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Horror! A terrifying new villain stalks the innocent children of Gotham City! Intrigue! A threatening government agency is hot on Batwoman’s trail. Romance! Kate Kane’s new relationship is heating up!

Can Batwoman stop the new evil rising from the damp back alleys of Gotham’s barrios? And overcome the many challenges she faces as both Batwoman and Kate Kane? 2011’s most anticipated new series intensifies in this exciting second issue!

Art and cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 15.5%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Did not expect to like this before reading issue #1, but wow…the art and story worked really well together. Really curious to see where this goes.

  2. This is the title I was worried wasn’t gonna work on a small digital screen, I’m not sure it did. Gonna give it another go, but this might be a trade-waiting book for me.

    • I found that, the beautiful layouts, outstanding art just works better in issues rather than digital.After getting BW#1 on digital, I couldn’t help but think,”this must look amazing in print!”

  3. My LCS sold out of issue one so I’m still waiting to read both of these!!!

  4. I read about half of the new books last month, and this was mr favorite. Well tied between this and Demon Knights. Still, it was excellent, and i’m defintley picking this up.

  5. I heard that this issue has something to do with the removal of some of the bat charaters from continuity

    • Yeah, this comic was written and drawn before re-relaunch so some of the characters had to be deleted that are no longer in the new continuity.

      All the details can be read here:


    • that looks terrible

    • I don’t like it, BUT … it’s an interesting way of fixing the issue. Just actually making it look like the change is happening as a result of Flashpoint.

      Is this the only comic that had to do that?

    • @AmirCat, as far as I know its the only one. Batwoman was slated to come out back in what, 2009? Early 2010? WAY before Flashpoint at any rate – but it kept getting delayed. Then the re-launch idea sprang from the heads of Dan DiDio and Geoff Johns and they delayed it yet again to make it part of the NEW 52 books.

    • Well that’s a little weird. Especially the part about Dick Grayson not being Batman anymore….Pretty sure Higgins pointed out in the first issue that Dick was Batman and was glad he wasn’t anymore. I know this was written long before the relaunch but an editor should have caught that and fixed it.

      Also, shame that the new Azarel doesn’t exist anymore. He was a pretty good character, introduced by Morrison/Dini and fleshed out by Nicieza/Hine, and he would have fitted right in without much of a problem in the new DCU. Maybe we’ll see him again soon…

  6. Issue 1 was totally worth the long-ass wait. Can’t wait to read this issue. Definitely the comic I look forward to the most this week.

  7. I love the horror bent of this book and really hope it continues from Elegy and #1. I would love for Batwoman – the bat character with probably the most realistic training, skills, and knowledge base more than any other – be the one who has to fight and investigate supernatural criminals and crimes. If this could happen, I’d give a kidney to see her take over the “Batman role” on Justice League Dark. That’d be so badass.

    • That is a fantastic idea but one I hope doesn’t happen just yet. Elegy was fantastic but I want a few more really good arcs before I can fully support her on JLD.

  8. I loved the first issue.

  9. Best of the number ones. Art — especially the very last page — beautiful. J.H. and Chase together again — awesomeness!!! The horror element really works well with the character — and separates her from the other Bat titles.

  10. Beautiful art. Too bad it doesn’t work well with the digital reading apps. It’s going to look amazing in an oversized hardcover though

  11. Didn’t fall in love with issue 1 like I hoped I would, so this will be a game-day decision. If I have the spare pennies in the shop, then MAYBE I’ll pick this up (if they have any copies left that is!)

  12. First issue was ok, the art for me was different I will give you that. I do not think I have seen anything like this since I have been reading comics, and I really don’t care for it. The story was very spokey for sure and there were some questions left open which I like for the mystery. Montoya, The Question, and her sexual preference?
    Sounds like issue two is going to answer these and many more; hopefully if it does not get delayed or happens to never come out……LOL

    Just sayin’,


  13. I’ve been picking up JH’s stuff for a while and find this to be the best overall. The art styles are different from civilian to vigilante and that really is an amazing contrast I’d not seen anyone do before. I love the idea of a sidekick, but really wish her Dad were around. I like him and wish they’d patch things up. So much conflict that I’d think she’s the darker knight over Bruce these days.

  14. Well i read #1 and while the art was nice, the story didn’t do anything for me. Think i’ll give this a miss for now and just wait for the trade.

  15. Of all of the solo heroine titles DC is publishing (and I’m getting all of them), this is the one that I’m sure I will keep getting. I may even subscribe for publisher direct print issues. I wonder what the discount is.

  16. i’m torn by this book. on one hand, the artwork is probably the best from the whole relaunch. on the other hand, the story is kind of boring, really. this weird ghost villain seems like it could be really exciting, but all of the action scenes are done as montages where they just give more dialogue that is unrelated to the fight that they are in. it probably doesn’t help that this is the first time i’ve read a batwoman comic. i didn’t feel like i understood kate kane after the first issue, and i still feel like that after issue 2. i think i’m gonna have to wait for trade for the rest of this series. it’s just sad because the artwork is so excellent. i need to cut down my stack anyway.

  17. Yeah the art in this is AMAZING but I’m really bored with the story and dialogue. Maybe it’s because I never read any previous bat woman comics and I just don’t have a connection to the characters though. Can’t stay with it it. Dropped

  18. I did feel like the issue ended on a so-so note; but the story is pretty cool, I love the horror angle, and Kate is an intriguing enough of a character to keep me coming back. Plus, I could just stare at the pages they are so magnificent. Panel layouts, the coloring, what a great looking book.

  19. I think I enjoyed this more than issue 1, which I re-read before reading this issue and altogether it really helped. I got into the story a bit more and it was nice to see Kate out of the costume and what she was like socially. A good issue, I expect I’ll keep getting this for now.

  20. Did anybody spot Desolation Jones in the party? JH Williams drew himself in there too!

  21. I don’t know anything about Batwoman beyond these two fantastic issues.
    I love the art but I do find it distracting how jarringly different she looks out of costume than everyone else.
    The death white skin and red hair compared to the more realistic coloring used for every other character almost takes me out of the story.
    Has this always been the case with this character?
    Is it just a stylistic choice or is it something that is somehow incorporated into the story?

    • In regards to Kate’s skin colour, I think it is a stylistic colour choice that not meant to be interpreted so literally. This is Dave Stewart after all (in other words, you’ll most likely never find a better colourist). I know of several beautiful marbled-skinned redheads and I find their appearance quite striking. In this medium, why not take that visually to another place.
      If you can accept gang wars with freakish hybrid human/animal/monsters, what is it to be concerned with a character’s skin colour being a little too ghostly?
      She went all goth when she got out of the army. You will not be disappointed when picking up a copy of Batwoman: Elegy. A must have!

    • I have no problem with it if it is strictly a stylstic choice.
      I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something character related.

    • Well, I don’t think you should have a problem with it okay? 😉
      Whatever floats your boat really. All I can say is JHW3 and Stewart are not the type to have too many accidents in creating their comics.

    • RobotZombie: Pick up Batwoman: Elegy now collected in trade. After Bruce Wayne was killed off in Final Crisis, Batwoman was the lead character in Detective Comics. It’s a fantastic run written by Greg Rucka and drawn by JH Williams III. More of the same artistic style, beautiful layouts and great story.

  22. In the audio interview with Blackman and Williams III it was discussed that this story was in the pipeline long before the relaunch. This book is more polished than anything else I have read in a long time. It looks like every square centimeter of the page has been used with purpose. I really like this. Once finished I expect ” Hydrology ” will be remembered as an amazing story for years to come.

  23. I love the coloring Dave Stewart does in this book, but he needs to change up the pallet on out of costume Kate. She looks like one of the Dee Dees from Return of the Joker.

  24. Man I love this book so much. Such amazing art that if you pour over you can find such cool things. If you see a big crazy scene you don’t think Batwoman is in, just look again. goddamn!

  25. Not as good as issue 1 but still very good.

  26. I liked this, but not as much as past issues. Still, I’d give it a 4.5 and put it above most other comics. This was great, the art was great, but it was just missing… something. Not quite perfect.

  27. The story is progressing nicely and, of course, the layouts and art is top notch. Was a bit underwhelmed by the cliffhanger, but I have no doubt it is leading to something. Can’t wait for issue #3!

  28. The layouts in this book make it five star almost on their own merits. But again I am seriously thinking about switching back from digital on this because that medium for reading it is not doing it justice at all.

  29. I can’t get enough of the art, and I’m warming up to the stories more and more. The only New 52 series I’m buying regularly.

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