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  1. Blood vomitiing cats?……Hella Scary—Art solid 4, story ehh three? Baseball head man ehh 3 also

    Best Panel: Alpha Lantern Arx gettin his head BLOWN up and seeing his little round orange nose floating around where his face use to be


  2. um, one note, I’m pretty sure Granny Goodness inhabited Kraken who we see going crazy in FC #2 and not Boodika.  This sort of reinforces no tie-in to FC, which I agree with.  the tie-in on that front is more that Kraken isn’t there than anything else.

  3. Ah, thanks, Speaknspell. Gawd, I can’t keep my FC straight!

  4. Help! who are the bald guys in the book? They are not blue so they’re not guardians. Watchers?(tongue in cheek)

  5. Actually, Speaknspell, mind if I edit my Granny Goodness comments out? I don’t want to leave misinformation floating round the net – that would never do. Thanks again!

  6. @Jesse– Controllers, offshoots of the Guardians.  They formed the Darkstars of which Donna Troy and John Stewart were members.

  7. Much Appreciated, Tork

  8. @Mart, I really dig FC but I’m having a hard time keeping it straight too.

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