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  1. The Dreaming Celestial was placed in SF in Neil Gaiman’s "Eternals" mini, and continues to be a plot point in the current series.  Since that’s in Marvel continuity, the X-writers decided they needed to acknowledge it being part of SF.  It’s shown up in previous Uncanny issues and I’m pretty sure also in Astonishing 25.

    Good points in your review, although I have to say —  there are plenty of guys in the Castro who could kick your ass (and certainly Warren Worthington’s).

  2. There are indeed – I loved my visits there!

    And ta for the Celestial info – bring back editors’ notes. wot? It may have been in the previous couple of issues, but who can tell, much of it was so dark.

  3. im fine with having the celestial there but tell us at least where we can go to find out why its there.  all it needed was a little box that said "find out whats up the the celestial in eternals."  can we please get editors notes.

  4. The Dreaming Celestial showed up in the current Knauf/Knauf/Acuna run of ETERNALS.  Currently only on issue #2

  5. Thanks – I shan’t read it though, never liked those characters.

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