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  1. I definitely see your point with this series. It should’ve ended right after Johns left cause honestly, I dont know anyone can make it as entertaining as Johns made it out to be. Sure Dixon, Remender, and Jurgens are great writers in their own right…but not on par with Johns.

    Still I enjoyed this, I gave it a 3, so I’ll definitely wait and see for the first issue of Jurgens run. He drew it for so long, he must know something more then these guys.

  2. Sounds to me like you had your mind made up about this book before you read it. Bunk.

  3. ‘Bunk’ huh? Win many debate awards?

  4. It’s what precedes ‘Bunk’ that stands to reason. Your argument just seems rather predictable in light of the creative team changeover. Just call it as I see it, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right. 

  5. Well, I didn’t give up on the book with the loss of Katz and Johns, I say that I usually enjoy Dixon, I mention that I’m reserving judgement, like the idea of Jurgens writing Booster again and that it’s probably me having a brainfart that stops me enjoying this issue . .  . but if you read all that as me being predisposed to not like the issue, and my eventual comments as a slam, there you go.

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