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I’m really enjoying the behind the scenes back story to the Skrull invasion.  When it comes to this style of covert take-over story (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, etc) I’ve always been more intrigued with the quiet, ominous build up.  The end battle is cool too, but more often than not superhero books are nothing BUT battles (especially with summer crossover events), so it’s nice to see some actual plotting going on especially as all we’ve really gotten in Secret Invasion so far is the end battle. I’m glad Bendis is using his Avengers books to tell the softer, much more chilling, aspects of the invasion. 

It’s nice to also have a confirmation on the identity of one Skrull in particular (if you’ve been reading the Avengers books you know of whom I speak). 

I groaned the moment I saw Sentry at the beginning of the book .  I hate this character. He is one of the most useless characters EVER created.  ‘Waaah!  I’m responsible for the Void.  Waaah!’; however, Bendis actually makes good use of him for once, both in the Skrulls exploiting his (huge, gaping, GARGANTUAN) weakness, and the slight twist given to his character. Finally, there’s something of interest about the Sentry.

Story: 5 - Excellent
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  1. i agree with your hating of this character, but i didn’t find anything interesting about this issue – same old sentry whining and now the void is back – I DON’T CARE!

  2. Interesting take on the Sentry. However, the Skrulls seem to forget that the Void is not their friend. Force out the Void and you may be sorry.


    I predict that the Void will end up kicking the Skrulls asses back to the other side of the galaxy. The post-invasion Avengers books will then have to clean up the Sentry/Void schism. Just a hypothesis. 

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