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  1. My money is on Tim Drake to become the new Batman… I know everything points to Dick Grayson, but I just DC would pull a switch a put Tim or Jason Todd as Batman instead…

  2. Oh after all this hype this better be good. The will most likely be great, but Daniel as a writer? I dont know…I never read his stuff before just his art. Has he written anything before this?

    By the way, if that stupid Viel character O’Neil introduced earlier is a key figure in this….I’m out!

  3. I’m hoping it’s Tim, but I have a feeling it isn’t going to be Tim or Dick.  Jason Todd and Damian as Batman and Robin would be interesting.

  4. It has to be Dick IMO.  There is already another Nightwing in Action comics starting this week.  You can’t have two of them walking around, thats crazy talk!

    Also, I’ve heard that this issue is quite good and really delivers.

  5. I’m excited about this, it had better be damn good, and i dont expect whoever it is at the end of this that puts on bats cowl to remain batman for very long. a year or so maybe….

    @fleaman: idk about damian being robin especially if time drake is not batman. I mean what are they just gonna retire tim again or is damien going to kill him, like he has tried to before?


    @TNC:  she is quite the annoying, useless bit isn’t she?


  6. I’d really like to have finished gaiman’s story before i tapped into this.

  7. Here’s hoping tony daniel doesn’t make Dick look like a bitch again =/

  8. Like some other posts here I am very nervous about Tony Daniel as writer.  The Batman books are the only ones I tend to follow through thick and thin, so I feel I need to get this, but I’m not too excited. 

    And I think it’s got to be Tim, especially as they keep labouring the point that he’s the most like Bruce.

  9. Even though the post-BftC lineup has convinced me to drop the books as soon as this mini is over, I am psyched to read this.

    Calling it now: Hush and Damien join forces, manipulating Jason into killing Dick, but Tim thwarts them and Stephanie Brown becomes the new Robin.

  10. Daniel… Scared.

    Also why the hell is Wildcat on the cover. What does he have to do with Batman? I find it odd that he’s opposite of Catwoman.

  11. Waiting for impressions before I drop four clams. Hope it’s good though but it’s crossover nature just irks me. Wish part two of Gaiman’s story was out.

  12. Maybe there will be multiple Batmans.  Batmen if you will.  Although it is "Battle for THE Cowl" and not "Battle for A Cowl."

  13. I voted for Nightwing and this comic book is in the bag I’m getting me a copy oh yeah Nightwing’s one of my favorite DC Comics Character that’s why I voted for him.

  14. @Ruo21: Wildcat is one of Bruce’s good friends, and was one of his trainers.  It makes sense he would come to Gotham and help in Bruce’s absence

  15. TommyBrownell just stated in his comments but I have the same feelings.

    Is anyone else dropping most of the Bat titles after this? It’s more for a creative drop for me cause I dont like Winick (and he’s taking over Batman) and I dont care about Rucka using Batwoman as a main character (Detective Comics). Other then Batman Confidential I dont think I’m picking up another Bat book.

    That’s scary to me.

  16. Ooh, they should just go ahead and put a telephone number in the book so we can vote for who we want to be The Batman!

  17. I’ll be sticking with BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS out of loyalty.  

    But as for RED ROBIN, BATGIRL and BATMAN & ROBIN go, I’ll have wait and see who the main characters are, and who the creative teams are.

    I’ll definitely be buying BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM and GOTHAM CITY SIRENS because they’ll be written by Paul Dini.

    I’ll continue reading OUTSIDERS until I lose interest in it.

  18. at the end of the last nightwing issue in the origins and omens part they showd someone dressed as batman (most likely jason) holding a gun to night wings head. the last robin issue showed a scene much like it. and considering nightwing was supposed to be killed of many times( last time was the previous crisis) but didnt due to other writers intervention. i think this is the end for dick grayson

  19. I don’t care much for Winick, so I might drop Batman.

    Looks like Morrison will be on Batman and Robin, and that will become the flagship bat book. Dini’s books look cool. Rucka on Detective Comics: Batwoman looks awesome. No dout Outsiders will stay good.

    And I’m still holding my breath on Red Robin.

  20. Seriously, who is the black glove?

  21. i betting on dick as batman and a redeemed damian as robin.

  22. Well if Morrison is returning for ‘Batman and Robin’ then I guess I’ll pick that up….and I forgot about Sirens too

  23. Winick on Batman? ugh I’m out.

  24. odare77-I don’t think it would be Tim at all.  Why would they put someone just like Bruce in the suit again?  No fun in that.  Better to have someone different, that does things their own way, and then have Tim working with them with the mentality of "this is how Bruce would do it."  That could prove for far more interesting stories

  25. your forgetting azreal

  26. Hush and Damian as Batman and Robin? I don’t know but they’ll probably go with a more compelling duo than Dick Grayson or Tim Drake.

    Not that Dick and Tim aren’t absorbing characters, they’re interesting, but i’m guessing that making other characters take the cowl would surely make for some more stirring storytelling.

    I’m sure Dick or Time would both also be interesting in the role though, since it would be appealing to see either one of them dealing with actually being Batman

  27. Wait…Morrison is on Batman & Robin?  Then that basically locks Damien in as Robin.


    I HATE Damien.  A Metric ton.  I hate him more than any character I have EVER read in any comic EVER.

  28. YES i cant wait!! i loved the prequel issue!!

  29. @peterporker-as if thats a bad thing?  I think everyone would like to forget that they are bringing in Azrael

  30. @Tommy: Just because Morrison introduced Damien doesnt mean he’ll be any part of that comic nor will he be Robin.

    Judging from the hints Didio and Morrison stated after Final Crisis; it seems like Morrison is continuing on the fate of Bruce Wayne. But then again if it’s called ‘Batman and Robin’…I would assume it’s just a team up title.

    We’ll just have to wait when this mini ends and Morrison returns in June.

  31. @TNC Well, I think we can safely blame Mike Barr for even writing a story that allowed Batman to have a kid long before we can blame Morrison for using the plot point! (Granted, I love that Morrison did it, but the execution was lacking. One of the Best stories was Son of the Demon.)

     I’m calling it now… Batman & Robin? Batman and Anthro the First Boy swinging around the ancient world.

    Excited for this. Not sure where my post-BftC allegiances will lie. Most likely not with Winick. But alas. Hope Bruce stays trapped in the past. Morrison should have just ended FC/RIP with the line "Bruce Wayne Never Returned Home." :-p

  32. I’ll add my worries of Daniel as a writer into the mix, has he written anything before?

    And my vote to win the battle is Tim Drake. I think Nightwing is stay Nightwing & not want to be anyone but himself … I hope.

    PS — Bruce Wayne IS Batman. Anyone else wearing the cowl is just wearing a costume.

  33. @Prax: Well sadly Anthro died of old age in the epologue of FC….So I think Bruce would be flying solo in your vision. 🙂

    It’s all a crapshot until we get to the end of this mini on what is going to happen. I just wish Morrison would be on this title earlier rather then waiting for the summer

  34. *will stay

    I think Nightwing deserves to hold the fort more than anyone, but judging by the way the comics have been leading up, it looks like Tim will wear the cowl & Nightwing won’t want to. Of course I could be 100% wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time!

  35. if that fascinating character O’Neil introduced earlier is a key figure in this….I’m in!

  36. @TNC and Prax-I would LOVE an Anthro and Batman team-up

  37. @JJ: Dont go mixing up my words! 🙂

  38. @TNC Yeah, I know… but a man can dream! Essentially I wrote that fun little note. And then immediately thought "Oh crap, Anthro’s dead." And then I thought "Well, most people were perplexed by FC, maybe they won’t notice…" :-p 

    @Drake A Morrison penned Batman/Anthro team up should occur. Dead or not!

    @Wade I get your point about Wayne *being* Batman. But I’m honestly a little tired of Bruce Wayne as Batman. He’s not the cool, cunning, campy hero I grew up with. Instead we have this dark, dull, solves-everything-in-his-head-by-issue-one-but-doesn’t-tell-the-audience-he-figured-it-out-until-part-six Batman that we’ve gotten for so long now. It’s the same complaint I had about Tim’s magical taking out of Lady Shiva in Robin, not that the ideas weren’t good… but Tim just knew it! Alas, I don’t want to bog this commentary down with stuff I’ve been moaning about for weeks.

    In a nut shell… I want to see Dick or Tim in the costume, preferably Dick with Damien as Robin. I think Tim is the one who should become his own hero like Dick did and that Jason Todd would be best served as a character by becoming Red Robin and having a competent writer cure him of his enteral Mad-On at the world. He could be a fun, dark counter point to Batman that goes that inch ever so far. But instead we have this snarling, man-boy who seems so upset he isn’t dead! 

  39. Tim would make the best Batman, definitely. He’s a capable fighter, and he’s motivated. Also, he’s probably the sharpest detective in the DCU. I hope it’s Tim, he’s earned it. And Dick doesn’t want it anyway.

  40. Allow me to cast another vote for Batman and Anthro the Boy Wonder…I mean the whole point of these stories is to give the reader something different isn’t it??  (Although sometimes, in a cynical mood, I wonder if the point is more about extra revenue and not story related at all!!)

  41. man, i really hope Azreal takes over again. most of the people on here would shit theyselves if he did

  42. No Grant Morrison = No Sale to me

    Shame really as Batman was the last regular DC comic I bought. Oh well, least I can save some money to spend on Dark Reign comics

  43. Is it confirmed yet that Morrison is writing BATMAN & ROBIN?  If it’s true that he’s the writer, then that might be one of the Batman titles I skip.  I might read it if it features characters I like though.

  44. The thing that takes away from the story for me is that whoever wins the battle — we all know it will be a temporary change. I think the story would have had more impact if Batman wasn’t shown back in time (or where ever he was in that cave) in Final Crisis. So the readers had the same thought as the DCU characters — that Batman’s really dead. I know this would have pissed people off (me, being one of them) but, it would have given Batman’s "death" & this story more depth & meaning. The way things are now, it’s more like Battle for who will keep Batman’s seat warm for a few months.

  45. Did anyone else read it "Battle for the Cow" and say WTF.  or am i all alone.

  46. @MrPopular; I would totally read a Bat-Family book called Battle for the Cow! 🙂

  47. @Kory – DC announced the 8 bat-titles coming out in June.

    Batman & Robin
    Detective Comics
    Greg Rucka (w); JH Williams III (a)
    Red Robin
    Gotham City Sirens
    – Paul Dini (w)
    Streets of Gotham – Paul Dini (w); Dustin Nguyen (a)
    – Peter Tomasi (w); Lee Garbett (a)
    Additionally we know Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel are returning, though we don’t know if they’ll be on the same title. It’s also worth noting that Rucka’s Detective Comics will feature Batwoman.

    Then DC announced that Winick would be on Batman.                                                     

    Reading what has and has not been said, I think that Morrison will be on Batman and Robin.

  48. @edward-Aside from my toddler years, I have never shat myself.  And making Azrael Batman wouldn’t cause that to occur.

    @MrPopular and WinTheWonderboy-First Marvel Apes, now DC Cows?!?  I am so onboard for that one!

  49. Has anyone seen the preview yet for the Azrael mini coming out soon?

    The art alone makes me want to buy it….it looks freakin fantastic!

  50. @Kory: Yes, it’s confirmed that Morrison is writing BATMAN & ROBIN.

  51. @Kory- I’m dumb.

  52. HOLY SHIT!!


    Sorry had to get your attention. But I just got this from newsarama……Grant Morrison is doing ‘Batman and Robin’ in June but guess who’s doing the pencils? Thats right: FRANK QUITELY!!!!!!!!

    Holy shit!!!!! (explodes)

  53.  That cover is amazing.

    Your faces can now begin to explode.  Sure it was speculated, but still doesn’t make the news any less fantastic.

  54. Looks like I will be buying Batman & Robin after all.

  55. Robin looks quite short.  Perhaps it will indeed be Dick and Damien??  Dick wants to help Damien control himself and make papa proud?  Oh what fun.  I’m really excited for where the Bat books are going

  56. @TNC Whoa… maybe I went into a time slip but I thought that was old news!?  Indeed I recall a snarky comment sometime back, either here or on ‘Rama, to the effect of "What does it say when the All-Star Superman Team is put on the book "Batman & Robin" when technically another animal of the same name exists? Something tells me this new Batbook will be all-star in everything but name."

    Also does anyone have sufficient graphic arts capabilities as to make me a Anthro the First Boy-Wonder Graphic! :-p I’m putting my stamp all over this meme! 

  57. Quitely and Morrison on Batman & Robin; Proof that there is a God.

  58. @Prax: I believe Quitely doing the pencils were rumors at the time. So that’s why that comment you mentioned sorta sounds like the guy was ASSUMING what would happen if Morrison and Quitely teamed up for Batman. But I can imagine the complaints already for this team up.

    @gnanniv: I have to agree, for once the man upstairs is giving me good news….I’m sorry did you say God? I thought you ment Morgan Freeman.

  59. I’m all over this, but I’m sad about "Batman and Robin."  I know lots of people love him, but Quietly’s art makes me throw up in my mouth.  I’m not saying he’s bad; the actual physical gagging that I experience is probably just a personal taste thing. 

  60. quitely’s art doesnt suit batman… great….

  61. I am definitely with Quinn.  I hate Quitely’s art.  That Batman & Robin preview art not only convinced me that Damien is the next Robin, but that I’ll be dropping the Batbooks because Damien + Quitely = No $ From Me.

  62. Actually yeah that does suspiciously look like Damien on newsarama’s preview for Quitely…..Did DC just inadvertently ruin part of the reveal in this mini?

    If true then I will say ‘bah!’ to that.

  63. Okay sorry for the double post but Comic Book Resources just posted the cover for the first issue of ‘Batman and Robin’:

    Yeah……That’s clearly Damien…..Unless Tim had extensive plastic surgery and a new hairstyle.

  64. I always feel stupid…when I want to read "Batman", I want to see Batman in it.  All these costume changes annoy me.  Take Morrison’s All-Star Superman…that’s brilliant and he didn’t need to make Jimmy Olsen be Superman…he just told Superman stories.

    Why can’t they just tell Batman stories?!  Best villains, great supporting cast, and instead we focus on Azrael and Damian.  I’m bummed, I’d rather have Bruce and the Riddler, ya know what I mean?

    All that being said, Morrison/Quitely was so good on ASS that I’ll definitely check out B&R.  But I am not reading "Battle for the Cowl"…a story of a buncha wannabies and warmed over supporting losers.

  65. I hope it’s a Dick and Damien team as Batman & Robin. Character interaction between those two sounds like alot of fun, and it seems very Morrison.

  66. I think I’m the one comic fan who didn’t think All Star Superman was the dogs balls (I thought it was OK, but am baffled by the almost unanimous opinion of it’s greatness) so I am not super excited about this Batman & Robin news. But, it’s Batman & Robin so I’ll have to check it out & see if I’m into it.

    So, with this news, Winnick writing Batman (I’m not a fan & am amazed he gets another shot on the book) & Rucka writing a Batwoman book, this year isn’t looking like a great one for me as a Batman fan. I hope the supporting books are good. Any news (not rumours) on what the Sirens & Streets of Gotham books are about?

  67. @Urthona Okay but you have ~69 years of Batman stories featuring Bruce Wayne. And many Batman tales are considered the best of the medium (DKR, Long Halloween, Killing Joke, Year One, Arkham Asylum, Man Who Laughs, etc). Counting All-Star Super Man, I can count on one hand the Superman stories that carry the same weight. I understand your qualm, but I’d like to see some evolution in the books. Heck, All-Star Superman is premised on the titular character readying the world for a world without him.

    @TNC I’m glad DC has decided to render Battle for the Cowl pretty much useless the night before it comes out. Still, I’m interested to see where it goes. I think Damien as Robin V was pretty obvious from the get-go. Despite looking older (and that might be Quitely’s art) that could be Tim, but most likely Dick. I’m thinking… what if Battle for the Cowl results in there being various Batmen with different MOs? Judd Winick Batman is angry, emo Jason Todd. B&R is campy Dick/Damien fun? I could see that working for a year.

    Anyway… as a Morrison/Quitely fan I’m happy. Also, comparing this Batman to Quitely’s JLA: Earth 2 Batman, I’m glad we have the flat Black symbol and no yellow backing. It looks very odd in Quitely’s art. 


  68. @PraxJarvin-Didio stated there would be one clear cut winner at the end of Battle for the Cowl.

  69. i’m thinking that cover is of Jason and Damian. they would get on, both being arseholes


    chirst, quitely is good. look at that sound effect drawn as smoke on the pencil page

  70. Why do they leak these sort of things, just why?  I was all set to buy btfc but now i am going to wait for the trade. That buisiness with damien being robin just sort of spoiled it for me. idk maybe i will read it in shop or something… 

    just dont really care for or like damian. eh….

  71. I thought Gmo and Quietly’s Batman and Robin existed outside DCU continuity? That’s what I understood. Still, it’d make sense for Grant Morrison to follow the new status quo forged in Batman RIP.

  72. I’m so excited for Morrison/Quietly on Batman and Robin.  I think Rucka is going to do a great job on Detective as well.  There’s a lot of negativity in these responses I find strange.  These are great writers working with great artists, on characters they have personal investments in.  While I’m a little worried about Winick on Batman.  Most of the other books sound really good.  I didn’t even mention Dini on Sirens which sounds awesome as well.  Like Birds of Prey meets Secret Six or something.

  73. This issue was exactly what I thought it would be.  I’m having trouble with some of the previous work tying into this event, especially when a character waits until now to do what he does when you would have expected it back a few months ago.  Some of the characters seem off from what they were in the previous series, and I’m fairly disappointed to see the books I enjoyed purchasing either get cancelled or put on hiatus.  Hopefully this event improves, probably with just the tie ins because two more issues is going to take some work to get the bad tast out of my mouth.  Great idea, but poorly done for issue one 🙁

  74. I liked this book. I thought that they should have extended the NIGHTWING and ROBIN titles to coincide with this event. 

  75. This was my POTW.

    Very fun to read and had some really great art in it. Plus Daniel revived one of my favorite villains….even if it is Bullshit that he is back from the dead. Still it’s a great start for this mini and for Daniel’s writing career.

  76. Little off the topic of the actual issue, but going with the DC nation post.  So, Batman and Robin is going to be a quarterly book??  That is what All Star Supes turned out to be. 

    I would still read it as quarterly, but I do not think that this is what they have in mind.

  77. I got a variant.  I got a variant.  I got a variant!!  I just feel so damn special on the rare occasion that I get variant covers for my Batman books!!  Sorry to brag.

    And YES!  I cannot wait until JUNE!!!

  78. Wow, I’m so not interested in this I can’t even finish reading the reviews.

    Not for me.

  79. Mmmhhyeah. I’ll start reading Batman and Robin in June.

    To Tony Daniel’s credit though, his art is really nice. He reminds me of a less dated Jim Lee. 

  80. if interested, head over to IGN for G-Mo interview 🙂  Just went up a little bit ago.  Sorry if you guys already posted it, but I’m not reading the post here yet cuz I have yet to read the comic.

  81. @drake: I just read that interview and I am more pumped up for that series more then ever. Just when I thought this Battle for the Cowl would be my last interest in Batman for awhile (Winick can F*** off and no offense to Rucka but I anit keen on Batwoman) but here comes Morrison AND Quitely to give me more interest then ever before.

    So yeah…..those two guys just pretty much ruined all the hype and excitement for this mini didnt they? lol

  82. Nothing WOW really happend in this issue. It was good, but nothing to rave about.

  83. i thought it was ok.

  84. Not bad… I have a feeling I’m missing a lot of info though.  I went from reading the RIP hardcover to jumping into this…  Hope I didn’t miss anything important from not reading the robin, nightwing, and other bat books that just ended their runs.  I don’t think I’m willing to spend that much money back tracking on all of them books.

  85. I really dug this book. But i’m confused… when dick and damian are flying away at the end, and there is an explosion….was that an RPG or something? It was the black masks peeps right?

  86. @Fvckstick: Yeah I’m pretty sure that was the black masks thugs firing that at them.  At least thats how I read it.

  87. Solid issue– actually better than I thought it would be, I rated it a strong 4.  I love Dick Grayson, and I love Damian– they’re going to make a great Dynamic Duo.

  88. A good issue, nothing terribly interesting of note, followed along naturally.  Daniel’s writing was pretty good, better then expected. Rated it a 4.

  89. Sorry to double post, but… I just made this my POW. While I really enjoyed Captain Britain, I wasn’t quite blown away by it. And while I thought this a little… predictable it had some good character moments.

    Also… was anyone else disturbed that Barbara technically caused the Goth girl with Damian to be killed? It was an odd, unnecessary situation that marred my enjoyment of the issue.

  90. It was pretty good.  But yeah, nothing spectacular.  Daniels has strong artwork, but he needs to work on his storytelling skills.  I don’t exactly know what that explosion was when they were flying.  Still, it was exciting and enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to the rest of this.

    P.S. and yeah, it pretty much confirmed to me that Batman & Robin will star Dick and Damien.  It would almost have an old school vibe to it, with Dick showing a cocky yet inexpierenced kid how to do the job right.  

  91. @PraxJarvin: She wasn’t killed. If you look at the next panel, her seat has a parachute. 

  92. @supertrackmonkey-and then later, you see croc with her show near his mouth 😉

  93. @ Drakedangerz: I’m not seeing it, which panel?

  94. Nevermind, just caught it. But there is no way Barbara could have known the Croc and Ivy were right there…

  95. @PraxJarvin Yeah, but Croc ate her.  And he wouldn’t have been able to get to her if Babs hadn’t ejected her.

  96. I love it people are having problems with a girl getting eaten or a random explosion….

    But no problems with the fact that BLACK MASK, a man who got shot right between the eyes point blank, is alive and well.

    That’s comic books for you, people just live and die whenever they want.

  97. I kind of wish Tim would be the new batman.  It would be a cool way of starting batman all over and having him build himself up as a hero.  I know we will get that somewhat with Dick but he is a hero in his own right.  With Tim you kind of get a big restart.  Could be interesting.

  98. @TNC-Not everyone obsesses over the same things you do.  Some of us care about pink shoes.

  99. speaking of wich who was thalf naked girl with the john doe jacket  in the page that shows all the villians in there own panels after croc

  100. @Peterporker : Yeah I couldn’t place her either. 

  101. @drake: Oh I can imagine you talking about shoes 😉

    Maybe the new Black Mask is Jason Todd? Doesnt make sense really but I am shooting off ideas here.

  102. this is a great feeling. it’s like when a friend has a kid, Dick assuming the role of Batman and training Damian as Robin is like Dick becoming a father. great movement for the character….

    …assuming dick becomes Batman, of course.

  103. @TNC I thought it was odd, but something about the way Black Mask is being drawn makes me think it’s not him. However, of all the random stuff in the issue, I was most irked by Barbara’s random ejection of the girl (she would actually be safer in the batmobile!) and then Croc’s eating of said girl. My first thought was "Apparently Barbara stopped caring about collateral damage…" The random explosion didn’t bother me at all. It was obvious more bad stuff was going to happen to Damian. He’s the Kenny of the Bat family, sans the dying.

    @edward I agree, I like it a lot. Also, I like that Daniel is starting to downplay the more sociopathic aspects of Damian. 

  104. @Prax: I can definitely see Daniel trying to write Damien in a way where his whiny, bratty side is going to disappear (or at least be toned down).

    But I felt Daniel dumbed him down too much. He seriously went from not caring of hitting people with the Batmobile (granted it was The Joker) to acting like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo….He got too scared in my eyes and that was just weird for me.

    I need to stop thinking of things to not like for this issue….I made it my picks! >_<;

  105. this premise would make an awesome LOST like tv show. Bruce Wayne disappears so the supporting bat-cast is highlighted as they rush to fill his vaccum. exploring all the areas of gotham as thye criminal and GCPD deal with the fall-out.

     sigh…. we can always hope

  106. Does anyone know if Jamie Grant is doing the colors for Batman & Robin?

  107. Wow, I’m so uninterested in this, I can’t even finish reading the reviews, heh.

    Not for me I guess.

  108. wow that was amazing. the back page was so good. i think that in the new batman and robin series it looks like damian who is robin. did tim put that batman outfit on to see whos batman cuz that was cool too. as for the gun-toting crazy batman idk who that was but this was sucha  good issue i am SO loving this series and  cant wait for more batman goodness.

  109. @rayclark – yea, that was Tim who put the Batman outfit on halfway through, and I assume that the Batman with the guns was Jason. But then again, we all know what happens when one assumes.

  110. Haven’t read any Batman books in forever but when did it get to be lame? Dick Grayson is now Nightwing, Robin is someone else, AND Bruce has a kid? WTF.

  111. I bought it.  I read it.  It was awful.

  112. @s2lentslayer-Dick Grayson has been Nightwing for years man!!  Tim Drake being Robin isn’t a new development either.  Neither of those two can be contributed to Morrison or any other modern writer.  Now Bruce’s kid?  Blame G-Mo if you don’t like that one 😛

  113. @drakedangerz :Cough:BlameMikeBarrforcomingupwithitfirst:cough: Non one can blame Morrison for using a valid plot point from a fantastic Batman/Talia/Ras story. The execution might not be great, but It’s Mike Barr’s fault! :-p

  114. Well I dont think it’s completely Mike Barr’s fault either. That whole storyline was out of continuity I believe until Infinite Crisis occured….So let’s blame it on Geoff Johns!!!! 🙂

  115. @TNC Too true. But it was only Out of Continuity because Denny O’Neil didn’t like the idea of Bruce Wayne having a child out of wedlock. Especially with Talia. It’s one of those very weird, "moral" decisions editors made in the 80s. Y’know, like Shooter changing the ending of Dark Phoenix saga.

    However, there’s this very odd idea that Damian is exclusively the creation of Morrison and that’s just no true. 

  116. @Prax-True, but the choice to include him in the current continuity was Morrison’s idea.

  117. So let’s see if I get this straight:

    Mike Barr created the idea of Talia having a child from Bruce

    Denny O’Neil scrap the idea for some moral reasons

    Then Geoff John brings it back in continuity after Infinite Crisis

    Finally Grant Morrison brings the idea back; turns it into Damien and now made other writers use him for story purposes.

    So it’s all 4 of them that caused this mess! Kill them all!! 🙂

  118. I’d like to say I was disappointed by this…but my expectations weren’t high to start with.  For such a big event this just wasn’t even slightly special – and I’m an inveterate Batman fanboy.  June can’t come round quick enough, this is like treading water.

  119. This was a really fun issue with some promise but if bruce isn’t under the cowl by christmas i’m gonna be pissed

  120. @wilson6923-prepare to be pissed then.  From his interview, G-Mo says he at least has a year long story planned.  I would venture to say that the bulk of it will have his new Bats and Robin team in it, but can’t say for certain.

    Also, since I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone by posting it here, you should head over to the IGN interview with Tony Daniels if you are curious about the Black Mask in this issue.

  121. I thought this was quite good.

    That said, the impending creative teams – all of them – have me convinced to drop the BatBooks at the end.

  122. @ peterporker & CharlieBlix — That was Jane Doe from the Arkham Asylum: Living Hell mini. She kills people & wears thier skin & is like a chameleon … so, don’t trust anyone in this series, it could be her.

    This issue was pretty good, nice art & a decent story … even if it seems a hell of a lot like No Man’s Land with the criminals being at war & a mysterious Bat-person cleaning up the city. My money is on this new "Batman" being Jason Todd. I woiuld have guessed Azreal, except the use of guns makes me think it’s Todd.

    Couple of questions for you guys — Why were all the crazy Gotham criminals at Blackgate & being transferred into Arkham on buses (why wern’t they already AT Arkham, I mean)? Was this explained somewhere that I missed?

    That was Tim in the old school Batman costume with the yellow oval, in the subway tunnels, right? If so, why was he wearing that?

    How does Black Mask say his own name without having lips? Wouldn’t it sound like Glack Gask?


  123. My only real issue with this was Damian. I don’t know who the little whiney scared kid in this is but that ain’t Morrison’s Damian. Morrison’s Damian was a bad ass who took it to his father ( i.e. Bruce ) and tried to kill Tim. Granted I’m sure looking at Killer Croc would spark some kind of feeling like "fear" but Morrison’s Damian, the way Morrison wrote him, would have tried to stab him at least!

  124. @gnanniv — Thanks for the link 🙂

  125. @WadeWilson-I think I know the answers.  Someone could easily correct me though.

    1. They were taken out of Arkham because the Joker and the Black Glove took over the place during RIP.  So after they were taken care of, they had to transfer everyone out so they could fix the place up.  Thats why in the bus scene someone mentions "Arkham getting a new coat of paint thanks to the Joker."  So I assume they were being brought back cuz everything was ready for them again…and then Black Mask had to go and blow it up 🙁

    2.Tim knew that they needed a Batman to make everyone shit their pants.  Dick refused to do it, so Tim put it on to go on patrol.

    3.haha, no idea.  But its just a mask right?  so underneath he still has real lips and can talk?  

  126. I just read that interview with Daniels @drake.

    Now I am curious to see who is really Black Mask….it better be someone good. Cause the original was badass enough without having to be a different villain underneath.

  127. i like how Damian wrote off another batmobile

  128. did anyone else notice that they added black canary to the cover?

  129. @micahmyers – Dude, they totally did, that is a little strange.

  130. @micahmyers  yes?

  131. I thought this was a reasonablly strong start.  My only real problem was how he wrote Damien, but other than that I enjoyed this.

  132. I also am tired of Nightwing who seems to always be brooding and standoffish, ala Angel from the classic Buffy days. I thought Dick was beyond all this and was his own man. Wasn’t that the point of the whole Nightwing Run and his past 10 years of character development?

    I also find myself struggling with the vigilante Batman who is terrorizing Gotham’s criminals and shows up on the last page. To me, the costume of the mysteyr man reminds me of a rip-off of Bucky as the new Captain America but this time with Jason Todd. Let’s see —
    Hero dies – Check
    Prodigal Son Returns – Check
    Lots of Metal – Check
    Now Uses Guns – check

    Combined with the feel of No Mans Land, I was a little disappointed with this comic so far.

  133. so damian is like 10 and he’s picking up chicks?


  134. @edward: Yeah that actually creeped me out a bit. Daniel is making (at the least) an underage boy pick up hookers? Shocked no one else has picked up on that.

  135. no, i mean, he reminds me of young edward

  136. I don’t know where you got the idea that he was picking up a hooker.

  137. Then who the heck was that girl?

  138. If he is anything like Bruce, he is more than capable of finding a girl that is interested in him.  Plus, who would turn down a ride in the batmobile?

  139. @drake: So….did Damien just cruise around Gotham like a pimp?

    That is cool in one way and crazy in another…

  140. she was obviously around 14 and Damian is about 10 so it’s not that strange. i think he just did his thing….

     again he reminds me of little Edward

  141. With the girl, I found the scene where Oracle takes over the car and ejects her to be light-hearted and funny, but then found the whole moment ruined by having her unneccessarily and gratuitously eaten by Croc between panels.  Really, just consider the physical limitations of the moment and Ivy would have had to grab the girl and deliver her to Croc, who in turn would have to have eaten her whole in about 2 seconds.  That choice made no sense logically, left a bad impression about the actons of the heroes, and yet because it was so understated it didn’t do much to enhance the menace of the villans.  An all-around odd writing choice.  But that nitpick aside, I thought this was a good starting story and that the art was really pretty good.  Overall only three stars for me, but it has me interested in reading more which is good for a first issue.

  142. this debate about oracle causing the girl’s death is so stupid, sorry.

    she obviously was aware that Killer Croc and Pioson Ivy were about to attack the car. Remember, these are bad people, they enjoy killing young girls, it adds a sense of danger to the story

  143. i was thinking about the new black mask and how daniels said it was a villain we knew. i think it is hush because it would fit his m.o. of bringing in batman’s rogues. also think about him unmasking in public and revealing bruce wayne’s face that would fit in with his plan to ruin bruce.

  144. @Drake — Thanks for the answers, mate!

    PS — Picking up hookers when you’re 10 isn’t normal?

  145. Did anyone else notice that almost the whole book is narrated by Tim Drake? 

    I liked how they showed Tim as a detective as well. To me, it seems that this book is setting Tim Drake up as Batman. 

  146. And you can tell by the conversation between Oracle and Damien that she didn’t know that Killer Croc or Poison Ivy were about to attack. 

     And the reason Black Canary is on the cover is because she was in the issue (even if only for a page.) Black Canary is a member of the JLA and more well known than the Knight and Squire (not on cover but in issue.) They just wanted to show all the "heavy hitters" that have come to defend Gotham in Batmans absence. 

  147. @coastcitystyles : You have to remember dan didio (the douche) is on record as stating he hates the character Dick Grayson. It also should come as no surrpise the way he’s being written here because Tony Daniel seems to feel the need to write Dick Grayson completely the opposite of what he’s been built up as over the last few years. It’s a shame really.

  148. Alfred is the new Batman…. or maybe Rorschach….

  149. Why is Didio a douche?

  150. Has it ever been explained why Knight looks so much like Prometheus?  Maybe now that Prometheus is back in action, they’ll get fight.

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