FIRST LOOK: Hugh Jackman in ‘The Wolverine’

Today on Twitter, Marvel’s man about town @AgentM posted the first official photo of Hugh Jackman from the production of The Wolverine, which is currently in production, directed by James Mangold and will focus on Wolverine in Japan, similar to the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller mini-series from the early 1980s.  Scheduled to come out on July 26, 2013, it will be the next film in the X-Men franchise from Fox.

Here’s said photo and as you can see, Jackman at age 43 isn’t missing a step. I’m starting to wonder how much of Wolverine’s slow aging and healing factor has rubbed off on the Australian actor:



  1. Well, I’m done eating for a while.

  2. Low carbs and GH is a hell of a combo!

    • I don’t think any Growth Hormone was involved here. It’s not like Barry Bonds where he gained 7 hat sizes and 80 pounds. Hugh has always been built and it wouldn’t take too much work to get just a little bigger and ripped from what he normally is.

    • GH used correctly has been a fountain of youth for guys 40 and over.Keeps you very lean,muscular and gives a feeling of well being without side effects but the price is outrageous.But I see no shame in its use.I know plenty of long time gym rats using it carefully not some knucklehead like Bonds.But no because he maintains a lean physique doesn’t mean he is on something but a few cracks at ‘im won’t hurt either.

    • Very hard to say as to whether it’s drug induced or not. Hollywood has a lot of doctors that will administer just enough anabolic steroids to make you look awesome, but will scale it back to keep you from looking freakish. Either way, it is hard work and Hugh looks great.

    • It isn’t necessary for him to use gear to look like that.If you remember seeing behind the scenes filming of the first movie he was constantly pumping up with free weights to keep the hard and vascular look.Also maintain high body temperature and a little red wine helps the look maintain also.

    • And don’t forget the skills and talents of the photo retouching staff at Fox. They’re good at their jobs.

  3. Hugh looks good, but to me, that’s not Wolverine. Logan is a thick, hairy, brawler looking guy. Hugh does a great job as Wolverine, but I was led to believe this version of him was supposed to be less waxed pretty boy and more gruff mean bastard!

  4. As a completely heterosexual man, I can absolutely understand why most women I know have a thing for Hugh Jackman. Not only does he look like that, but he can sing, dance, and act his way to an inevitable EGOT. AND he’s a loving father and husband? I mean, c’mon!

  5. Real question is…where’s his jacket?

  6. I wish I had all day to train. I wouldn’t be such and out-of-shape slob.

    • Find 45 to 60 min max 3 to 4 days a week and you can make it happen.

    • @kennyg: From one Ken to another (I’m assuming that’s your name, but regardless), I made a rule a few years back that if I wanted to watch a movie, I had to ride the exercise bike during the first hour. I was going to spend that time watching the movie anyway, so the discipline required to stay true to my word was pretty minimal. And over time, by associating an activity I really liked with an activity that was… less liked, I managed to actually enjoy exercising. I combine that exercise with some slightly better eating choices, and I dropped 30 pounds in about 4 months and have kept most it off for 3 years.

      And since it’s pretty easy to clean a sweaty iPad, reading digital comics might also be a good way to trick yourself!

  7. Mrs. Jackman is a lucky, lucky woman…

  8. Damn. Jackman is still yoaked. Like the Hulkster said, ” eat your prayers and say your vitamins.”

  9. All righty, so that’s a little something for the ladies.

    Now when are we getting another crack at a female starring comic book film, somebody make one. Witchblade?

    • heh, after Avengers came out I thought, “Right about now there’s a lot of middle-aged comic fans wishing they’d bought Ms Marvel’s solo series back in the day.”

  10. I just… *sigh* Whatever. Just another movie I’ll need to completely ignore.

  11. (eats poptarts)

    Eh….I’ve accepted my fate.

  12. Photoshop is a hell of a tool.

  13. Looking good.

    Oh, and the ‘jacket origins’ thing? A throwaway moment in the movie that takes up less than ten seconds of screen time, and is more of a reference to the updated costume/diamonds on the torso of the original yellow spandex? The obsession that you guys have with bemoaning that must be exhausting. Far more exhausting than it is funny, anyway.