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Pick of the Week #743 – Injustice: Year Zero #1

Show Notes

There are many many good things in comics to talk about this week, and of course we went long talking about the thing we talked about already, but better. Also, Josh can’t remember if he’s talking about Sardath or Zardoz. That’ll happen in this comics talk game.

Running Time: 01:14:30

Pick of the Week:
00:01:28 – Injustice: Year Zero #1

00:15:51 – DCeased: Dead Planet #2
00:19:13 – Strange Adventures #4
00:31:24 – Dr. Strange #6
00:37:43 – The Goddamned: The Virgin Brides #2
00:39:23 – Captain America #21
00:42:36 – Empyre #4

Patron Pick:
00:46:29 – Fire Power #1

Patron Thanks:
00:58:31 – Jose A. De La Torre
00:59:13 – Peter Gardner

Audience Questions:
01:02:32 – Rob from York, England discovers a new mate and countryman in John Constantine.

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  1. Just a correction, the first 3 issues of Injustice: Year Zero were bundled at $2.49 to help sell it instead of buying it at $1 a piece.

    “And while this was about reaching people digitally, by choosing two big, well-loved series (including DCeased: Hope at World’s End), we also wanted books that we thought would do well for retailers when we release them physically.“

    I actually think that the Tom Taylor interview with The Hollywood Reporter helps add to the context of the series and is a must read.

    Why return to Injustice now?

    “Part of it, for me, was about what we could put out into the world right now. I was talking to [DCeased and Batman editor] Ben Abernathy about wanting to create exciting, affordable, digital-first comics for fans who were having trouble accessing physical comics in this challenging time.”

    Then when asked why he is doing this prequel story specifically to build out the mythology, he said:

    “Two, while I was keen to return to this universe, I really didn’t feel like this was the right time for stories of a dictator Superman. My favorite comics are an escape from the real world, and the real world has more than enough power-hungry men stomping their will on the people. I wanted to write something where my heroes were truly heroic. The only way to do so in the Injustice universe, was to check in before Superman’s fall and before Batman and Superman’s friendship was broken.”

    Then he added this later with discussing this story and what it is about which felt refreshing.

    “Hope. Genuine heroics. This one isn’t as morally grey as what comes after. This is Superman and Batman at the peak of their friendship. Lois and Clark as a team. The Justice League united, and the Justice Society as a shining example for all. Of course, by its very nature, there’s going to be tragedy and shocks and deaths, but there will be hope, there will be triumph, there will be love with the loss and heart alongside the hurt.“

    I agree that issue 1 was the best of the three and Tom Taylor keeps pushing for Superman where DC should just give that comic to him with Bendis leaving in the future. He truly loves Superman where that is his favorite character and he understands the DC characters so well.

  2. To be read in the voice Conor used when describing the people that were asking repeatedly- “Why aren’t you reading Injustice??”

    On behalf of everyone who was in that chorus I now say:

    {Bold} You’re Welcome. {Bold}

  3. I genuinely appreciate the sponsor Sound warning.

  4. With the Hellblazer recommendations, an omnibus was put out in March of the Garth Ennis run which would be better quality paper than the original books that are not difficult to get. It would work with having all of it in one place.

  5. I actually enjoy watching Zardoz. Though I really enjoy schlocky sci fi that swings for the fences. I will freely admit that it is not a good movie.

    The guys keep mentioning all these Dr. Strange runs and that they have been enjoying them. I keep meaning to jump on and try it out since I do enjoy the character, but I never did. Where would people recommend I start from if I went back and grabbed some of the issues to take a look? Also I wish we had the old numbering back so much.

    • Re: Dr. Strange
      The current era began with Jason Aaron / Chris Bachalo back in 2015 and then Donny Cates took over leading to Damnation mini series and then relaunched with Mark Waid’s just ending run.

      If you haven’t read any Dr. Strange, definitely start with the Ditko Strange Tales #110-#168 (also includes Marie Severin art) as it introduces all of the main characters/villains that you need to know.

      From there, pick and choose whatever collections of the Roger Stern or Steve Englehart written issues from the 70’s early 80’s that you can find.

      But “Dr. Strange & Doctor Doom Triumph and Torment” graphic novel, the “Dr. Strange Shamballa” graphic novel, and the Brian K Vaughn / Marcos Martin “Dr. Strange The Oath” are all excellent stand alone stories.

    • Thanks for the reply. I did mean modern Strange. I’ve read the Ditko stuff and I’ve read the Oath. Both great reads, but I haven’t read any of the new runs on Strange that the guys referenced on this episode. I’ll go back and check out the Aaron/Bachalo run. That sounds like where I wanna start.

    • Yes, definitely. Start with Aaron/ Bachalo. I’m a huge Bachalo fan going back to Shade the Changing Man so the art alone made it a don’t miss, he gets to let loose here. Fan of Aaron’s crime books as well but this story was a lil’ twee and trying too much to be “of the moment“ but I’m old and grumpy so don’t let it deter you.

      And eventually get around to checking out those graphic novels, like when or if the next movie ever makes it out.

  6. I’m so pleased to hear the love for the current Hellblazer, it’s superb. But where did you get ‘slammer’ as a UK term for exclamation mark, Josh? When I worked in comics we called them ‘screamers’ and in newspapers we say ‘dog’s cock’ but ‘slammer’ is new to me!

    And there is certainly bad Hellblazer, the Azzarello stuff. The whole thing was terribly off.

    • Azzarello was my first arc, so I didn’t know the difference.

      Maybe “slammer” was just something my one British novelist friend said to me once, and I guess I attributed it to the entire UK.

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