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The new adventures of Superman begin here!

What is The Man of Steel’s startling new status quo? How does it affect Lois Lane and The Daily Planet? There’s no time for answers now, because Superman must stop a monstrous threat to Metropolis – one that he somehow is the cause of!

Breakdowns and cover by GEORGE PÈREZ

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. “They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you… my only son.”

  2. I was all ready to pull this… until I read the preview over at CBR. Yikes. I think I’ll stick with Morrison for now.

  3. I like Superman in the new 52. So far he has been handled perfectly. I really want this to be good.

  4. I’ll get my Superman fix from Morrison and Action comics.

  5. I read the preview and it didn’t do anything for me – BUT – I said the same about Green Lantern Corps and that one turned out to be alright.

  6. First I was going to pass on this because of the art. Then I read Superboy, then Supergirl, and wanted so badly to be excited for Superman. Then I read the preview at CBR. In three pages, all the goodwill the other two titles garnered was completely flushed down the toilet with some especially terrible writing.

  7. I was going to pick this up to give it a try. I’ve never really been a Superman reader, but I wanted to try to get into it. I read the preview on CBR and it was fucking awful. Definitely not wasting the $2.99.

  8. Here’s hoping this is better than that steamy pile morrison put out. That guy has officially lost his mind.

    • I will say, if nothing else, this book looks to be the anti-Action Comics.

    • I’m not a devout Morrison follower but Action was an enjoyable read and well received by most, even though it’s not seen as the best title of the relaunch. A better comment would be: “I hope this is good because I did not enjoy Action.” Calling Action a “steamy pile” is unnecessarily inflammatory and patently untrue.

  9. I’m investing the $2.99 into George Perez. He’s a master. However, I was surprised he was on Superman. I’m picking this up because I’ve really enjoyed the cliffhangers on many of these #1s. I wasn’t an Aquaman reader, either, but I’m picking that up!

    • If Perez was handling all of the art duties on this title and someone else was handling the writing, I’d probably be with you. Unfortunately, Perez is writing and providing layouts only, so I’m concerned about the overall quality of this title.

  10. It’s cool to pick up a George Perez book 34 years after my first ones (Avengers 141, FF 163)!

  11. I kind of feel like Jim Lee is a huge dick for forcing that design on us and making other artists draw something that only looks good in his style

  12. I want to try this but i dunno…and i just hate that cover.

    maybe try the #1..dunno.

  13. is it just me or does that cover look like Superboy Prime? Maybe thats what this book is, and he’s pissed because of all the reboots.

  14. Superman being rebooted cool, I think.

  15. Picking this up because the other three Superverse books have been so strong. It would be awesome to have 4 Superbooks on my pull list. I’ve always considered myself more of a Batman fan, but I’m realizing I may, in fact, be wrong.

  16. This is what comics are about.


    I didn’t see the appeal in the dark books AT ALL.
    but finally, we’re at (what should be) the pinnacle of comics.


    Come on Perez, knock it out of the park.

  17. This book is an oddball nostalgic take for a #1 issue, but I loved every page. Old school style with a modern setting. I think we’re off to an interesting start, all Super-titles considered.

  18. So many words @_@

  19. This was really strange.

  20. ouch. This was not nearly as good as I would have hoped. Too wordy, the narration thing was incredibly annoying, and it just had a weird feel to it that I cant put my finger on. Art was nice and I think the new suit is growing on me but sadly I think i’m going to have to drop this title.

    Writing: 2/5
    Art: 4/5
    Overall: 3/5

    • “and it just had a weird feel to it that I cant put my finger on”

      I feel the same way. I certainly didn’t hate this book, but there was just something off about it and I’m not sure what it was for me.

    • That “weird feeling” you can’t put your finger on is simple to explain…
      You wanted this to be really good and unfortunately it wasn’t. You don’t want to say it, so it leaves you confused.

      I wanted to really enjoy this (it had Perez, it had Supes…you know, legendary stuff), but found the words took the place of the visual action.

      I felt the way Clark felt at the end of the book…a bit disappointed.

      I’ll give issue #2 a shot and see if it changes, but…I don’t know (uh oh…here comes that ‘weird feeling’ again)

  21. After all the changes that have been made to Superman. I think now would be the time for me to get a fresh start. Hopefully it’s a Superman I know.

  22. Blimey, that was exhausting. I don’t think I can read anything else tonight.

    • I know! I read it early in my stack all excited and now I feel like it was a massive speed bump, I had to take a break from reading just to get through it.

    • Also when I say “stack” I really mean “lit up notification numbers representing new comic books in my digital collection that need to be read” but for some reason “stack” just seems easier to say in conversation. 😉

  23. I actually didn’t mind the narration, and thought that this was a pretty good start. Nothing outstanding — Action and Supergirl were stronger — but I am interested in seeing where we go next. The revived, frustrated Clark/Lois thing didn’t annoy me as much as I thought it would. I especially liked how Perez placed the Daily Planet in truly contemporary circumstances. It may simply speak to my interest in media issues, but this is one of the aspects of the book I am most curious to see how they play it out.

    The one trouble spot for me was Lois’ order to hack into the cameras. I understand that she’s under pressure, needs to prove herself, but I’m still not sure that she would have done this. At least not right away, first day(night) on the job . . . What do others think?

  24. Love George Perez. Didn’t love this book. Wordy, odd structure used to tell the story. Seems like an editor should have put this one through rewrite a time or two.

  25. Worth buying.

  26. Oh man, this was so bad. The forced new media words (“tweet”, etc) .. so craptastic. “Did you see that tweet?” “Quick, get this news on Facespace stat!” “Hack the security cameras lowly news-person!”


  27. Yaaaaawwwwnnn!! Wow, I was so hoping for this one to make my permanent pull list, but nope, not gonna happen. Superboy, Supergirl and Action were so much better.

  28. Sorry to be so negative but Superman#1 was very disappointing. This comic could have been written in the 1970s or 80s or 90s… nothing “nu” about it. Tons of text–which could be a good thing!–but in this case all boring. @thebouv is right too, they force “hip” tech related references at every opportunity (“Pics”, “Vids”, “the Web”, “Tweet”, etc., etc.)…. please DC…. this comic could have been anything! Instead it’s a boring retread–good news for all of the people complaining that “their Superman” is being taken away.

  29. I don’t think it’s taken me sooo long to read two comics but I just read Spider-Man 669 and this and now I’m ready for bed. Such a bore!

  30. The narration read like the script for the book. Other than that I thought it looked good and the story behind the writing was good.

  31. Not surprised people are complaining about the book because it was too “wordy.” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that cmic book fans, for the most past, don’t want to do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to their books.

    I for one thought the book wad great. The narration, and the article serving as a backdrop to the entire story was a nice touch. Really felt like I got a great story for my $2.99.

    • I read a book a week on top of comics and thought this was afar too wordy, so there you go

    • I like words that add something to what I am seeing.

      Telling me literally exactly what I am seeing doesn’t add anything? Maybe if it showed what an unreliable reporter would write and then contrasted that with what Superman was doing.

    • @RocketRacoon – That’s a lazy assessment of those who found this book lacking. I read constantly (novels, short stories, news, etc…), but in comics, words and art should work together. In this case, the words took the place of the art and it just didn’t gel.
      I’m glad you found the book ‘great’, for me, I’m hoping it gets better.

  32. I made it to page 11 and put it down. came back, flipped the page and all I was was text boxes explaining what was happening in the art. No thanks. Maybe I’ll come back for issue 4. The art was nice, but there is nothing here I want. I’ll enjoy Superman in Action Comics and Justice League. This Superman is a no for me.

  33. Loved this book! It’s everything I want from a Superman book. Excitement. Action. A little bit of personal look at Clark and Lois. Gorgeous art. And a really cool way of incorporating narration. I am in. Good work Mr. Perez. Not only are you a great artist, you’re also a really fun writer.

  34. This is easily the weakest New 52 book I’ve read. Wordy or not, it didn’t do anything for me.

  35. I think people are missing the point with the text boxes; they aren’t just explaining the art, but they are representing the article being written for the Daily Planet newspaper that’s the basis for Clark’s anger about the new company.

    That being said, this was kind of boring and I’m dropping it.

  36. nit-pick….they again mention Superman getting stronger over time. I hope Supergirl gets the memo.

  37. I thought it was slow and boring.

  38. couldn’t even finish it

  39. Wait, what? I agree this was not the strongest book of the week, but it’s rated lower than Voodoo?!

    I’m lollerskates.

  40. That sucked. It was like readin a long boring homework assignment. Blech

  41. I didn’t entirely hate this. But holy crap, it went on and on and on. It felt like it was never going to end.

  42. TL;DR

    I’ll try again tonight if I am not too sleepy. THIS may be the cure for my insomnia I’ve been looking for.

  43. It was slow, stale and dated. Felt entirely out of touch with the 21st century, in terms of writing style, theme, story……They should have gotten a younger voice to reinterpret this character and hit a home run with one of their flagship books. Its just same old DC not knowing what to do with Superman. A solid “1”

    Will give this another shot in 6 months when the new team comes aboard.

  44. No offense to Dan Jurgens, but this read like a Dan Jurgens comic from 1992.

  45. could not even finish it

  46. Was pretty silly with the fire monster, just not very satisfing for a first Supeman book. I gave it a 2 and thats that.

    Just sayin’,


  47. The last page was really good, with Clark and Lois’ other man. The rest of the book was a chore.

  48. This was my favorite book of the re-launch, and I almost didn’t buy it. What I loved most was that we got a complete story, but still left me wanting more. It was kinda wordy,but that didn’t really bother me here. It was a cool Superman/villan puch out, but some cool character moments from the supporting cast. Looking forward to #2!

  49. I enjoyed this A LOT more than Action #1. Sux that George Perez won’t be doing it after the next few issues.

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