the shady dealings of his mother but I guess that’s the point and will be a plot line moving forward. Overall the production quality is above average (for tv at least) and the writing isn’t as campy as I thought it would be. It’s been great to watch this each week.

  9. Can anyone with a better memory than mine point to an occasion when Ollie absolutely kills someone in the show? I remember in an early episode, me thinking “wow, he just shot that guy in the chest with an arrow, that’s murder!” only later to have Det. Lance say something to the effect of “he put several men in the hospital with arrow wounds.” So I’ve been on the lookout since for absolute confirmation of him killing someone. I know that the general consensus is that he is killing people, and I’m not contradicting that, I’m just curious if there are specific instances where it cannot be the case that it was just a wound. I haven’t seen the past two episodes yet, I’m catching it on Hulu.

    • In the pilot episode, when he is escaping from the guys in the red dragon masks, he uses one as a human shield while being shot at. After that, he breaks the neck of another hooded guy (“no one can know my secret….”).

      As far as with an arrow, in the same episode while he is tearing through Adam Hunt’s security team in front of the elevator one gets an arrow to the gut (may have killed him), and another guy gets thrown through the glass door and is riddled with bullets.

    • Thanks Pennyworth. The one that seems convincing to me is the “neck break.” I wish I could go back and see that clip, but I couldn’t find the pilot still streaming free anywhere (I haven’t looked too hard yet, so maybe I will find it). Your description of the pilot really points out to me what a sorry memory I have for TV shows; I don’t remember much of that at all. Thanks again.

    • Didn’t he put an arrow in Deadshots eye socket?

    • @bub64882: Most definitely. In real life that = dead. But in a superhero TV show…maybe? I also wouldn’t be too surprised if he showed up again in a future episode.

  10. Conor (or anyone out there that can answer me),

    I started down the deep rabbit hole of comics after I expressed an interest in Green Arrow…who KNEW that there was so much material in the past, present, and cross-overs??? I had to sadly stop reading Green Arrow after the new 52 came out and it was SOOOOO BAD. I know a new team is taking over and I don’t want to be out of the loop of my favorite character, so how far back should I go to get caught up?

    Thanks! 🙂

  11. Conor,

    Perfect! Thank you so much for answering back so quickly! 🙂

  12. As for the show (that I embarrassingly didn’t realize this thread was for), I LOVE it! I’m just dying for Ollie’s sister to become Speedy – it wasn’t lost on me that someone threw that nickname at her in the pilot. 😉

  13. Hey, I’m way okay with that…I’d much rather they stay true to what I’ve been reading!

    Is the Diana on the show….THE Diana…as in Black Canary?

  14. Is it bad that I’m now as giddy as a young school girl? 🙂

  15. I wonder if Felicity (computer guru) will become Oracle? Hmm…