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O.M.A.C. Is the kind of comic book I would have picked up on the shelves over anything else when I was a twelve year old boy. I mean, look at this colourful cover showing that hulking “thing” that looks like a badass superhero!

Unfortunately I’m twenty-five years old now and demanding much more from my weekly comics fix…


The story starts brusquely with Cadmus employees chatting up, a girl is searching for her boyfriend, Kevan Kho, who’s not there when O.M.A.C. destroys the door to their office and starts rampaging the place up to find some kind of elevator that leads to a “secret sub-level no employee is aware of”… He finds that place, confronts some mean looking she-robot with a gun barrel coming out of her mouth, some “things” that look like mutated dogs then connects with Cadmus’s main computer before being warped out in the middle of nowhere, turning back to his human form, completely lost of where he is and why until Brother Eye calls him on his cellphone and tells him to call his girlfriend back before she flips out and oh, by the way, “your ass belongs to me now” kinda phrase…


So writing is pretty silly and weird and mindless fun, but still not good enough to my taste. I mean, come on, why oh why does O.M.A.C. Have to repeat every few words that Brother Eye whispers in his ears out loud is beyond me, or why on earth would there be a narration window describing exactly what’s drawn on the two-page spread!? I’m not stupid, I can see it clearly thank you, don’t waste my time making me read what I can see, please!

So story wise, meh…

The art, on the other side, is pretty cool in that Kirby-esque way. It looks retro and modern at the same time with the gorgeous coloring made by Hi-Fi! The action scenes are over the top and kept to a minimum of panels so it never feels too cluttered up or hard to follow. So, if you’re into this kind of art you’ll get a kick out of it for sure, if you prefer your comics to look like Alex Ross’s art, then look elsewhere for old-school this is…

So, all in all, I’ll probably stick around for two more issues of this to really decide if I keep reading it or not.

Story: 2
Art: 4
Average: 3

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. “I mean, come on, why oh why does O.M.A.C. Have to repeat every few words that Brother Eye whispers in his ears out loud is beyond me,…”

    I think this is setting up something that will come later. I think the purpose of the repeating dialog is to show just how deeply Kevin is under the control of Brother Eye at this point, which is to say, VERY. If the writers are worth their salt, this won’t always be the case, and the reader will need some sort of visual clue in the future that this situation has changed. Dialog balloons seem like a pretty good way to achieve this.

    I am not saying you don’t have a right to be annoyed by the repetitive dialog. I am just trying to offer a reason as to why it might be there in support of the story.

  2. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this issue! But I did :o)
    Of course, it doesn’t compare to Rucka’s brilliant “The OMAC Project,” but this is clearly a different animal. To me, though, Brother Eye is much more interesting than this OMAC/Kevin Kho stooge – so if DiDio’s writing goes on to milk the satellite pov and its malevolent A.I., he will have my money every month.

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