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Breakdowns and cover by GEORGE PÈREZ

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Okay, now we see Superman in the present day DCU, and god damn you can get tired reading it. So many narratives voices going on at once, so many characters talking back and forth to each other. Its all set up and go.

Its not like I couldn’t keep up, but lots of the text was just not needed. Which is odd considering the writer is an artist, you’d think he’d trust the visuals to tell the story in a visual media. And boy has the supporting cast grown. Morgan Edge is back to his 70’s version, not the bad guy in the 90’s. Perry White has a boss, Jimmy has partner in video, Lois is now a TV executive with a Bill O’Reilly co-worker, and on top of all that me meet a few of Metroplois’ police force and Lois has a douche bag boyfriend.

A lot to cram in 20 some pages, plus Clark seems a little high and mighty and Lois seems career driven. The problem is Perez stuff so much in this that we don’t get to see Lois and Clark connect, the little we do she is pretty much dismissive of him. We don’t get the sense that she even likes Superman. He’s a ratings tool for her. That even after him supposedly being around for 5 years? Another problem I have is that Perez doesn’t make me care about the characters, in fact the don’t seem like characters that I would want to read month after month. And I guess I should nit pick some more on this point, the inclusion of more minorites in the supporting cast. As a filmmaker I’m well aware of what creating a diverse cast so it feels like a real world, but here it rang false. Make Morgan Edge black, good that’s covered, lets stick in a hispanic woman and an asian partner for Jimmy. It felt like covering their bases instead of them being a natural inclusion. And that is because of the writer, sticking in way too much stuff for a first issue.

So its only Action Comics for me and my Superman fix. At least I don’t have to see that ugly ass uniform as much.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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