Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #7

Batman #7

Bruce, who is this?

I’ve invited my youthful ward to come along with us!

You brought your ward on our romantic getaway?

Why, yes!


Not to worry!

Yeah! I won’t make a sound! You won’t even know I’m here!

Bruce, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with–

Oooh! I should see if my faithful butler Alfred wants to come too!



  1. Hmm, this could be the real reason why Bruce is a constant bachelor. Honestly, what woman would put up with this?

  2. Alfred:

    It would be a Jolly old weekend sir.

  3. Turns out she’s actually into it.

  4. this is like scene straight of the room. "OH, Hello Denny"

  5. Akward….

  6. I saw this movie, but it’s one of those movies you only watch 10 minutes at a time.

    And mostly in fast forward.

    And usually by yourself.

  7. Nora: "So, uh, young master Burt Ward, are the rumors true?"


     </old obscure television series rumor reference>

  8. isn’t Dick like 10 here?

  9. Bruce had been waiting for the perfect alibi to finally ditch the boy-anchor.

  10. @ bigyanks hahaha, I immediately thought of The Room when I read those panels

    Dick: I just like to watch you guys

  11. I like Dick’s reaction and look in the panel.


  12. Now if Nora would have said Ok then it might have gotten a little kinky.

  13. But what about Powell’s murder?

  14. No one’s asking but Bruce sure is tellin’. 😉 Oh Batman…

  15. It’s a bit of a jump, but this made me think of the Pigmalion episode of King of the Hill; I totally can see Bruce snapping and saying, "We’re a family now! You and Alfred are… mom and dad! Dick is your child! And I… am the bat in the attic! Skreee! Skreeee!"

  16. @bigyanks YEEEESSSS!

     Also, the look on Dick’s face is comedy gold. It almost says "but last time we went to the north woods…" 

  17. The citizens of Gotham are lucky that Bruce doesnt have a life. Can you imagine him like Peter Parker, with a wife? Batman and Bat… wife. She can hang the clothes on the bat rope, to dry them.

  18. This is the second time we’ve seen Bruce utilize young Richard as a shield to ward off the advances of a lady.

    Is it possible that Batman might have some deep seated emotional issues?

  19. How is it that Bruce ahs never once been on To Catch a Predator?

  20. Um, why is Bruce undressing as he invites Dick to the woods?

        Bruce:      "I wish I knew how to quit you"

  21. You can’t go to the North Woods in a tuxedo.

  22. Where are they in the first panel? It’s like, super dark. Oh wait, this is where Blackest Night really began!

  23. that’s not the DICK nora was after!!! (she invited Dick Van Dyke too)

  24. Nora is taking Bruce to the North Woods so she can get at his South Wood.

  25. oh, yeah!!

  26. you know, there’ll be cats doing the same shit in 60 years time with the books that’re being spat out right now. books we love cause they’re THAT good!


  27. Dick, get in the suitcase and don’t make a peep.

  28. Man, I am beginning to suspect Jack Clayton may be involved in the Powell murder.  

  29. When a woman asks a man on an impromptu vacation, it’s understood that the invitation also extends to the ward.

    I read this in a book once.


    Wonder who’ll be the bread and who’ll be the meat in that sandwich? 😉


  31. Only one explicit Dick joke.  Good self-control fellas.

  32. it wasnt mine was it?