Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #1

Batman #1


I, um… I, um… um…

Oh my.


  1. Batman’s got himself some pussy…cat.

  2. Riiiiiight! Gotta check that …….bandage

  3. at last!

  4. At first I thought it said "bondage"…then I realised that was the least of it’s problems.

  5. Don’t take anything off for that guy, Cat! That’s actually just Half-Assed Scribble on the Chest Man! He just wears the outfit to get ladies!

  6. Oh my O_O 

  7. Whenever someone says "Oh, my", I hear George Takei saying it in my head.

  8. Got to remember that…Shoe Salesman or Dark Knight to look up a woman’s skirt…..

  9. This should squelch those gay rumors.

  10. very basic instinct

  11. I remember there’s also some early Catwoman panel where Batman threatens her with the line "…or papa spank!"

  12. @ActualButt-That’s the exact voice I try to say it in. Freaky.

  13. Apparently Batman had a foot fetish. 

  14. This is why I *love* Batman and Catwoman

  15. Awww Yeah Licked!

    uh, ummm, sorry…

    Awww Yeah Titans!


  16. Holy Inappropriate Touching Batman!

  17. ummmmmmmmmmmm



  18. @Prax-Why did you have to say that? Now all I’m going to picture when Bruce gets with a girl is him worshiping her toes. Oh so wrong.

  19. Man, I love Batman.

  20. That may be the sexiest Batman panel ever.

  21. It’s so interesting how language and innuendo has changed over the years.  This was completely harmless when published (?), but now its full of sexual suggestion.

  22. @vadamowens: I don’t think the was harmless when it was written. It was supposed to be full of sexual tension – just look at the panel!

  23. Foot fetishes have been well documented in the past.

    It’s in my new video series: ‘TNC’s Sexual History’.

    The title is a work in progress…

  24. If lovin’ shoes is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  25. that’s coming to be a very short video series. Sad too

  26. "going to be" what a freudian slip !

  27. "do you have to hold my leg that high above your head…just to check my ankle wound?"

  28. Who’s we?

    Don’t tell me Robin is somewhere off panel watching all this.

  29. @gaffergamgee: Actually, he is…

  30. And this is why the comics code was established….

  31. you’d think they wouldn’t have to shout so much, being that they’re so close.

    did periods exist when this was released? 

  32. @FACE: Batman sure hopes they didn’t. Eh? Eh?

  33. So her ankle is hurting, YET she’s wearing high heels….YEAHOK

  34. I think there was definitely sexual tension when this was first done. I just don’t think the term "licked" would have immediately sent the typical reader to such a naughty place. It was a common term for being beaten and with obscenity less common (at least in written form) was much further out of mind. But a kid was thinking about holding the smooth leg of a pretty lady. Oh, yes he was. 

  35. @Prax That’s not Batman. It’s Quentin Tarantino.

  36. @Jestr Oh, that made my night. If only Uma Thurman were Catwoman your analogy would be complete.

  37. @chrisequalsgreat-I see what you did there.

  38. @drakedangerz: you see what he was referring to a woman’s menstrual cycle… also referred to as "Arsenal’s playing at home"

  39. Green Arrow would have avoided the dialogue and went right for the dress 

  40. You know, Cat, my father was a doctor . . .

  41. "Bandages", in reference to female genetalia, predates "muff" by several decades.