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  1. i hope they bet the skrulls

  2. Hmm…not really all that shocking considering Thunderbolts and Mr. Marvel has sort of hinted what the outcome of this event leaded too.

    I know I’ve been giving this series a ton of ****, probably defines who I am by judging it so harshly, but it’ll be interesting to see what the historical impact of this event will really have. If lets say Ifanboy is doing a podcast discussion in 2020…will they even bother to mention this in the same veins of COIE or Infinity Guanlet? Time will tell.

  3. considering my  fat wife and ugly children, i don’t think i can take anymore disappointment…

  4. I am not prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I just know that the canadians are going to spoil this for me somehow 🙁

  6. I hate that every regular book is already past this cronologically…. even Brubaker’s CAPTAIN AMERICA, which stayed out of the whole event, is already talking about it in the past tense…. poor timing.

  7. I know this series has had it’s critics, but I look forward to reading the trade.   

  8. It should read even better in trade considering it only spans about an hour or so.

  9. The timing of it is unfortunate, but I’m still on the edge of my seat, waiting to see how this plays out.

  10. And so ends my first big blockbuster comics event. Despte it’s flaws, I’ll always remember it fondly.

  11. my first crossover too! Looking forward to this. Don’t worry, I’m up here in Canada, won’t spoil it folks.

  12. can’t wait for the trades! Bendis rules! (millar licks goats!)

  13. How can Marvel let some of there titles already span out into post-SI?

    I understand Thunderbolts, Ms. Marvel, Deadpool, Incredible Herc, and Nova need to come out on time. (Understand the first two mention generally spoil some aspects of the story while the other 3 clearly take place after the invasion) But couldnt you push back the stories by a week at most? Your trying to pull the readers in saying the universe is going to change and the end of this story will shock you….Yet here we have an issue of Thunderbolts pretty much telling us everything is fine and dandy….I dont get Marvel’s logic at all on this.

  14. Someone big (I think Reed Richards) is going to die. That’s my theory anyway.

  15. I don’t think it matters.

    I don’t think they are going to pull any more readers in at this point.

    If I’m wrong, I’d like to know which readers that have been following this event from issue #1 are not going to buy issue #8 of Secret Invasion because of Thunderbolts and Ms. Marvel.

    Basically, Marvel has just provided you with a bitching point. Relish it.

  16. Loved issue #1. All the other were alright. 

  17. Nobody major is going to die, count on it. Even though I think this series has been pretty bad, I still want to see how it ends. If it ends well, it’ll say a lot as to whether I keep reading the Avengers line of books or go back to simply reading the X-titles again.

  18. @NextChampion

     Infinity Guantlet?  I mean, I loved the series, but really what major impact did it have on the universe outside of Adam Warlock and Thanos?  Out side of Infinity Watch being created, I mean, I don’t think anyone died in the event, unless I’m forgetting something.

    Now secret wars, there’s a universe changing thing, a new spider suit, thing off the FF, Doom killed, Johnny hooking up with Alicia Masters, Moleculer Man becoming a bad a$$, no way they’d every undo all of that stuff.

    I think that Thunderbolts just whet my appetite more for this issues, we know that Stark fled, but you know Osborne isn’t telling the whole truth.  I am pretty sure I know where some of this is going, just like I did on OMD, however this time I like the direction and so I’m going to enjoy seeing how it plays out.

  19. These solicits are always hilarious! So over the top. Do they really think they’re fooling anyone?

    "THIS IS IT!! The truly shocking conclusion to THE comic event hit of the year. And you are not prepared for what will happen in these pages. Heroes will rise, heroes will fall…and the Marvel Universe will, and we’re not joking, NEVER be the same again!"

    And what’s with the caps?

  20. @jumpingjupiter  they know they’re not fooling anyone, they’re making fun of themselves

  21. That’s interesting.

  22. @JJ-They do that all the time.  Marvel isn’t above some good old fashioned tomfoolery.

    I don’t expect major deaths.  Maybe the Wasp.  I expect/hope that Hawkeye plays a big role.   This really is a trade read in every possible way.  I read House of M in trade and that wasn’t as bad as people claimed it was.  Thats not to justify the problems that this series has had though.  I just want it to end so can get on with it all

  23. My wallet will never be the same.

  24. Snark: How can people who read still read Ms. Marvel and Thunderbolts really be disappointed in, or criticize, Secret Invasion (or anything, really)?

  25. What led people to believe Secret Invasion was going to be good anyways? Reveals? Finding out some A-List character had been a sleeper all along?

    which makes me wonder: What the hell happened to Strange? Anybody seen him lately? There seemed to be so much suspicion about him leading into this and, to be honest, I can’t remember the last time he made an appearance.. Illuminati?!

    Honestly, a Skrull Invasion never excited me. The only thing selling me was Mar-vell’s reemergence, and that mystery was solved before SI began! So when it’s all said and done am I dissapointed? 

    No more than I knew I’d be.


  26. yea i think the captain marvell mini was the best think g to come out of this event that and hawkeye picking up the bow again otherwise i just shelled out to much money for nothing really impressive and i thought the idea was awsome at first. terrible excecution

  27. @FACE – What led me to think SI would be good?  I’ve liked or loved just about everything Bendis has written.

  28. @FACE-If you don’t take a chance, you never know.  Plus, I know there are quite a few people that loved every part of this series.  To each his/her own.

  29. @conor – not really what I was after, but point taken.

    @drakedangerz – don’t mistake me for a total hater of the series, that’d be my buddy Champ.

    *Still looking for insight on the whereabouts of Strange.*

  30. @Face  As with most things, appreciation is varied in the eye of the beholder.  Your dissappointment could be because of the hype wagon.  Because of the hype wagon I expected this to totally suck, be spread to thin.  I was disappointed until issue 6.  Now BMB has done what he does best, he has sucked me back in, no matter how many times I try to get out, I get sucked back in.

  31. @FACE-Didn’t mean to imply that I thought you were drinking nothing but Haterade my friend. 🙂

    Also, Strange just up and disappeared right before SI started.  In New Avengers, he felt he wasn’t in total control of his powers and just kinda said "Bye, I have to find myself"  Not quite as weak as how Bendis took Sentry out of the picture, but still weak.  I haven’t read the issue in months though, so it might be slightly different than that.

  32. I’m just glad it’s over….  coulda been great, but it wasn’t.

  33. My stack of unread post-Secret Invasion is growing and it will be good to finally get to those. I’m behind 2 issues of Cap and it’s killing me.

  34. i feel like the kid at the end of the 3rd matrix movie… its over!!!!! its finally over!!!!!!

  35. It’s probably more of the hype on why I got angered by this title so quickly. Bendis and Marvel promoted the hell out of this thing for like a good 1 1/2 to 2 years….and this is the best they have to offer? Something just doesnt seem right here.

    But yes as FACE pointed out, I have much hatred for this series….CAUSE I’M FILLED WITH RAGE!!!!!


    ….uh sorry about that ^^;

  36. @TNC-1.5 years tops.  Since August ’07.  And once this issue finally drops, please keep your complaints to no more than 3 post.  We know how you love to talk 😛

    Oh, and filled with rage eh?!?!  Is that where the name comes from??  The next champion of the red lanterns!!?!?!!?!?!?  Don’t you vomit any blood on me you evil blue cat!!  >___<

    @Hellblazer-What exactly are you afraid Cap is going to spoil about SI?  I have read it and there is nothing to be worried about at all IMO.

  37. Who needs to read Cap or Thunderbolts when you’ve got cyberauron in here tossin unsolicited Spoiler-Bombs before the issue even drops? Christ, dude, that’s just wrong..

  38. Well I had high hopes for the series and was excited to grab number 2. Thinking half of the Marvel Universe were Skrulls had me hooked………then nothing. I was even hoping the skrulls that came out the ship would at least have ONE real hero who was missing……and nothing. I’ll pick it up but I’m not too excited for it.

    You want a GREAT story arch to read, read Greem Lantern 

  39. Issue 1 was f’ing bad ass. The rest was pure crap!!!! I agree with Supernatural!! I can’t wait to read Green Lantern every month it comes out!!

  40. @drake: ‘please keep your compliants to no more then 3 posts’

    *Huge stockpiles of papers are behind me. Title: Secret Invasion and the Epic Fail*

    Awww -_-;

  41. He’s just getting back at you ’cause he lost the R.I.P fight.

  42. Lost the RIP fight?  What are you talking about?

  43. I hope they kill Hawkeye, so we can hear Josh’s head explode on the podcast.

  44. We got our comics today in France…

    And God, talk about delivering a whimper when promising a bang.

  45. can we move on with own lives now? 

     i’m finally going to learn how to scuba dive

  46. our lives

  47. waiting for SECRET INVASION #9! lol

  48. Uh, at the back of the comic it says that SI: Dark Reign #1 comes out "12/3/2008". Huh?

  49. um…not to be rude guys, but could you please not post anything about the comic yet?  pretty please with sugar on top???  I am so tempted to check out those early reviews and its killing me!!!  Why oh why do we have to celebrate the sharing of a turke in America!!!!!

  50. After last week, I’m not sure my heart can handle another SHOCKING REVEAL!!!

  51. Shit.  I meant to say "conclusion."  I played myself on that one, folks.

  52. Complain Post #1 out of 3:

    I will not spoil what happens here, cause too many have already stupidly try and do that. But if the last issue is to be believed….then my next two posts are going to be nuclear in terms of rage.

  53. Wow…. can 2 pages turn a whole comic and series around?

    As cool as those last two pages were, the answer is no.  A thunderous no. 

  54. Read the last few issues of Thunderbolts if you want to understand the thought process of the result of this issue.

  55. cowering in fear

  56. I don’t know which was more disappointing, that this was a totally unclimatic ending (not to mention a series that played like a Micheal Bay movie) or that BMB has only written a prequel to another event that adds another Avengers title to the Marvel line-up.

    After reading this and checking the Marvel Previews special that came out today, I’m getting off the BMB bandwagon and dropping all my Avengers titles.

    And now I’m even more disappointed that one of my favourite comics, Thunderbolts, will be too intrinsically tied into this debacle.

    The only good thing that came out of this issue, is Tony Stark gets the bitch slapping to his life that he deserves after being the fascist pig he was during and after Civil War.

    And oh yeah, Janet Van Dyne dying……who the heck cares?! And according to the SI: Requiem solicit it isn’t like she’s really dead…………..

  57. "And oh yeah, Janet Van Dyne dying……who the heck cares?! And according to the SI: Requiem solicit it isn’t like she’s really dead…………."

    Thanks for the heads up about the spoiler, Ratenef. Shame you won’t be reading BMB books anymore; where oh where will I get stories spoiled without you around?

  58. @MrBeeb – Hey, the books are out in Canada.  We warned people with our post on Sunday.

  59. Complain Post 2 out of……30…..

    Why on did we need this event? In all seriousness, what changed the landscape of the Marvel U other then a big time villain getting a big time job…*again trying not to spoil anything til tomorrow* Seriously a waste of time, Bendis can go screw him. After this I’m starting to think small time writers like Jason Aaron, Fred Van Lente, and Paul Cornell have more talent up their sleeve then BMD.

  60. *himself

    Gotta make sure that lowbrow joke gets corrected 😉

  61. OT: the "crimson webs of cyttorak". dudes, you wanna have a good time, go get marvel super heroes #5. Best spidey banter of the year. (maybe some of you will forget about bendis for 20 minutes…)

  62. Just imagine one second what the plot of Wes Anderson’s Godzilla would be. And what Jason Schwartzman would actually do in this one.

    Anyways, now that I think about it. Why does Thor have the Asgardian Suit on, on the cover? Ah jeez. I just hope the Avengers title are going to get good, I actually enjoyed those (before the last half of SI).

    The only good thing that might come out of all this is : Nick Fury’s back. And has a team to lead. Now, that’s nice.

  63. Were there ANY major Skrull reveals after the first issue? The whole buildup to the series was the "who can you trust" angle. I loved that idea. Once the series got past issue one, they switched to a stupid big fight.

     Secret Invasion was very similar to World War Hulk. An incredible large scale battle that nobody cares about because there’s no plot, consequence or emotional investment.

    Marvel events are like the Silver Surfer. There’s a shiny-smooth surface where the nuts should be.

  64. After reading all the disappointment with this series, and the delay and re-write problems with Final Crisis I think I will be boycotting company wide events from now on.  I’ll buy an event book like Battle for the Cowl because it concerns a title I follow, but I’m done with these events that "set the new status quo" and lead into another event.

  65. This most definatley was a major disappointment, but it could’ve been woser. It could have been Batman RIP!

  66. Norman Osborn is the Lex Luthor of the Marvel Universe.  

  67. Just a truly horrible issue, capping a long nightmare of a disappointing series.

  68. wow, having your last issue play out line an epilogue?  What the hell Bendis?  I have been pretty meh about this series, but now I can honestly say that it was a huge disappointment for me.  The death, no one cares about.  The people that came back at the end?  We all knew they would.  I’m done with Bendis.  The aftermath should prove interesting, but getting there was just one colossal clusterfuck of garbage.


  69. So is the baby dead? What is the significance of the baby???

  70. Bad, bad, bad and bad. Between this and Civil War, I’m done with Marvel event books. I think I would have been fine jsut reading my regular books, you know, where all of the action took place.

  71. I hate to see the "death" of the particular individual who allegedly kicked the can this issue, but I am glad to see the return of another character.  I think both of this changes will be good fodder for great stories, so I am pleased with that.  These days, it seems like the masses require that for a story to be remembered/considered good, someone has to die/return, so there you go…..

  72. I enjoyed this story.  This story didnt’ need to be a GRAND OPUS or the next War and Peace, it just needed to be good comics.  I thought it was good comics.

  73. It was a disappointing event, but I LOVED the last page reveal.  Granted, I went in completely spoiler-free and was really surprised.  Overall I’d give the series a C-, but I’m excited for the new status quo

  74. I predict the Major Theme of Dark Reign will be, among other things, the Redemption of Tony Stark.

  75. here a question the skrulls needed the heroes alive to mimic them.  So thats why mocking bird was int he ship. So where are the other heroes that were in the savage land

  76. The significance of the baby is that it’s Luke and Jessica’s friggin baby, and it’s missing….. wtf else do you want for significance? 


    I enjoyed the series. The last issue being told in retrospect was fine, since it made the reader guess who was speaking. I was sort of lead to think it was someone talking to the watched, since that’s always my first assumption, but I caught on as soon as Norman stole the killshot from Wolverine.

    I can understand why some people are down on this series. From the beginning, we were promised a sweeping, large scale war with the Skrulls, and the main book didn’t really deliver that until the very end, and even then, it was a bit rushed. However, if you manage to get your hands on ALL of the tie ins, it’s a completely different entity. 

     From Wakanda to San Fran to England, the Skrulls were everywhere, and the entirety of the Marvel earth stood up and fought them. That’s pretty cool. 

     What’s not cool is having to shell out all the cash to read the whole story. This is like the Onslaught event on steroids.


    Personally, I plan on reading all of the books at some point, but I’ve read enough of them so far to know that the scope was realized.. just not in the main book. Judging it solely by what was in this one series is the wrong way to look at this story. The story is what happened to the whole universe and all of its characters, and in that light, it’s a huge success.


    However, since we’ve been paying $4 an issue for this book for 8 months now… I think it’s fair to ask why THIS needed to be in its own book.  The same way that the guys were complaining about the JSA one-shot not being in the main book last week, I think that this series could have just been in New Avengers as a far-reaching Avengers event. The content of the mini-series itself was not grand enough to drag it out of that book, so, yeah, I guess I’ll come down with the folks who wanted more meat here… but that’s an issue of format over content, really. The story itself is still fun for me. 

  77. I was OK with this series (and issue) but there’s no disputing some of the well placed stones thrown at it.  Why does Bullseye care about the Wasp?  Why is Namor red?  Lots to ask "Why" about.  However, for everyone swearing off Marvel events, it feels good to vent, but you know you’ll be back.  You will get lured back in like a moth to the flame.  If we weren’t gluttons for punishment, with a semi-masochistic streak, we probably would not be reading comic books.  This includes sometimes getting kicked in the coin purse and still coming back for more.  The real Secret Invasion is into our wallets as the price tags of comics begin to shape-shift to $3.99.

  78. The political comments were deleted.  No politics on iFanboy. 

  79. My apologies, Conor.  I should have resisted from going there.

  80. @kndoubleu: I was just wondering what the baby had that the skrulls wanted.

  81. Eh, all I can say is "whatever". I stopped caring about halfway through but kept reading out of curiosity. I think I actually like what marvel is moving into. I think I finally get the Marvel formula. There are enough ancillary books now–Thor, FF, Cap, Amazing, that are not tied into the current "EVENT" that I can read and enjoy those and drop in on the event main titles without bothering with "Frontline-Dark Whatever…" I’m struggling with getting on board yet another 3.99 book tho.

  82. *Spoiler* Apparently Elektra isn’t Dead and Skrulled, just Skrulled. I was kinda hoping it’d be revealed that she’s been Really dead all the while.  /Disappointed

     Oh well.

  83. Cap was right.

  84. Osborne shoots one freakin’ skrull and they make him the head of national defense.  The X-Men were seen to publically destroy a freakin’ Skrull armada over San Francisco and all they got was an impromptu (and creepy) parade.  It just doesn’t seem fair…

  85. @ tittom
    "Wes Anderson’s Godzilla would be"

    best hypothetical and rediculous film concept ever? maybe.
    movie I’d give my kidneys to have made? yes.

    that man mad a credit card commercial awesome

  86. nobody likes stinking mutants.  Thats the harsh truth

  87. Alright, I must admit I havent read this yet (tomorrow for sure I get my comics). But judging from all of the great reviews on here and the spoilers I’ve read…..I am horrified to hear what transpired in this issue. Let me ask one thing that is now rattling in my head:

    Why is Emma Frost evil? Seriously, why are we making her evil again? All these writers have been trying to make her a generally good person (aibeit making her bitchy as well) and now she’s very tolerable in Astonishing and Uncanny….Now with one swift of a panel, Bendis has made her pure evil considering she is tying herself with Doom, Goblin, and Loki….Now all the 616 X-titles (to me at least) are ruined. You cant just have her be with the X-Men now without thinking ‘well she might be with the team, but there’s no way she cares cause she is a Dark Avenger now’.

  88. Am I the only one that missed the outcome to that whole is he or isn’t he Cap thing?  What seemed like a big part of the story was just left hanging out there…….

  89. @TNC-Relax yo.  No one knows exactly what Emma is doing with them, or Namor for that matter.  Wait and find out.  Don’t jump to conclusions so easily.  And why would you knowingly spoil yourself like that?  You are weird friend…weird indeed

  90. @drake: It’s hard to resist not to see spoilers for this thing. I’ve done well for the other 3 titles I’m picking up. But since I havent had comics for well over a week, I need to see what is going on with this and vent.

  91. Oh I hear you man.  I felt like screaming after finishing SI #8.  Vent til you can’t vent no more!

  92. @drake: Oh wait til the review is posted up, the last 4 words will make you wanna cheer for me.

  93. @drakedangerz: I think it was at the end of the Sub-Mariner mini they had recently that Namor went to Doom and allied with him cause he was out of friends. Also, all of Namor’s people are basically "sleeper cells" throughout the world right now.

  94. So, what’s the bigger offense?

    1) By turning the Battle of Central Park into a narrated epilogue, the whole of SI fell flat.

    2) 8 months of SI was really just a set-up for the new Marvel status quo.

    I look forward to the discussion.

  95. The one comic my shop didn’t get in yesterday? Secret Invasion. >sigh< 

  96. I won’t get suckered in to another Marvel event next year. So glad that I’m only reading a few Marvel titles at the moment, and they don’t seem to be included in the Dark Reign stuff.  That’s $121.65 that Marvel won’t be getting from me through February, at least according to the Marvel Previews from the shop.

  97. @lpitythefool-Yeah, I have that mini.  It doesn’t mean he is evil or anything though.  Its just that Doom was the only one that was willing to help him.  His only friend 🙁  That doesn’t automatically mean that Namor wants to destroy everyone and rules the world.  Just that he wants a piece of the pie I think.  Then again I checked out the interview that Bendis did for Newsarama.  He makes it sound like everyone, including Emma and Namor, have evil intentions.  That worrys me.

  98. I think we need realize that marvel events by their definition are setup for the next event. I was pissed at the end of civil war, but by now, I’m not at all surprised. It’s ever evolving chapters of a story that never ends.

  99. Just read my review, seriously…I’m too tired to rant anymore. But let me say one thing:

    I will never, never pick up a title with Brian Michael Bendis on the cover.

  100. Anyone else catch Elvis getting off the ship?

  101. @drakedangerz Just that Brubaker had kept Cap really out of everywhere else, I just thought there might be more of an impact. Same w/Thunderbolts, I knew Osborn was going to play a huge roll at the end of SI.

  102. One day later, and I still thought this comic was awful. 

  103. Like someone above said, why the hell would the president of the united states put the entire protection of the country in Norman Osborn’s hands just for killing one (admittedly important) skrull?! Venom was fighting alongside the heros in issues 7 and 8, why don’t we appoint him the Secretary of Defense!? wtf! I’m actually more angry a day later than i was after reading it.

  104. This sucked so bad I am probably going to dump Avengers till Bendis is gone and am definitely staying far away from anything Dark Reign related.  Why can’t we have an Avengers story like FF or Wolverine, ya know, some fun, a plot, etc.

  105. I thought that the execution of Civil War was tiresome and painful, and I didn’t like the ending (Cap led off in handcuffs???) but it spawned some great follow on stories IMO.  So even though I found the conceit at the end of Secret Invasion which sets up Dark Reign to be laughably bad, I wont swear off the follow-on stories on general principal.  I’ll still wait and see how it reads before deciding to continue or to walking away.  I’m just very disappointed in the conclusion of Secret Invasion…

  106. And something that’s been bugging me from the end of the fight: why did Bucky/Captain America turn his back on Tony?  Tony was an active supporter of Bucky becoming the new Captain America – he basically convinced him to do it, then designed and built his freakin battle suit/costume!  But at the end of the big battle in SI, Bucky shoots Tony a nasty look, turns his back on him, then walks away.  What a total dick move!

  107. I don’t want to get into a "What publisher is better/shipped late/etc." thing. Mainly… I just want to say I was heartily disappointed by Secret Invasion. It just felt like there was no thought behind the event. If you look at the other titles that tied into the main event you had:

     1) Britain beating the Skrulls in a matter of hours and clearing the entire country.

     2) Wakanda fighting one pitched battle and clearing the entire country.

     3) Thor and Beta Ray Bill fighting a short battle and clearing their city.

     4) The X-Men fighting over a day long period and clearing their city.

     5) The Avengers Initiative fought a battle across many states to free each time from the Skrulls over the course of several days. 

    In the main series we had continent jumping, two major engagements in Manhattan and it felt like (in story, not even counting the actual 8 months of issues) this was a long, drawn out battle. It all didn’t mesh. And then ending (much like Civil War and House of M) seemed crammed into two pages and involved a somewhat random series of events. There’s a very lopsided time-table here. I understand that happens in comics, but to the point where Two foreign powers with less Superheroes beat off their invaders, and America’s largest concentration of heroes can’t even organize itself to fight seems ridiculous.

    What exactly did Thor do to Janet? It’s not made clear. The art makes it look like he Tornadoed her to death, then she was glowing and I thought he hit her with lightning but there was no bolt. 

    Since when can America dissolved SHIELD? Unless I’m mistaken, the UN owns and operates SHIELD (Much like UNIT in Doctor Who) but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore if the USA can dissolve it in a seemingly short amount of time.

    What happened to the Baxter building? It still exists in Millar’s run. And I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at on the page.

    Alas… this make me feel a little better about the culling of my marvel books over the next few months. Not sure how I feel about Emma Frost being on the "Dark" Illuminati, or Namor for that matter, but it seems like the last vestiges of Morrison’s X-Men will be ripped away and Marvel can forget he ever had anything to do with them.

    Anyway… SI #8 was a big yawn for me. I can’t even say it was bad… it was just… uninteresting. Also did we really need Mockingbird back in the MU? 

  108. I thought Captain Britain Secret Invasion was awesome. I love that book so much.

  109. So I didn’t read this can you guys just tell me what happens to Iron Man other than being fired from SHIELD? Is everyone still shitting in him?

  110. I dont know why Iron Man is thrown off the Mighty Avengers. He didnt run the team, he appointed Ms. Marvel to the job….Yes rolls your eyes on who is a more prominate figure on the team but still, Stark made her the leader.

    So did Bendis just forget his own team he made up?

  111. @TNC-Seems Tony will be on the run in his own title now.  So it might not be that he is being kicked out, but rather he is ditching them all for some reason.  Hasn’t been explained yet, so I don’t know the details.  I normally pick up Invincible Iron Man, so I’m excited to see what happens to Tony

  112. @PraxJ You make some very good points. To answer your question regarding Thor tornado-ing Janet. I’ve been reading alot of Silver Age Thor stories and he used the tornado-to-another-dimension bit (usually just referered to as ‘limbo’) a few times. I’m assuming he sent her to another dimension where she apparently died without causing damage to NYC. It’s pretty obvious Thor is not a fan of the Damage Control minis.

  113. I read a couple comments by people saying that they won’t read another book written by Bendis.  Was this really THAT bad?  Should I avoid the trade?

  114. I didn’t think it was THAT bad, and I bet it reads a lot better in a trade. For one thing the epilogue nature of the last issue wont’ feel so strange in a trade, in fact, if you just read it in a trade, I bet the long epilogue would be kind of interesting. I’m not swearing off Bendis but I am swearing off over event buying. I may check out the Dark Reign lead title, but I’m not diving into other series I don’t normally buy for tie ins. I’m just tired of doing that.

  115. No it’s not THAT bad in my opinion.  It’s just not good.  It’s not a good skrull battle for action fans, it’s not a god Avengers story for Avengers fans, it’s not a complete story for people who want all of the sub plots wrapped up by the end (so what the hell was Marvel Boy supposed to do in this story anyway????), and it’s not a rational story for people who like to read about people behaving in an understandable fashion (they made who what at the end for what reason??).  If you like Bendis dialogue regardless of story quality, or if you like Yu art, or if you’re a Marvel nut who needs to know what’s going on, then consider buying it.  Otherwise, flip through it at a store and seriously consider saving your money.

  116. This was so bad, I think I’m dropping Marvel books.  I’m only 49%.

  117. … kidding.  Only 49% kidding.  Sorry.

  118. I just found it really bland. I still think outside of his New Avengers run, particularly post Civil War, Bendis works best as a writer on a smaller cast scale ala Ult Spidey, Alias, Power and Daredevil. I miss those days. 

  119. It’d be a shame to drop ALL Marvel titles based on this (Captain America, Daredevil, Ultimate Spidey and Captain Britain all seem very worthy of your money at the moment) but people are learning what to stick away from.

    I cannot think of a full-blown Marvel event in the past decade or so that has been generally regarded as "good." Take from that what you will.

  120. It seems like alot of people are overreacting. Dissapointing? Sure. But bad enough to drop all Bendis’ title’s forever (let alone all Marvel books)? Did I miss the part where he insulted your mothers and pissed on the Alamo?

  121. Oh, and I hope I never see another goddamn skrull ever again.

  122. @cman12 – Marvel had some printing problems wth issue #8 and many readers didn’t get the intended page 18 in their copies.  That’s the page where Bendis is shown to be yelling insults about the mother’s of fanboys as he’s taking a leak on the wall of the Alamo.  If your copy had that page in it, then you might understand the personal rage some readers have been expressing.  Unfortunately, my copy didn’t have that page, but from what I hear, it was pretty bad…

  123. this story was extremely disappointing!!! it wasn’t horrible. but man, it most definitely wasn’t good. I expect way more from Bendis. he should stay far away from big crossover event books from now on. he should just stick to what hes good at stuff like Alias, Daredevil, Ult.Spider-man and PLEASE lit him go back to doing more creator owned work like Powers/Jinx/Fortune & Glory.

    Does anyone know why Namor and Emma Frost are part of the evil Illuminati? and why does Loki have HUGE boobies….. isn’t he a dude?  

  124. @rwpos Nice turn of a phrase. My book was missing that page.

    @WinTheWonderboy Loki is a chick since Thor brought him/her back int he JMS run.

     This  is the only book I will be reading before Christmas, all the rest of my books end up under the tree from this week till christmas. I liked it. It changed the status quo. It will be interesting to see how this reads.

    I read most of Civil War in Trades. I could not get enough of it. I am guessing this one will be well looked at by people who are reading it that way. Most of our complaints come from the pacing. That will look much better when its all in one book.  

  125. This is why comics are not pulling in new readers and are losing old readers like myself!!!  I am so sick and tired of these big events and "universe changing" epics!!!  This was one of the most disappointing stories I have ever read!!  After such a big build up in issue 1 the story ended with a thud!!  Just give us good stories…good stories…not crapppy events!!!!

  126. @cman: ‘I hope I never see another goddamn Skrull again’

    Amen brother, let’s hope we dont even see those wimpy aliens again.

    I have to drop all Bendis books, it might be extreme to some but it’s the best thing for me right now. Bendis has done nothing but disappoint me for the entire year with Secret Invasion. both his Avenger books, and Ultimate Spider-Man. So why stick with a writer when he clearly isnt appealing to me right now?

  127. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Secret Invasion Issues 3 through 5 made me sleepy.

  128. @cman12 –

    "And so ends my first big blockbuster comics event. Despte it’s flaws, I’ll always remember it fondly."

    That’s me and Civil War.


    As for Secret Invasion, well… If THIS was better than Civil War I’ll shoot my damn foot. I’ve got to admit that I’m really excited about where this will take things, though I’m annoyed to see Bendis is Dark Reigning on most of my comics (Iron Man, War Machine, freakin’ Uncanny X-Men, etc.). If ever again I should see a Skrull in modern comics, my head will simply explode and (after reforming) I’ll hunt down Bendis and… get arrested, I guess. But the point still stands! 🙂

  129. I liked the story a lot better than the ending.  As soon as they spotlighted Him i knew he was going to play a big role in the book.  DAMN IT!

  130. Wow!  What a hyped up piece-of-junk non-ending Secret Invasion had.  What a dissapointment.  I drove home from a 12 hour shift at the hospital and absolutely could not wait to read this.  I had more fun at work…

  131. Why are so many people so extreme in their assessment of comics? Can’t something just be okay, not very good but not complete garbage?

  132. @eagle6002 – of course comics can just be okay.  Most comics are, and most readers are just fine with them.  But Marvel spins up their marketing-hype machine to tell the audience that they’ve got story gold, then they should expect to see people express their opinions about whether they deliver on that promise.  In this case, I think Marvel over-promised and under-delivered, and I was disappointed.

  133. @eagle6002- The comics that are good will get a lot of support from the fans and the bad comics will get plent of hate. The okay comics don’t garner much attention however. Their are plenty of okay comics out there, just not a lot of people talking about how mediocre they are.

    People like super models and car crashes… not oatmeal.

  134. by the way, The Iron Patriot, from the preview this week


    i bet you all, that turns out to be Dr. DOOM 

  135. I’m still waiting for the BIG skrull reveal, I kept thinking one of the big players has to be a skrull but nope just Jarvis and a bunch of other lame characters.  Really thought this was going to be a great series but after reading each issue I was always just blah about it. 

    After reading the last issue I told myself I’m not reading any dark reign stuff and if it’s good I’ll get in in trade….but then I listen to iFanboy interview with the marvel guy(name escapes me) and the guy is good at his job because he has me leaning towards checking it out. 

    I really have seperation isssues and scared I’m going to miss something good.  Probably explains why I still watch Heroes and Fridge huh?

  136. To be perfectly honest I’ve been disappointed with Secret Invasion and this "conclusion" didn’t help that. Like Jediaxle said above, I’m still waiting for the OMG THEY’RE A SKRULL!!! moment and it just didn’t come. And to be perfectly honest I think it is beyond lame that all the ‘skrull’ heroes were alive and well on a damn ship the whole time. Don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t dislike it neccessarily but it wasn’t one of the books I [i]had[/i] to read straight away. Dark Reign does look really interesting though, even if it does send my mind wandering back to when Lex became president over in the DCU…..Ah well, I can whine all I like I will still read these events like just about everyone else heehee.

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