TRAILER: This Summer… ‘The Wolverine’ Will (Also) Be Killable (in The Movie)!

With the latest trailer for The Wolverine we get the best look yet at the plot for the new James Mangold directed film and we get full confirmation on what was only hinted at in the last trailer: Wolverine’s going to lose his healing factor.

Boy, that sure sounds familiar…

Anyway, here’s the trailer. I can’t wait to see this one!

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013.


  1. I fail to understand the repeated revisiting of the “my powers…are failing!” storylines over and over again. I get that writers want to show these characters would be heroic even without their powers, but COME ON. Especially in the limited time we get with these characters in movie format, can we just enjoy the spectacle and power fantasy of what makes them special?

    • Thats EXACTLY what I always think when hollywood or TV land does this crap! At least it doesn’t happen that often in comics.
      Its like with Smallville… I cannot even count how many times Clark lost his powers there, its so stupid.
      Hellooooo, Hollywood? I want to see Logan in his prime fighting hordes of Ninjas, not Wolverine light.

    • @Shallbecomeabat, I couldn’t agree more about the ninjas. How cool was it when he was just mowing down dudes in Enemy of the State? That’s what I liked about the new Judge Dredd movie. They didn’t try to reinvent the wheel they just put him in a tough spot and let him get out of it like a badass.

  2. Remember when Cyclops and Jean Grey were in love and dating? Wolverine doesn’t. And he don’t care. What a dawag!

  3. I want this movie to be great.. but i am so sick of “powers gone” stories… it’s lazy writing imo…

  4. How common have “powers gone” stories been in the movies vs. comics? In comics, we get these all the time. Not sure the general public is quite as inundated with them though. I could be wrong, but the only one I can think of is Superman II…

    • Spiderman had his fail in…was it 3? or 2? I think 3…man there was so much shit going on in that mess. It might be a stretch, and one of the rare instances where it really worked for me, but Iron Man spent a big chunk of that latest movie out of armor. To great effect, in that instance.

    • I count any Batman film or Iron Man film where the hero has to return without benefit of his magic suit as a “powers gone” story. Also, obviously, the episode of Bionic Woman where Jamie’s bionics were failing her.

    • in spider-man it was part 2, he quit after he lost the powers, then he regained them magically right before Doc Ock threw a car at him. Which was the dumbest thing in the world. “Hey that Parker kid must know where Spidey is because of all those pictures. I wonder how i could get his attention. Oh I know, I’ll throw a car at him and pray to god it doesn’t crush him into paste.”

    • ^^ I hadn’t really thought it through…that’s hilarious!

  5. The trailers haven’t done anything to spark my interest. This could be the first X-movie that I pass on.

  6. “I’m just glad they didn’t give Deadpool optic blasts in the comic,” is what this made me think.

    The only thing that would get me to watch this is a Deadpool cameo.

  7. I can’t believe there’s more scenes of Logan screaming ‘Noooo!!!’ in this movie. There was like, 3 of them in Origins and they were incredibly bad.

    That alone makes me worried about this movie.

  8. Meh, pessimists…I loved the early Wolverine tales and he wants to not hurt anyone after killing Jean cause the only one who could (a scene that doesn’t get enough credit for how emotional it was because the most of that movie isn’t that good) but has nightmares about killing someone he loved. This one looks far better than the last and that one had the Logan feel to it, Liev Shrieber was good, the Weapon X+ projects going on, young X-Men cameos, Professor X before his mind is wiped and Gambit wasn’t bad. Deadpool was an unfinished project in that movie & they had the one alternate ending showing his severed heads eyes open, cause he is supposed to be the only one that can have his head cut off and live. What would be sweet is if when they make a solo Deadpool movie and they’re gonna, is if they follow this continuity then have it pick up with Stryker or someone finding Deadpool, putting back in a lab and saying he’s too powerful & uncontrollable with all those powers, strip him of the optic blast, teleporting & retractable blades then he’s left with the Deadpool we know powers, his mercenary ninja swordsman and gunplay expert self & the ultimate healing factor. Put him in the red n’ black and go from there. All that has to be done in the 1st 20 mins though, cause that is his origin and the rest should be Swiss cheese moments thrown in here an there, better a mystery origin. That’s my Deadpool pitch.