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Pick of the Week #715 – Wonder Twins #11

Show Notes

HELLO-EE-YO! Folks are feeling better. Not all better, but listening to the ragged voices isn’t quite as grating this week, so… progress! This one starts out with a bit of a lament, before giggling about the many funny things in the Pick of the Week. It’s a good discussion week for sure, and the cough quotient is way way down. Plus, is this the longest haranguing of a double page spread ever? Might could be.

Running Time: 01:11:33

Pick of the Week:
00:05:18 – Wonder Twins #11

00:13:17 – Superman #19
00:22:17 – Guardians of the Galaxy #1
00:26:07 – Detective Comics #1019
00:30:20 – Fantastic Four #18
00:36:48 – Middlewest #14
00:39:40 – Shazam! #10
00:41:11 – The Amazing Spider-Man #38
00:44:04 – Marauders #6

Patron Pick:
00:48:39 – Wonder Woman #750

Patron Thanks:
00:57:47 – Terrell Tolliver
00:59:39 – Kyle Rovagug
01:00:47 – Karl Erikson
01:03:00 – Andrew Izguerra

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  1. Thanks for another fun show, I really appreciate you two slogging on even when you sound like death.

    I could not agree with your opinions on Wonder Woman more, she really is boring these days, just no fun. Elderly fanboy reference – we need a Justice League of America #139 moment. Steve Englehart took over as writer and within a couple of pages Diana started acting like a character rather than a 2D hero – it was a brilliant shock to the system.

    Oh, you boys sounded irked by that Justice League spread in Superman! I agree that Harley Quinn has no business being there but the other characters have pretty much all been seen at this new Hall of Justice – it’s a place where all heroes are welcome, for training or to act as JL reserves. For example, the ‘female Man-Bat’ is based there with Justice League Dark… it’s actually Man-Bat himself, in his current (silly-looking) not-quote feral form, a controlled transformation. Miguel from Dial H For Hero – the kid Conor thought might be Billy Batson – is connected via his dealings with Snapper Carr. It’s no different from any time we have a ‘universe’ group shot – if you’re following everything, it probably makes sense. I’m trying to work out which blonde is the mystery… there is Black Canary by Zatanna. Is that who you’re wondering about? No idea who that woman with the Wonder Girl-ish logo is, though.

    Diana was also looking unhappy the last issue of Superman in a montage, so yeah, I agree it’s a thing.

    As you tell us you’re near the end of the patron powers list I’m worrying that I’ve somehow missed mine… I’ve been a supporter for years and remain weak!

    • “As you tell us you’re near the end of the patron powers list I’m worrying that I’ve somehow missed mine… I’ve been a supporter for years and remain weak!”

      Hey Martin,

      When you signed up you indicated that you didn’t want any rewards, which would include the super power, so we skipped you. What I’ll do is add you to the list of people who have upgraded so we’ll get to you after we are done with the current list.

    • Oh Conor, thank you! I wonder if I did the ‘no rewards’ thing prior to the Patron Powers coming along, ie wanting to spare you postage. Whatever the case, feel free to dub me Idiot Boy!

  2. Couldn’t agree with y’alls assessment of the Superman and Wonder Woman books any more. A well told headache waiting to happen and WW who’s losing direction as a series.

    750 was my first issue of WW since just after Rucka’s run ended and I found Orlando’s story to be incredibly hard to follow and, as a result, completely uninteresting and a chore to get through. I enjoyed Rucka’s story, but you guys are right. If Cheetah is going to end up always choosing the bad way, then let’s step away from trying to save her. I like the Simone story with the little with flower powers and Snyder’s story, but that’s it. Fairly good looking book, but very disappointing as a showcase for the character.

  3. Thumbs up for being fans of the Expanse novels.

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