Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #1 (Redux)

Yes, sir, Batman! I will fight criminals wherever they are found!

(Um… I was told they couldn’t see us…)


  1. Speaking of Batman and guns.  I once read a Frank Miller article where he speaks of Batman, and how he used to carry a guy.  I don’t have any golden age comics, and have looked around a bit on the web, but I’ve never seen or read about this Batman, gun thing.  Was Miller making this all up, or just speaking out of his hat?

  2. @skrulldave  nope, he wasn’t making it up

  3. Of course the world’s greatest detective knows he is in print to our reality!!

    The only question is how long it takes G-Mo’s ‘God-Bat’ to find a way to break through

  4. I wonder what this particualr criminal wanted to do with his gun; he doesn’t say.

  5. What does he mean by "their kind"…?

  6. @rapideyemovement  Y’know, mooks, wiseguys, rascals. those types of people

  7. @RoiVampire: I choose to read between the lines:

    "Blah blah blah, crooks are yellow, blah blah blah, do your best in fighting all their kind!"

    Batman’s worse than Steve Rogers!

  8. Judging from those first two word balloons, I thought this was going to be some kind of homo-erotic kiddie porn. You know, before the Comics Code kind of stuff.

    Nice to see it was something much more wholesome – "Hey kids. See criminals? Throw on some colored underwear and try to take them down. You know, without any kind of weapons or training or anything.’

  9. Joust? Is that like fisticuffs? Or they getting out some horses?

  10. Look at that glow around it, Robin has a super powered left hook.

  11. woah, he just broke the fourth wall.

    Absolutely love golden age batman, thanks for posting this.

  12. @ccarney knowing golden age Batman I think we can all guess what he means by ‘jousting’ with Robin

  13. aka The Ending For Most Comics Books from the 1930s to 1950s.

  14. @monkeeboy: LMFAO! You beat me to it!!!

  15. RoiVampire, thanks for the link, I’ll head over there. I’ve always been curious about that bit of Batman history.