Great Moments in Comics History – Batman: Son of the Demon

Witness! The conception of Damian Wayne!


  1. He should’ve kept the cape and cowl on

  2. That guy wearing Batman’s outfit looks a lot like Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent… why has nobody made this connection in Gotham?

  3. I like that she decided to put some clothes on before having sex. That’s what I always do, too. I put my clothes on and then have sex.

    (Or am I supposed to be reading this right to left like a manga?)

  4. If this was the conception of Damian, I guess we know Batman’s utility belt isn’t prepared for everything.

  5. wow, i forgot how great the art is. plus, that sihouette is amazing

  6. … and then Batman turns to her and says, “Yeah, I’m sorry but you gotta go. Call ya tomorrow.”

  7. “And that, Damian, is how I met your mother.”

  8. No Bat-condom?

  9. That bracelet is really throwing me off. It looks like one of those candy ones with the elastic string. Also, you can tell she’s a total psycho, she’s standing on air. Batman should have known.

    PS I love the watercolors.

  10. Batman’s real super power.. Getting woman pregnant on the first try. Take that, last son of krypton.

  11. Do I sense a post-coital Batman thread about ot happen? Sort of like the Thor one? I’ll start:

    “I think I saw the Bat-signal, gotta go.”

  12. Daddy issues….Hot.

  13. post coital batman needs no excuses, he just vanishes as soon as you turn away.

  14. Too bad lots of this great story was ignored.

  15. I think some comics fans should observe this page a little more closely. If you stop worrying about “What’s real” (what matters) and what’s not… you get laid.

  16. Somewhere when this came out a kid went up to their parents and asked what this meant.

    That child was never allowed to read comics ever again.

  17. chicks dig the dark, brooding guys. This is why Blue Beetle never got laid.

  18. remember a year or two ago when people kept going on and on about the relationship between dick and Damian?

  19. i didnt realise this was an on-panel thing, i always thought it was just implied and then damien showed up


  21. Gross. It’s like watching my parents do-it.

  22. I didn’t realize how easy it was to take off the costume…..nor did I know it was a two piece.