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Bio: I'm a journalist in Edinburgh and fond of police procedural telly, biscuits and musicals. I know far more than any decent person should about My Little Pony, having spent years editing British comic books about them; thankfully I also got to edit reprint titles for such folk as Batman and Superman. And the best bit of that? Chatting to the readers in lettercols - no pleasure in life equals being italicised. I review comics for Comic Buyers Guide and go on at appalling length at my own blog,



I enjoyed #1 but this wound up way down the reading pile. Partly, it’s because there were so many other…

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Oh dearie Lord, who signed off on this comic? It’s not even dopily entertaining, it’s just annoyingly bad. It’s part…

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Just read 600 and I’m going to moan again about the art. Why does the very competent Olivier Coipel seem…

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Mart's Recent Comments
August 21, 2020 2:58 pm Great show as ever, you’re so right about the need for Hawkman to tell different stories, Conor; when Geoff Johns brought in the reincarnation business, people hailed it as a great simplification when to me it seemed to be adding a new level of complication. So long as writers refuse to write about anything else, I’m good with it going away. If you want a great, ungodly Diana story, try the super-cheap Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #4, by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Daniel Sampere. There’s a terrific new character in there.
August 10, 2020 7:33 pm I’m so pleased to hear the love for the current Hellblazer, it’s superb. But where did you get ‘slammer’ as a UK term for exclamation mark, Josh? When I worked in comics we called them ‘screamers’ and in newspapers we say ‘dog’s cock’ but ‘slammer’ is new to me! And there is certainly bad Hellblazer, the Azzarello stuff. The whole thing was terribly off.
August 3, 2020 12:16 pm Thanks, that makes sense. I’m just too British!
August 3, 2020 11:51 am Fun show, as ever. I’m not sure a GI Joe show is the best way to get to the next stretch goal, you already talks lots about GI Joe for free! Are they even as popular generally as they are with you fine fellas?
July 8, 2020 11:05 am It’s really, really good!
February 17, 2020 4:48 am Top show, as ever. I also dropped off Terrifics but the other week went back and read #19-#24 be Gene Yang and various non-big-name, but excellent, artists. It’s Year of the Villain-adjacent, but a hugely fun ride centred on time travel in which there are some great character beats. And a lot of it is set in Hamilton, former home of Lois, Clark and Jon. If you have DC Unlimited (or whatever it’s called, no one outside North America is allowed in), keep an eye out, Conor.
February 17, 2020 4:39 am And it’s another ditto from me as regards messing up the colouring, and the value of inkers - how much better is Kevin Maguire when he’s teamed with an inker/embellisher than when the colourist is having to do the finishing and modelling, for example? I’ve never like Ra’s al-Ghul and Talia, they’re refugees from a Bond film for me, and I don’t want Bruce Wayne 007 (except in that one issue of JLI). Still, these stories are stone cold classics, thanks for looking at them.
January 27, 2020 6:21 pm Oh Conor, thank you! I wonder if I did the ‘no rewards’ thing prior to the Patron Powers coming along, ie wanting to spare you postage. Whatever the case, feel free to dub me Idiot Boy!
January 27, 2020 5:22 am Thanks for another fun show, I really appreciate you two slogging on even when you sound like death. I could not agree with your opinions on Wonder Woman more, she really is boring these days, just no fun. Elderly fanboy reference - we need a Justice League of America #139 moment. Steve Englehart took over as writer and within a couple of pages Diana started acting like a character rather than a 2D hero - it was a brilliant shock to the system. Oh, you boys sounded irked by that Justice League spread in Superman! I agree that Harley Quinn has no business being there but the other characters have pretty much all been seen at this new Hall of Justice - it’s a place where all heroes are welcome, for training or to act as JL reserves. For example, the ‘female Man-Bat’ is based there with Justice League Dark... it’s actually Man-Bat himself, in his current (silly-looking) not-quote feral form, a controlled transformation. Miguel from Dial H For Hero - the kid Conor thought might be Billy Batson - is connected via his dealings with Snapper Carr. It’s no different from any time we have a ‘universe’ group shot - if you’re following everything, it probably makes sense. I’m trying to work out which blonde is the mystery... there is Black Canary by Zatanna. Is that who you’re wondering about? No idea who that woman with the Wonder Girl-ish logo is, though. Diana was also looking unhappy the last issue of Superman in a montage, so yeah, I agree it’s a thing. As you tell us you’re near the end of the patron powers list I’m worrying that I’ve somehow missed mine... I’ve been a supporter for years and remain weak!
November 4, 2019 4:30 am Thanks for the best show in awhile (and that’s not to say the show isn’t always fun and insightful). The discussion of Sue Storm’s eyebrows has me dying to read this series on Marvel Unlimited, I could not agree more on the merits of Sandman Universe Prevents: (hee) Hellblazer and I suddenly want to look at Mack Weldon socks, even though I’m in the UK. Like Conor, I’ve sometimes arrived at the gym and found I’ve forgotten a piece of kit. What I do now is keep a lightweight vest, non-favourite socks and briefs in one of the pouches on my gym bag; I never bother with shorts as it’s pretty much impossible to pack a gym bag and forget shorts. It is, though, very easy to pack shorts without innards and forget briefs/trunks/whatever. This kind of thinking is the first step towards a utility belt.