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EARTH 2 #1

• First issue of an ongoing series from writer JAMES ROBINSON and artist NICOLA SCOTT!

• Who are the heroes of EARTH 2 – and what befell them?

• Starring ALAN SCOTT, JAY GARRICK and many others!

• You may think you know Earth 2…but this is DC Comics – The New 52, where anything can happen!

• Don’t miss the extra-sized debut issue!

Story by James Robinson
Art by Nicola Scott & Trevor Scott
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 44.7%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Are we going to be able to add the FCBD giveaway to our pull lists? I know the situation is a little odd because it comes out on Saturday, not Wednesday. Also, I think there might be a media blackout. I haven’t seen Trinity War reported on iFanboy, Newsarama, ComicsAlliance, etc.

  2. Also, shouldn’t this book be titled Earth 2 not Earth Two? Earth Two was destroyed in the Crisis.

  3. i am super stoked for this! i love the costume designs. wonder woman’s, superman’s and jay garrick’s especially.
    can’t wait to see them in action.

  4. I’m more exited for Mr Terrific dimension jumping to Earth 2 in ish #2 that these alt big three on the cover (praying for mass decapitation on the final page). really hoping that this is something other than a 6-part ‘gather the team’ arc as well. in the very least i’m on board for Nicola Scott fantastic art.

    • There won’t be a mass decapitation at the end. The Big 3 will fade into the background because of the events of “5 years ago” (Issue 1). Issue 2 should pick up 5 years later, with Mr. Terrific landing there and the new crop of heroes stepping up (Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Al Pratt). I believe that James Robinson said the 1st arc will be 5 issues. There won’t be a team right away. They will meet new (altogther new and revised) heroes in each issue.

  5. Well, this is replacing Action comics on my pull list. Hope this will maybee give me the kick ass version of supes that morrison can’t.

    • Grant Morrison wrote Action Comics like James Robinson wrote Cry for Justice; he didn’t. It was probably handed to some editor who talked to Morrison on the phone once.

    • That’s what I want to believe, too. But I guess it’s not that easy.

  6. I have added this to the pull list and will replace Animal Man and Swamp Thing since they have been really getting annoying with this whole rot, green and red thing that seems to be the basis of these books for their whole existance. I am more into straight up super heroes really anyway, once in awhile I like to dabble in other genra’s except when they are so stagnent. So good luck to Animal Man and Swampy, I do like them but this is more my speed and the budget is now making decisions.


    • I made the same decision to drop those two books, like you, I like them and all but ya gotta make some tough choices, can’t read everything…

    • I also dropped off Animal Man and Swamp Thing after the last issues. Solid books, just not my thing. I’m not itching to add another $3.99 book to my pull, and I’ve never been a JSA fan (if that’s even what this is) but I’ll give this a shot.

    • I believe and could be proven wrong but I think it’s 3.99 for the extra sized debut issue and will be a 2.99 book thereafter.

    • issue 2 is priced at 2.99. this issue is extra-sized.
      i love that dc gives extra content when they charge 3.99. that 4.99 combo pack is bullshit, though.

    • I don’t read digital and probably never will, I like the fresh comic in hand and at $4.99 for a combo I won’t even try to do both. To think if they were still using the old fashioned comic book paper and covers would they still cost this much?? If not then all companys should go back to it then we can afford more titles and enjoy some stranger ones. Oh well…. we can dream right?


  7. Yeah this looks really good kinda of been itching for a new else worlds tale.

  8. Naw, the more I see the less I like.

  9. All the changes to Earth 2 bother probably bother me more than the changes on Earth 1. Or maybe this is just the straw breaking the camel’s back. Really, this nu continuity is just making me sad. That’s probably one reason that the books that I favor are the ones that don’t rely on the nu continuity.

  10. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    looking forward to but wish there wasn’t so many good books in week 1.

  11. The creative team has me hooked – fingers crossed…..

  12. Of all the six new series of the second wave, this is what excites me the most! Can’t wait to check it out!

  13. Not a knock against this book, I’m quite excited for it, but…

    Anybody else a little homesick for Old DCU?

  14. So why is this title $4? Is it just a big first issue?

  15. Super excited for this. I’m interested in the changes that Robinson makes to these characters. Never read any JSA before but it looks cool.

  16. I wasn’t going to get this but since I only had one comic out this week, I just kept looking at that awesome cover by Reis & thought of all the good JSA related stuff that Robinson has done, so I went for it & what a great read.

    Can’t believe I nearly overlooked it, definitely my POTW!

  17. Great first issue! Action packed and we got a glimpse and mentions of some of the classic JSA members. Loved this issue and it’s definitely my pick of the week. I cannot wait for more! 🙂

  18. Uh where did this come from?!?! I’ve never read anything JSA or old school DC with alan scott or jay garick (im a new DC readers since the New 52). This was INSANELY GOOD! I might like it better than Justice League. It almost feels like the rebooted Ultimate Universe at marvel where crazy shit is happening that you don’t expect to see in a marvel/dc book. LOVED IT 5/5 POTW!

  19. I picked this up mostly because I like Robinson’s previous work, and I’m really glad I did. The story was easy to follow, even without knowing too much about the characters. I liked that they used Roman Gods for Earth 2 WW’s relatives, that was a nice touch. Robinson managed to introduce 7 characters, provide some qick insight on each of them (some more than others, but still), and it didn’t feel cluttered or choppy. To me, it seemed like there was more story in this book, than the first 3 issues of Justice League combined.

  20. ok im sorry im going to sound like such a noob but what is earth 2? is it like the justice societies world or what. sorry again for sounding dumb.

  21. What a blast! Can’t wait for more. The two Earth 2 titles complimented each other nicely this week, I thought.

  22. This was the first comic I read this morning and it started things off with a blast! This was awesome. Everything about this had me excited. I especially loved Batman and Wonder Woman’s suits. I was pretty depressed at the end, but I definitely loved reading this. No idea where they go from here though.

  23. Ok, favorite part of this comic? Sad-sack jay Garrick and ice-cold-bitchy Joan!

  24. I cant even begin to say enough good things about this. This was out freaking standing! Un freakin beliveable! Out freakin Ragous!

    5 STARS POTW. Scratch that pick of the year. (so far)

  25. tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    This comic is not for me. I don’t like excessive narration boxes as a general rule and they really didn’t work for me here. I really really like Robinson’s current Shade miniseries and had high hopes for this, but I guess I like him on that and not on this. Ok, that’s fine. I also thought some of the art looked a little wonky. Again, Scott’s style is not my usual favorite so I’ll just have to chalk this up to “horses for courses” since it seems like everyone else is enthusiastic.

  26. these felt like Ultimate DCU and I’m kind of ok with that, right now at least. If the rest of the series is this strong it could be a lot of fun.

  27. I could have done without the Jay and Joan Garrick scene but overall this may be the best thing Robinson has written in awhile.

    • That scene tripped me up a bit too. I was a huge Flash fan in the 90s, so Jay and Joan are the JSA-related characters I’m the most familiar with, and this was a huge departure for both characters. And that’s okay, but Joan was just overly nasty and mean! I hope there’s some explanation of that in the next issue.

      I don’t think this is getting added to my pull list just yet, but it’s my POTW and I’ll be back next month!

    • Hey we never knew what they were like as teenagers. The explanation is prob just they’re both young like anyone else

      I just loved that scene cuz it made me laugh hard

    • @wangman
      agreed. they’re just young, dumb and full of…well, ya know what i mean.
      kids are mean often enough.

  28. Great comic! I’m just really bummed that the big three aren’t gonna be a major part of the book. I loved the characterization of Superman, WW, and Batman, and I guess because Superman has been terribly disappointing in Action and his own book I wanted Earth 2 to Include him…but I know the Justice Society never had him, Batman and Wonder Woman as members. Still, I am excited about new versions of Jay Garrick and Alan Scott.

  29. Great first issue really lookin forward to reading more!

  30. great art.really good story. it actually made me want to read worlds finest.

  31. Everything about this book was awesome. Still not happy about how things ended for the super trio, but I’ll hold off judgement until I see what they are going to do next.

    So, I read somewhere that the boom tube at the end was going to lead the super sidekicks into the New 52 universe. Is that true? Does that mean we’ll see them pop up in an upcoming Batman or Superman book?

    • It is true. And they’ve already been in the New 52 books, Power Girl in MISTER TERRIFIC and The Huntress in THE HUNTRESS. Also, this week’s WORLDS’ FINEST #1 (starring Power Girl and The Huntress) dealt with them coming through the Boom Tube and adjusting to their new world.

  32. This story was perfect. I laughed and was impressed and visually satisfied. I even shed a tear with the dialogue between Bat’s and Robin. I really hope that issue 2 can live up to this.

  33. I’m not convinced yet. The whole idea of the JSA was that they were the original heroes that everyone looked up to. The fact that they look up to the usual DC Trinity robs them of their defining feature.

    • This is the New 52 and the past isn’t exactly there anymore. This is an opportunity to create a “new” super-team with a fresh look. Besides, it isn’t like JSA was doing that well running that formula before the reboot. I mean, let’s just take a look at Alan Scott towards the end… is that really the direction that you want to return to?

      I remain open-minded until I see more.

    • It’s the direction I would like to see it return to – not the writer.

      Look at how well written they were by Robinson at the start of the 2000’s and in Starman. That’s what I came in hoping for and it really didn’t deliver.

      That said, Robinson has had some great stuff and he definitely deserves another issue before I jump. This issue just didn’t do enough to be honest.

    • Things went off the rails once Johns left for me (I never got to read it with Robinson). I hope they go for more of the family/training younger heroes aspects you got from JSA then. That’s why I’ve always preferred JSA to the JLA.

  34. This was my replacement for Avengers vs. X-Men #3 and I’m glad I switched. Had a lot more fun with this story.

  35. Earth-Two #1 had everything Justice League #1 lacked; in many ways, this was a much better introductory story. Nicola Scott’s art was amazing, and I loved every one of the characters.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  36. I’m not directing this at anybody here, but I’ve seen a handful of reviews, including professional ones, that criticize this book, and most of them are really bothering me. That’s because the common main complaint all of them have, similar to that seen with John’s Shazaam backup, is that it wasn’t what they were expecting or hoping for.

    Saying that a book didn’t turn out they way you were wishing, or that story was told differently than the similar stories used to be, does not support the conclusion that the book is bad. Instead, it supports the conclusion that if you’re so hung-up on past stories, maybe new stories are not for you. While this may be interesting to you, it’s not very interesting to pretty much any other reader. And it’s interesting, because it often seems that the same people who bitch about there being nothing new in superhero comics are the same one’s who bitch because Billy Baston or Jay Garrick aren’t written in the same manner that they were 60 years ago.

    Again, not directed to anyone in particular, I was just looking for a place to vent.

    • I absolutely love it when something is not what I expected it to be.

    • Not only that but this is a New 52 not an old DCU that changed a little, this has virtually nothing to do with what you were used to back in the old days. This is a new direction and some of things of old were kept however; a lot are new and was left was painted as a base not the way it will go. Example Bruce Wayne is still Batman and his origin still stayed the same however; after that it’s a fresh new start on where he went from there and maybe some other small important peices like Bane and/or things like that but his attitude and demeanor maybe a little different then the old Batman…. I hope that makes sense because as I was going into this thats kinda of where I was, an open mind and a frsh slate. Mind you, I do not like all of these new changes and even some of the way characters have been revised but; thats only my opinion and no one is forcing me to read what I don’t like; at least figuratively.
      @a.j.howard09 – I agree with what you are saying and wanted to vent just like you did and not directed at anyone in paticular at all as well, it just seemed you said the right words and at the right time.
      As for the comic I will be finally getting to read it tonight and I for one am very excited.


    • > I absolutely love it when something is not what I expected it to be.

      Except when you just don’t like what it is, as was my case with this book.

      This was not what I expected, but I’m not saying it’s good or bad – just that I didn’t really like it because it isn’t what I wanted. This is an Elseworlds book, and while I generally enjoy Elseworlds books, I want a JSA book with the JSA. But this is JSA characters in name only. I’m not going to get that. I understand that. But I don’t think I want to spend my money on this book.

    • i love surprises. the older i get, the fewer i come across.

  37. Really liked this, thought it was going to be JL redux but I was really surprised and loved it. The first half of this book did more than the last 6 months of New 52 Justice League had. Really stoked we are getting the Justice Society, and from the beginning. Got into the JSA because of Ifanboy and really loved the feel of it, it is just different to anything else. Wasn’t going to try this book but i am glad i did. I need to trim my pull list and this may take the place of the JLA.

  38. I thought this issue was a blast! The parts with the big three was fantastic and the characterizations were far more interesting than what was accomplished in Justice League’s whole first arc (the last issue, however, was pretty cool–Except Green Arrows portrayal which was a bit too childish for me…I know the changes were made for a newer, younger audience so I felt okay in the end). The only reservations I have with my enjoyment is that it may have just been the initial shock of B,S,W all dying to save the world–something Johns could never do in JL. Robinson did not pull any punches and has set up a new Earth which I am excited to see more of!

  39. The art was so dazzling I rubbed my eyes again and again to make sure what I was seeing was real. It was astounding! This is now one of my favorite books DC is putting out with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman! This really deserved the pick of the week!

  40. It hadn’t occurred to me but what makes this story especially intriguing is that on Earth 2 people know Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman existed. Therefore in the issues to come will someone try to become the next Batman? What about these heroes’ villains, their supporting characters? Is there a Lex Luthor on Earth 2, a Cheetah, a Commissioner Gordon?

    So many possibilities. Still wish it had a snazzier title but this could be a really thrilling series.

  41. I still wish we could have some superheroes that aren’t twenty-somethings and it’s weird for the JSA characters to be young, but I enjoyed this. The art was very nice and the story well-written and far superior to the first issue of Justice League. The idea of a bunch of heroes coming together and having to protect the world without the Trinity to shoulder the load is a pretty cool one.

    I still hate Jay’s costume though. 😛

  42. God, this was bad

  43. this penciler from the land down under is really something special. i love the influx of female creators to this medium over the years.
    comicdom is slowly becoming an aromatic melting pot of not only cheesy deliciousness. smell what i’m cookin’?
    i was a lil’ hesitant to get TOO excited because robinson’s involvement and my lack of knowledge concerning scott. i never read his JSA, but his JLA run was…lets just say it was hit or miss with me. and i couldn’t recall anything i’d seen with her.
    but, this exceded all my expectations and earned my POTW(with Action as my runner up)
    can’t wait till next issue with the first appearance of the infamous new costume of jay garrick. i’ve only seen it on next month’s cover, but it looks pretty badass to me.
    here’s hoping for many happy returns.

  44. Bought this and WF just because of the Nicola Scott art in this book.

    We’ll see if the stories sell me on more.

  45. This, Worlds Finest and Red Lanterns were up for my POW and here is the winner; Earth 2!! POW easily, I liked the artwork and I liked the way the story flowed from the begining to the horrifically awesome ending. What a comic book and as you can tell from the above commentors on how we all feel. There are a few people that did not enjoy it as much as I did and thats fine by me; I liked enough for us all. The big three are out of this title and Jay Garrick’s costume looks super silly too me as well. POW!!


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