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  1. That cover is awesome.  It’s a take on an old West Coast Avengers cover by John Byrne I believe.

    Man, I miss the Vision. 

  2. I swear we JUST had a Mighty Avengers out just a mere two weeks ago.

    Not that I’m complaining or anything; just observing.

  3. How many books has Bendis done so far this month?

  4. @Cammy – Both MIGHTY and NEW are on a bi-weekly schedule now.

  5. It’s amazing to me, you go from the lateness that was #1-6 to bi-weekly. Oh well I’m actually enjoying this whole backup/Nick Fury stuff.

  6. Josh, actually, your WCA cover was an homage on an earlier Avengers cover (I think by John Buscema; the one that the Vision was originally introduced in), but a classic nonetheless. The Vision seriously needs to be back and not white or a teenage Kang impersonator.

    Perhaps the Avengers might actually be in this one so the grousing can just be about this covers irrelevance to the content within. 

  7. I don’t know, I mean, I kinda like the Iron Lad/Teen Kang/Vision character. He basically IS the vision, just more interesting. Is Barry Allen the ONLY character to ever be allowed to pass on his colors and name to a young deserving character who lacks a serious identity? It’s not even like the Vision is a flagship character. I like it, and I don’t think he (the Vision I mean) is going anywhere until Heinberg finishes up on Young Avengers, and god only knows when thats gonna happen!

  8. I have a sneaking suspicion that this solicit info is misleading.  Mostly becuse it’s exactly the same as the info for the last issue.

  9. The homage is to Avengers #57.  And, yeah, it was Buscema.

  10. And the IGN preview shows the Sentry, so, hey, a Mighty Avenger.

  11. @southbymidwest You’re absolutely right.  The cover I’m thinking of was an homage to that one.  Either way, I love that image.  I’m discovering lately that I’m a huge Vision fan.  Who knew?

  12. What’s the probability that something will actually happen in this issue?

  13. I’m so torn on Pham’s art work so i hope it works well.

  14. @Josh– I felt nostalgia when I saw the Vision in SI#2 too.  Maybe they needed to do a Thor cooling off period before they bring him back.  Hope it’s soon.

  15. @Conor

    You’re right – the solicit is at best misleading. Not a bad issue, though. I know you have been underwhelmed by the last few Mighty and New Avengers. This seems to me a bit better, and it sets up the rest of the Secret Invasion nicely. 

  16. @ Connor

     Is this a biweekly printing a permanent thing or just through Secret Invasion?

    BTW, this issue was great. I love the last page and I prey on my knees this is a permanent situation. I have to say bendis is getting better and better, but he is still no BKV 🙂 I also hope they bring back Vision, he was the first character I really feel in love with. I remember when i was like 6 I told my mom I want to be Vision for all hollows eve and she dressed me as glasses… /sigh

  17. I am loving the Nick Fury stuff. I absolutely love how he’s been missing all this time, yet still has a plan to defeat the Skrulls. Now that’s the Fury I remember.

  18. @Scruff  – Amen! When my kid brother-in-law read TMA #12 his reaction was, "Nick Fury is cool!" I couldn’t ask for a better synapsis than that.

  19. So whats the over under date on when Marvel announces their new "Nick fury & his howling commandos" series?  Comi-con in July?  Maybe wait till Sept?

  20. @capcool – that’s a damn good point

  21. OK, enough with the Sentry already.  He’s the Void and the Sentry…we get it.  He’s mental…move on.  I was ready for soem Nick Fury and wll we got was more "No-o-o-o-o-o"–from his wife even.

  22. This was just awful.  I’d like to shove the Sentry up somebody at Marvel’s a**. 

  23. Top booK! Totally loved it, don’t understand all the Sentry haters. Also, digging the bi monthly schedule, AND realizing how bad I miss the Vision. 4 stars. 

  24. Wow.  What a disappointment.  This was just plain terrible.  I was excited to read more about Fury and company, but instead I get an issue packed with The Sentry.  And as if that scene in SI #2 wasn’t bad enough, we were forced to see it again (with inferior art, mind you).  This really did nothing for me.  I think that the story was a waste of time (I thought we already got rid the The Sentry in SI #2), and the art was sub-par.  Both the pencils and the coloring just seemed ‘off’ to me.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth.  Damn, this was the first book that I pulled off my stack too… total buzzkill

  25. I hate the Sentry.

  26. The sentry is a terrible character, but seriously, get over it , already. This was a decent issue, if kind of a quick read. It was nice to see the sentry kick someone’s ass, even if it was as the void. Anway, the Sentry is quickly becoming the Rob Liefield of characters. Most people only hate him because they know they are supposed to. Otherwise, they would only strongly dislike him.



    I did think it was funny that the Skrulls are as sick of Sentry’s whining as everyone else.



  28. Isn’t Skrull Jarvis totally great?

  29. Where the hell was the void’s Fedora!??!?!?!  Yet more proof that marvel doesn’t care about continuity!

  30. I think I enjoyed this issue. It was good in parts but other a bit blah.

    Crap art though. Does anyone know how long we have to suffer this awful artist? Bring back Bagley (or anyone else really!)

  31. O really really REALLY Hope the death of the Sentry will be a byproduct of Secret Invasion. There seemed to be some foreshadowing in this issue…The character is boring and the Marvel U doesn’t need him.

  32. @alexG I think the Sentry is exactly what the marvel U needs: a character everyone and anyone can say a few words to in order to send him to space crying. That’s just good comics. Some serious bad-ass space-weeping.

  33. Awful!

  34. Someone on newsarama pointed out this is the 3rd time Sentry vs the skrulls has been shown and now its changed, what if "embrace change" has to do with the sentry pulling some sort of mass change to earth?  House of Reynolds!!!

  35. The original Senty mini was good, but it really should have ended there.

    Everything with the Sentry feels so extremely forced.

  36. I will match Tom Katers bounty with a 100 of my own dollars to the first writer to get rid of this useless character. 

  37. Someone needs to set up a Sentry-Bounty website so it’s easier to see who’s pledging how much and what the total is. Because I’m sure people at various forums are also adding to the bounty.

  38. I feel like bendis is setting up the sentry up for somthing big. He has been beating us over the head with this whiner for like 3 years now. I have to have faith that he knows what he’s doing.
    That part where the skrulls were complaining about him was hilarious.

  39. This was great.  I loved how the Skrulls mess with the Sentry’s head and I’m very curious about that last page.

  40. I was so sure that when we began seeing the sequence from SI 2 with Skrull Vision (I saw it at Newsarama, I’m not buying that book after 1) psyching out Sentry, and followed bonkers Bob into space, we’d get another angle on things – the Sentry would have a secret smile, or a determined look, or something; something that would make it clear he wasn’t as daft as he looked, and was faking lunacy. Sadly, he is.

  41. Maybe the Sentry is like Janice from the Soprano’s. the character you love to hate.

  42. Pretty much.  Obviously, The Sentry needs to be around for something important, we just don’t know what that is yet.  I have faith in Bendis that it’s gonna be good.

  43. …I really enjoyed this issue … hated the last one … what a turn around.

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