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It didn’t take much to pump me up for Batman #1. But the news of Scott Snyder moving to Batman from Detective Comics only heightened my excitement for the book. Snyder has said he has a clear vision for Batman and especially Gotham City and that clearly takes form in this incredible first issue.

One of my favorite things about a Scott Snyder book is that I always feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth. At a time where some people gripe about comics being too wordy, I appreciate an issue that takes more than five minutes to read yet still is thoroughly engaging. This issue certainly fits that description. Snyder gives us almost every ingredient needed for a great Batman story. We see some of what I consider to be the best rogue gallery in comics. We get to see almost every member of Batman’s wonderful group of side characters. We get some cool Batman action and the wonderful tech that only Bruce Wayne could afford. We also get a taste of the detective side of Batman as he investigates a grisly murder. But what Snyder does differently is introduce Gotham City as a main player in his story. Gotham has always been a supporting character throughout Batman’s history but here Snyder begins to flesh out the city in almost the same way as a human character.

Another great component of Snyder’s story is the near perfect dialogue. Each character sounds exactly how you expect them to sound and the conversations feel real and genuine. Relationships are conveyed through Snyder’s beautifully constructed exchanges which show not only amazing writing skills but a strong understanding of his characters. Another strong point is the book’s flawless pacing. Every sequence smoothly flows one to the next and the story never drags or feels weighted down. Snyder stays just the right amount of time in each place giving the story a crisp, fluid feel.

It’s hard to talk about this issue without giving time to Greg Capullo’s incredible art. Capullo’s dark and gritty approach is a wonderful compliment to Snyder’s story direction and sets the perfect tone. While at times his character representation threw me a little off, I found myself overwhelmed by his sharp attention to detail that shows itself on every page. I also love his clever and energetic page layouts which give the book it’s own unique look and feel. I find my love for this book to grow with each reading and it’s largely due to the visually stunning work by Capullo.

I expected “Batman” #1 to be great but this blew away even my high expectations. It’s hard to name a stronger book in DC’s New 52 so far and with this creative team at the helm only good things lie ahead. This is storytelling at it’s best both from the written story to the visual representation. If anyone needed a reason for DC’s New 52, Snyder and Capullo’s amazing first issue more than justifies the relaunch. This is true greatness and an example of how strong the medium can be.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


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  2. Wow! Kind words. I really appreciate that.

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