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DC’s flagship title is relaunched for the first time ever, with new Batman adventures from acclaimed writer/ artist Tony S. Daniel!

A killer called The Gotham Ripper is on the loose on Batman’s home turf – leading The Dark Knight on a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Written by TONY S. DANIEL

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.2%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. It’s going to be hard to follow Scott Snyder’s epic run on detective comics. *fingers crossed*

  2. i hope this does well

  3. Gonna have to judge this one on it’s own and not try and measure it by Snyder’s great work. I like Tony Daniel and I’m certainly giving him a shot with this one.

  4. I enjoy Daniels’s art when he has time to do it. There is a good buzz about this book.

  5. I’ve never liked a Tony Daniel written comic nor read many positive reviews of any of his work – but Ron and Connor being surprised at how good this is really has me thinking…

  6. I will picking this up buy Tony Daniel is now on a short leash. He’s done some stuff I’ve enjoyed, but the end of his run on Batman just left me cold. We’ll see.

  7. The only reason I’m excited for this is Ron and Connor’s positive buzz on it. I do really dislike that cover though.

  8. Tony S Daniel. What’s that “S” stand for? Shi…… oh wait, he spells it out on the credits page for this issue (saw the preview) – Salvador.

    His Batman bored me to death, but I do like his art at times. The preview I read looked promising.

  9. Was originally going to pass on this one, but Connor and Ron’s positive buzz on this title helped convince me that I need to try all 52.

  10. im glad that this first issue got the thumbs up from Ron and Conor because not being a reader of Batman in recent years all i ever heard and read on this site was people trashing Tony Daniel. So despite the arc sounding intresting and the art looking good i was hesitant to grab this but now im fully on board.

  11. I’ve never read any of his writing before, but I liked his art enough on Teen Titans a few years back. I’ll give it a first issue.

  12. Snyder’s Batman will be taking priority for me but I’m willing to give this a shot too. I like Daniel’s art, but I’ve heard bad things about his writing ability. We’ll see…

  13. I’m unsure of this, at first I really didnt have high hopes for it, theeen Connor and Ron said they were plesantly surprised, and I read some other good stuff about it. However I read the five page preview and it kinda left me cold, I’m gonna pick it up, buuuut I’m not reallly going to be to dissapointed if I dont like it.

  14. More excited for Batman than Detective, but all the same I’m looking forward to seeing what there is to see.

  15. This and Stormwatch are maybes for me. If either receives the pick of the week thats an automatic digital purchase.

  16. Of all the comics that I read, this is the one comic that I try to never miss. I really hope that they keep Batman as the “World’s Greatest Detective” and continue on with this legendary comic. I will definately delve into this as soon as I get it. Definately in my pull list.

  17. you guys probably don’t care, but this is going to be my first EVER dc comic’s purchase. I’ve been a marvel fan my whole life and i always told myself that if i ever happened upon a good jumping-on point for ‘ol bats that i’d… well.. Jump on. So here goes!

    • I was similar up till recently, a long time Marvel guy. When I heard about the relaunch, I had just started to get down with DC in general, so this whole thing had me incredibly excited. Don’t limit yourself to just Detective though, there are TONS of things coming out that have some serious potential and great creative teams working on them in the new 52. Give a few a shot.

    • I was in your same shoes less than a year ago. I was a Marvel Only Guy…and then picked up Detective bc of Snyder’s work on American Vampire…then tried Batgirl and a few others and now I’m a proud member of the DC Nation. I think, overall, the DC Universe beats Marvel, hands down.

    • Welcome! For you are among friends! We are the universe without “problems”. Enjoy.

    • i’m picking up deathstroke tomorrow. also thinking about trying blue beetle and nightwing. we’ll see.

  18. Was just a 3/5 for me until the last page of craziness! That pushed it over to 4/5. I’ll be on board at least for another issue or two.

  19. Never thought I’d drop Detective Comics from my pull list. But with the re-numbering and Tony Daniel writing, I see no reason to pick it up. I love Tony’s artwork, but I was definitely not a fan of his writing on Batman (riddlers daughter?). I read this issue in the store today, just out of curiosity (the Joker is my favorite character), so when the last page hit I was left scratching my head, it reminded me of something that would happen in an issue of Spawn.

  20. SWEET JESUS THIS WAS GOOD!!!! It was good but when i reached those last two pages! I will never get those images out of my head, thats all will say, definitly keeping on top of this series

  21. Hell yes! And old school type story here! I liked this a hellava lot more than Action! The last page was a great twist to it all!!


  23. I wasn’t even going to get this but got it at the last min, I dropped batman as I didn’t like Daniels writing but a double of cheesy lines aside I really enjoyed this issue a lot.

  24. Ah Jesus. You know, that was certainly the Batman someone wanted, what with all of the stereotypical dialogue and narration. (And it seems like a lot of you dug it quite a bit!) But that was certainly not the Batman *I* wanted. Over the top in all the wrong ways.

    Still, I give Tony Daniel some credit. He’s a talented artist. The widespread visceral reaction to that (absolutely disgusting) last page is testament to that, I think. He needs someone else to write for him, though.

  25. I’m a bit confused as to when this was supposed to occur. It kinda felt like Batman didn’t really know the Joker very well but then they mention all the history between them etc. I originally thought, despite being a #1, that this was just Batman continuing as Batman, no “set 5 years ago” stuff or “Year One” setting. Whats the deal?

  26. Thanks Conor, I thought I’d read somewhere that it only Justice League being set in the past.

  27. That last page pushed it to a 4/5 for me. Definitely will be seeing where this goes. Also did Daniel change his style a bit or is it just me?

  28. Wow. This is a real leap forward for Tony Daniel as a writer. I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

    • I agree. I was going to pass on this because, compared to Snyder’s Detective run, Daniel’s Batman run was extremely mediocre trending to poor. His art has been very, very good, but he just wasn’t a good writer. I thought this was about 100% better. He’s definitely bringing his A game on this book. The art was terrific – some really nice panels, the two-page spread was beautiful, good perspectives… I liked it a lot. As mentioned, the last page was a shocker (maybe Snyder rubbed off a little?).

      I’m definitely coming back for #2. I’ve done my share of slamming on Daniel and his writing, but I’m really gonna give him a fair chance. People can improve at what they do, and this may be the beginning of that with his writing.

    • I agree. I forgot it was TD writing this. I think this is a big leap forward. I hope he can keep it up.

  29. So apparently Tony Daniel has rebranded himself as Tony Salvador Daniel. I guess they want people to forget about his past run of bland Batman issues.

    This was better, I’ll admit. But I can’t get too excited just yet. Not sure if it has more to do with the actual writing or it being a new, fun, different #1 book. #1’s get a lot of help in that regard. I’ll read the next one though. That’s saying something for a Daniel written Batman book.

  30. So far, SOO GOOD. I thought this was a great issue. The vibe was very dark, and the art was sweet. Last page was a doozie. I didn’t read Daniels’ run on Batman, but I like his start on Tec.

  31. I confess that I wasn’t too excited about Daniel on Detective after reading some of his work on Batman. But I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. It was a fun ride all the way through and a major creepy twist at the end. I love the artwork he did on the book. I’m definitely glad I picked it up and I’m looking forward to #2.

  32. I was very plesently surprised.

  33. I have to wait till the end of the week to pick this up,but im really stoked that so many non TSD fans have enjoyed this book. His final arc of Batman was definetly something to be left uninspired by, but his previous writing/drawing work i thought was solid, not what Snyder was putting out by any means, but still a good solid Batman story. So to be a Daniel fan and to hear non-fans seeing what i have believed to be there all long, Friday is going to be so sweet!!

  34. I really didn’t like this. I’ve never been a huge Batman fan and this did nothing to change that. I’m still looking forward to Batman though.

  35. The last page in this is a prime example of what they mean when they say the ending will blow your face off!

  36. I was definately surprised on this one. I had expected it to be good, but was waiting on the inevitable letdown of it not being a Snyder Detective book. But, so far so good!

  37. This is exactly what I want from the first issue of detective comics. This book was my pick of the week.

  38. Everyone’s saying that Alfred is a hologram. I don’t think so. The way I read it was that there was a final barrier that was hidden but Batman couldn’t see past and at that point, Alfred dropped the hologram, revealing the rest of the batcave. See how the background in the panel where Alfred appears is different from the one above it?

    I don’t think that they would change Alfred *that* much like Jarvis in the Iron Man movies.

    • i read it the same way. a holographic alfred is a cool idea though, like miguel’s assistant from spider-man 2099. however, she was more of a glorified answer machine

  39. A little too violent for a relaunch in my opinion. I enjoyed where it took me but I don’t know if this story is going to be accessible to most new readers.

  40. Very very cool first issue! I loved it, I dig the retro Frank Miller stylings, also like how it feels like it’d go nicely after Year One. Plus it’s just satisfying to have Batman and The Joker in a first issue.

    I will say, the last page does make me laugh, in that this book is rated T for Teen and DC Comics won’t show a female’s nipple.

  41. dark, gritty and violent. this is how i love my batman. love the art, he has evolved his style a bit. some of the white-eyed silhouettes reminded me of frank miller’s style. very nice. with the exception of some dialogue sprinkled with cheese, this was a great batman story. he nailed the characterization of the joker. i like the maniacal serial killer angle and i like it when joker is tough. batman might know karate, but the joker knows Ka-Razy! tony daniel finally wrote a good story to my liking. it has my attention.

  42. Yeah major kudos to Tony for the art, the best stuff of his I’ve seen and just really impressive stuff.

  43. Really didn’t like this issue, Tony Daniel’s writing style is way too over the top and his phasing is just awkward to read, Batman wasn’t Batman, the Joker wasn’t Joker. The twist at the end was exciting, but ridiculous.

  44. did anybody else notice the references to frank millers dark knight returns during the fight scene between bats and joker?

  45. liked it. simple as that, great book.

  46. Awesome! Just as excellent as the last series. I’m really enjoying the dark tones in the story line. Keep it coming!

  47. Overall, a strong improvement over the Batman run, which was well . . . let’s just say that Daniel’s did what I never thought possible: made me sick to death fo Two-Face. And yes, the Riddler’s daughter? Anyway. I thought that the writing on this issue was definately better. I do agree with the above critique on the Batman/Joker relationship; it did seem that Batman was talking as if they didn’t share this long history that they do. Still, I’ll be sticking with this title to see where we go. I was disheartened by the thought of giving up on Detective, and am happy to see that, for now at least, I won’t need to . . .

    I’ve always liked Daniel’s art–even if has seemed a little too similar to the Kuberts at times–though I can understand how it might rub others the wrong way . . .

  48. Nobody’s gonna mention the guy who told Joker he admired his work as he killed him?! That stood out every bit as much as the last panel for me.

    Daniel’s hokey exposition can go chomp on a turd. Batman books have always come off like that to me though. He’s always putting the clues together in his head, and I always thought that’s why people loved him. Meh. I liked this but had a tough time following the action on some darker panels. What I did see continued my confidence in Daniel’s art. The Miller-esque style was def a plus.

  49. More pulls than the last issue of Fear Itself, awesome.

  50. I gave it a 3 nothing special here just dark and and the ending was cool!!

    Just sayin’,


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