Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #16

Yes, that is the first appearance of Alfred. Yes, he originally looked like Bob Hoskins. And yes, his father’s name was apparently Jarvis.


  1. So apparently if you are born with the name Jarvis, Alfred, or Jeeves then your job options are very limited.

  2. So Alfred was NOT Bruce Wayne’s childhood butler?  I KNEW Joel Schumacher retconned everything!  That slime!  #Batman&RobinForever

  3. Wait so all of the stuff about Alfred taking care of Bruce is crap?

  4. @Simmons @RaceMcloud  Well pre-crisis it is, Alfred’s history has been changed a lot. who knows anymore

  5. In that panel, Bruce Wayne looks really, really baked.

  6. I also forsook my family’s calling, but ironically, I went into butlering.

  7. I wanna know why Superman is taking Bruce’s place in that panel…

  8. And Robin Said " Holy Baffelling Butlers Batman!"

    Where can I get that hair gel that gives off a blue sheen?

  9. So than Alfred is American? Or at least grew up in America? I suppose Jarvis could have come to America and left Alfred in England.

    Oh, and apparently iPad comment entry is fixed.

    Yeah, and thank you.

  10. @Neb ZING!

  11. @John I think old Jarv is a Brit too

  12. Oh, and it looks like the traffic isn’t all one way – come January, Knight and Squire get an American butler, Hank, in #4! Yee-haw!

  13. pre crises, alfred died