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  1. I would write a review but why write what you just wrote right there. Exactly how it felt.

  2. Yeah. It was good… it could have been great. It isn’t Bendis’s magnum opus like we thought it might be, but have plenty more shots, I’m sure. now bring on THE RECKONING WAR!!!!

  3. I hate how Safari can’t seem to keep paragraphs in the reviews.  Damn.  I just want everyone to know I’m not insane, I had paragraphs… they just went away.

  4. Fixed the paragraphs with Firefox. 

    @Goat77: I agree, I was really excited for this to be the best thing I’d seen from Bendis.  I guess that’s kind of like expecting Wes Anderson to direct a Godzilla film, it’s just not where his strenghts lay.

  5. @Jazz

    That’s a GREAT analogy. I mean, back in the day, I was expecting the Secret Invasion main book to be a dark (excuse the term), low-key tale of mistrust and doubt. It ended up being something entirely different, which wasn’t exactly Bendis’s forte.

  6. Did the Climax HAVE  to be in the form of a recap? Told by a third party’s view? Damn, what ever happened to a  solud ENDING?

    Mr. Quesada it’s OKAY to CLOSE one story without it leading to another 12 part maxi-mini-limited ad infintum arc

  7. @Jesse

    In Marvel’s defense, there is no Dark Reign "core book". There seem to be quite a few one-shots (which honestly I’m anxious to buy), but there’s no mini/maxi to buy.

  8. That line last pretty much sums up all of SI:

    ‘It could have been so much better’

  9. i’m nodding my head in agreement. maybe it’ll read better as a whole, a year from now. but at the moment, i feel underwhelmed and rushed to buy in (literally) into the next big thing.

  10. So with Osborn in charge of all the info under the registration act now, doesn’t that mean Cap was right then?

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