Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #159

Another two-paneler:

Batman #159


This is not what Batman signed up for when he made his solemn vow at his parents’ gravesite! Look at him! He’s kneading stress-induced neck pain! He doesn’t have time for these gender role shenanigans!


  1. Papa Spank…

  2. I wonder if the next frame is Robin asking if he can borrow the Batmobile for the night.

  3. The phrase "gender role shenanigans" made me laugh out loud at work for some reason. That was much appreciated, thank you.


  4. Robin sure has his legs bunched up tight…almost like he’s trying to hide something that his super-flared-out top can’t cover!

  5. OK, a basic question: is this the old Batgirl and Batwoman? I should know because I remember reading that Batwoman carried a purse.

  6. "Quick Robin … to the Bat-Schwing!"

  7. Robin looks completely uncomfortable with the situation

  8. "If you get lucky leave your cape on the door of the Bat-Cave"

  9. Holy boners Batman!!! You have any Bat-condoms? Don’t wait up Bruce.

  10. Batman is a horrible wingman.

  11. Who are those two ladies? Are they the old Batgirl/Batwoman?

  12. I find it more disconcerting that Batwoman is holding someone else’s hand in the second panel.  Or did the censors add a glove?

  13. @Tad – Clearly she removed the glove from her left hand and is holding it with her right.  I’ll let you decide what she’s doing with that left hand.

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    She has three elbows. 

  15. I like the special care batman is taking with his cape. better hold that thing up, lord knows whats on that pavement in the warehouse parking lot you’re standing in

  16. @VichusSmith @AmitCat: They are the original Batwoman and Bat-Girl.

  17. Oh Batwoman, don’t you know that Batman doesn’t fall for the same tricks as Robin? She’s got to work harder than that if she wants to shack up with Bats tonight.

  18. If Robin tapped that, would Batman have to take them in for statutory rape? Both Robin and Bat-Girl are under age. 

  19. Wow, Batwoman is kinda sassy

    Or perhapse this wasnt ment to be read sarcastically back in the day?
    I prefer to think that it is suppose to be read that way.

  20. @JohnVFerrigno: That’s not how that law works.

  21. @john One of them would have to be over 18.

  22. What the hell is wrong with Batwoman’s left arm in that 2nd panel?

    Batman does look really pissed over this. 

  23. As a married man, I know exactly how Batman feels.

  24. @conor Actually, statutory rape laws vary a great deal from state to state. As a rule, they generally contain a "Romeo and Juliet" clause that would either make it not illegal or the penalities not severe if the age difference of the two are small enough. However, some states have laws that say it is illegal to have sex with someone of a certain age, say 15, and they don’t care if you are 16 or 72 (the jury will, obviously, just not hte law). So before you get involved sexually with someone under the age of 18, be sure to check the laws of the state you plan on fornicating in. Also, if you have the foresight to check all the applicable laws pertaining to age of consent and penalties contained therein — You are too old to hitting that.

  25. @JimBilly4: Um….. thanks?

    (We were talking about Robin, not me)

  26. Just bringing the knowledge. In some states Robin could theoretically be put in jail for having sex with Batgirl, even if both were under the age of consent. For instance, in Lousiana the law works that way, although the penalty for someone under 19 doing so is not so severe. I wasn’t accusing you of anything. The ‘You’ in that comment was just a general ‘you’ for whomever might be pondering a foolish romantic encounter.    

  27. And with that, the joy has been thoroughly killed.

  28. What’s great is how pissed it makes batman. I think she’s doing to get him riled AND it works (it’s kind of a "wah-wah" ending).

  29. And it was the singing that ruined their relationship…

  30. I think it was speaking the music notes that weirded Bats out.

  31. @JimBilly – *The More You Know….!*

    I think Bruce is clearly realizing that these two play on their own team and that they are clearly making fun of both him and Dick (and maybe Dicks in general?)



  32. after that second panel, clearly making Batwoman a lipstick lesbian was a good creative choice… I think

  33. Forget I said anything lol

  34. Wait… I thought Batwoman played for the other team?

  35. The Bat suits come with Granny panties and underwire bras!!

  36. Is Batman holding himself back from kissing her by the scruff of his neck?