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  1. nice review, even though we clearly have differing opinions on parts of this book.

    i’m loving the tom romance, but you’re right about some of your criticisms of it. i’m taking for granted that there is a love shared between them, even though we don’t see it (i jumped on this series after the romance had already begun). gail’s only showing us the amazon courtship, which is a highly stylized, socially dictated practice (as imagine cleverly by simone).

    so diana of course takes it seriously, and tom approaches it as open-mindedly as a foreigner can. it’s a wonderfully adaptation of the real-life experience of dating someone from a very different cultural or religious background.

     and so i’m just eating it all up. but you’re right – it would really be nice to see diana let down this formal front with tom at appropriate moments, so that we could be reminded that they really do love each other. i’m still holding out for that moment, once tom passes all his tests, so to speak – and i’m hoping it’s worth the wait!

     good callout on diana’s hugging allison – i immediately guessed that allison must be bulimic or have an abusive boyfriend or some other stereotypical female problem. here’s hoping it goes better.

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