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Alec Holland thought he knew the history of the Swamp Thing – but he was wrong. The creature’s roots run deeper than he knows, and the Parliament of Trees intends to make him understand the responsibility he wants so desperately to avoid!

With this issue, the mythology of the Swamp Thing branches out in ways you never saw coming – don’t miss it!

Art and cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 15.2%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Why does that look like a Spider-Man homage to me?

    This series is definitely going to go for the slow burn, like many Snyder stories, to tell the story. Last issue gave us a huge (but necessary) info dump for the character. I’m sure we’re going to learn all about Swamp Thing in this issue.

  2. I know a lot of you guys loved this book, and while I thought Snyder’s Batman was fantastic, the first was just kind of there for me. I may be picking this up, though, I just hope it picks up the pace a little bit. The art was very nice, I wanted to really like it, I just didn’t.

    • Ya i agree with you about the storyline in the first issue. I feel given all his good work you should be giving Snyder at least a story arc to build this up

    • Somebody at CBR or elsewhere did a whole feature on this. Of course now I can’t find it.

  3. I love Snyder’s writing and everything, but if he starts off this issue with an “interesting anecdote” from someones father, he needs to be taken aside and told he’s worn that device out.

  4. “The mythology of Swamp Thing BRANCHes out…?”

    Nice one, DC Editorial. 🙂

    Plus, I like this book and I can’t wait to read issue 2.

  5. Another digital read for me!

  6. The solicit for this seems exactly what Alan Moore did when he had Swampy first meet the Parliament of Trees. I really hope the only difference isn’t that now it’s Alec Holland finding out basically the same information.

    The first issue of this was really well done for what it was, but it leaned SO HARD on the Alan Moore concepts. The Moore run on Swamp Thing is my favorite run of anything ever, but Snyder can’t just keep waxing nostalgic about it if he wants me to keep reading. I need to see a lot more original concepts, not just: Alan Moore – “Swamp Thing (Scott Snyder remix)”.

  7. The comic book store sold out of the #1 so I missed it. I may end up buying the 2nd printing but I may not have enough cash. My only look into Swamp Thing was the Brightest Day Aftermath book which wasn’t too good. Hopefully Swamp Thing won’t be sold out so I can get a real look at the real deal.

    • I feel bad for you. Forget what you read in “Search for the Swamp Thing”. Buy this book, or go back and read Moore’s Saga of

    • Can I suggest downloading it? It’s a $1 cheaper. I was skeptical at first of downloads, but I’ll be damned if I’m not onboard full boar now.

  8. I hope this is better than the first issue. I’m really only still reading this because it will tie in with Animal Man.

    • That’s funny, because I’m going to try Animal Man because of the upcoming tie-in. This upcoming tie-in seems to be helping both books out.

  9. The first issue was good.

    I want amazing.

  10. I thought the first issue was a good setup. I am stoked to find out where Snyder is going to take Swampy and Alec. Do not fret doubters above, Swamp Thing is in very capable hands. Plus, Paquette is killing it, this is a beautiful book.

  11. I can see how people that have never read any Swamp Thing before would have a hard time with this book, at least at the start. Us cool kids in the know, though, we’re eating this up like free candy.

    • Truth.

    • also, truth

    • What he said

    • I am a first time Swamp Thing reader, all I’ve read before this was Brightest Day and the Search for Swamp Thing, and so far it is not too hard to understand. I’m probably missing things that long time readers are appreciating, but for me it was a great first issue and I can’t wait to read number 2.

    • I’m with Chewie on this one…never read a lick of the Alan Moore Swamp Thing (though now I want to), and Im not having a difficult time with this at all. I knew some of the basics from from the promos I read during Moore’s run….I know who Abigail is, I knew about his daughter, the Parliament of Trees…. but I’d not not actually read the stories. Maybe that I had a bare bones structure in mind of Swampy before, has made it easier to understand for this run, but man I’m finding this a surprise favorite. And for the record, I basically see Swamp Thing and Animal Man as being tied together, and I can’t imagine reading one without the other.

  12. I like the fist issue, & Snyder is a great writer, however I think Swamp Thing is something I’d rather read in TPBs.

  13. I’m oddly intrigued by this book. Last issue was beautiful and terrifying, but definitely confusing. I will have another, though, thank you.

  14. Ok I am reading this book because I had picked up the Moore run and that was ok. I just don’t get the whole this is so good!? First issue was good and just enough to keep it on my pull list however; it needs to speed up and make more sense to keep me around.

    Just sayin’,


  15. If Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing is just okay for you, I wouldn’t bother reading any other Swamp Thing.

    In fact, I don’t know if I would bother reading any comics.

    • Lol, what are you, trying to kill the direct market!? We need more readers as it is!

      But in all seriousness, I need to go back and read those old swamp thing stories by Moore

    • I was just being a dick.

      Check them out. I’m pretty sure you will be impressed.

    • Hey, hey, hey! Take it easy just giving my opinion thats all, I have been reading comics for about 30 years and there is always something out there for everyone if you open your mind. I look back at the Alan Moore stuff and actually there were some cool things in that run. For the most part I thought the hype was a little to high for it, mainly because I am more of a superhero guy and I have been trying to branch out. So I guess if anyone out there is a super hero fan this sorta book is just not right for you; thats all.
      Now as you can see I stuck with this another issue and I read #2 and comment further down here however; I felt I needed to write you back good reader and let you know no offense taken and I liked the second issue a lot more and the ending was cool as sh#t!!
      I do have some Swamp Thing action figures and did watch the old movies so I do have love for the character and always hope it does well.

      Just sayin’,


  16. Holy moley. Until last month, I had only ever read one issue of Swamp Thing: the famous “Anatomy Lesson.” And I had no clue what was going on in that issue. But last month, Snyder hooked me, and this month…

    …wow. Just wow. This book was incredible. I am definitely in for the long run.

    My only problem is that, between this book and the also amazing Animal Man #2, I can’t seem to select a Pick of the Week. Can I have two, please?

  17. As of now, Animal Man is my favorite comic, with Swamp Thing, All Star Western and Marvel’s new Ultimate Spider-man
    very close. POTW…..Animal Man!!

  18. Man, this was a reallly great read. The panel layouts were gorgeous and the story moved quickly, even with a bunch of explaination going on. There was a good amount of action, and some creepy ass shit going down. The new angle on the swampy mythos is exicting too. I wonder how the eventual NEW Swamp Thing will look.I am eagerly awaiting next month already.

  19. This was quite entertaining although it was quite wordy but that’s probably necessary considering how much catch up us new readers need for all this lore. Loved the last half though. Fun read 4/5.

  20. loved animal man and action comics, but this is probably my potw.

  21. This was fantastic! I loved going so deeply into the lore as we did. As a huge fan of Alan Moore’s run, it got my mind racing with possibilities. The art was stunning once again; the old-school greenery between the panels was great. The panel layout was momentarily confusing in two spots, but that is a very minor quibble. Definitely my POTW!

  22. Best book of a week with 2 other great books. POTW. It wasnt even close, sorry Action, and Animal Man. Panels reminded me of JH Williams. 4 weeks to issue 3. “GD” as superman says

  23. Thank you Snyder and Paquette and whoever helped get this out. This is fun and I want more.

  24. They need to do a better job cleaning up the panels. Got very confused a couple of times.
    That being said, these have been the first 2 issues of swamp thing i’ve ever read and it’s pretty damn good.

  25. The panel work at DC is collectively getting better and better. These books are amazing but not translating great to digital. Good thing I still plan to buy the trades after digital.

  26. I didnt get Superman from last week because I’d been out of town….I got it this week and noticed just how dreadfully wordy it was, to the point of it being painful to read. Then I read Swamp Thing #2 and saw how wordy it was….I was really worried about the readability but it worked for me….I felt like what was here was needed, and I enjoyed every bit of it! This one is getting put on my permanent pull list for sure.

  27. I know it’s no sillier than a strong flying guy in tights but this is a bit of a hard pill to sallow. “THE GREEN!!!!” come on already.

    I did like artwork and horror stuff.

    At one point of was reading this and thinking that the title should be written with as little attention to the past as possible and a focus on the modern time then Abigal showed up looking all hip and cool and i was fine with it

  28. 3 out of 5 for this issue it started to grab me a little bit after all of the flash back crap which for some reason it did not do anything except to bore me and I almost stopped reading it! I forged on and than all of a sudden they action began and the last page was awesome, I liked the Abigal character even in the Moore books she was pretty intresting and now there seems to be a twist. Does she think that Dr. Holland needs to die for Swampy to live; so she is going to kill him? Is that why Swampy told him to stay away from her so that he would be able to live a normal life?
    Looking good now and I am excited to see issue #3.

    Just sayin’,


  29. 5 star book.

    Great story telling, great story concept. People sometimes say books are “wordy”…. I say that it’s all a matter of how well something is written, not the actual word count. Great job by the creative team. I am very very excited to see where this goes.

  30. My complaint about last weeks Superman was how “wordy” it was. This book was also wordy but it worked because every word was meaningful and necessary. I loved this book so much. I had never read Swamp Thing before last month and now I’m hooked. Story: 5 Art: 5. I loved the art in this book so much. I can’t wait to see the Swampy and Animal Man tie in.

  31. It was a little wordy.

  32. great issue!

  33. This still is just kind of there for me. The wordiness didn’t bother me, because they weren’t a chore to slog through like in Superman #1, but I’m still waiting for the moment that I think this book is really cool. I thought Batman was the best of the 52 and was awesome, so I know Snyder has it in him, but the only books by him I’ve really loved are his Batbooks.

  34. Swamp Thing has always been the only book where i really love unconventional layouts. Damn i love this book. Between this and Batman, i think i owe Scott Snyder a big hug should I ever meet him. A big manly hug, mind you.

  35. The panels in this were great and for me the more words the better in a Snyder comic.

  36. Not to diminish the greats like Tottleben and Bissette, but this might be my favorite rendition of Swamp Thing. Paquette is so great on this. I loved the way Snyder is incorporating the character’s past and doing his own thing at the same time. Also, if this issue was wordy I did not notice. POTW by a slim margin over Animal Man.

  37. The layouts in this issue is just fantastic.
    The 2-page spread, where Swamp Thing is showing Alec a “future vision” of Sethe, is just mind-blowing.
    (I mean, one of the minions has a bloody cherub’s head? . . . WTF?!)
    Later, when the action climaxes, the bloody smears/rips of the panels intensifies the panic/chaos of those moments.
    So impressive . . . POTW for me.

  38. A little heavy on the text but interesting concepts and themes are being bandied about. I’m liking how this is meshing with Animal Man.

  39. This was the first book in a while where I turned the page and groaned at the number of speech bubbles.

    Funny, when I made my pull this week I was excited about this, while Animal Man was on the edge. Now those feelings are reversed.

  40. Really enjoyed this issue, wasn’t concerned with all the words at all.The only other swamp thing book I’ve ever read was the first issue so the more the better for me. I also liked the art a lot, Paquette’s art has never really done much for me but I think his style fits this book well. My POTW, just edging out the boys and action comics.

  41. The first issue of this title I found intriguing, though mostly set-up. Issue two, however, simply wowed me. True, a large part of it was still exposition, but it worked for me. I did not find the text too “wordy” or a chore to read. Now, I’ve never read Swamp Thing before this series, so, a little bit of background was a good thing for me.

    The art was simply outstanding, both in terms of layouts and final drawings. Paquette has a great handle on both the plant life of the Green, as well as the horror of the plague. Oh, and am I the only one who thought that the bearded guy in the diner vaguely resembled Alan Moore?

    I am tempted to give my pick of the week to OMAC for hooking me into a book that I orginally didn’t plan to care about, but Swamp Thing just edged it out . . .

  42. another satisfied customer(and im not even one of the hip, “in the know” kids)

  43. Story 5 – Art 5. No complaints here! Can’t wait for issue #3!

  44. Am I the only one that thinks motorcycle shotgun abby was way lame? just me?

  45. Swampy has had a tough run since his first series , the Marty Pasko run was hideous , the Moore run was awesome but lost it after he left . But now this one looks to be awesome .

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