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Movie Review: ‘The Wolverine’ (Spoiler Free)

An atomic bomb and a murdered bear spur Logan on a much needed (totally painful) Japanese vacation.

‘The Wolverine’

The Quest To Find The Jacket (And Kill Ninjas)

TRAILER: This Summer… ‘The Wolverine’ Will (Also) Be Killable (in The Movie)!

Well now we know why they’re doing that story in the comics this summer.

TRAILER: ‘The Wolverine’ Murders and Smooches His Way Through Japan

Wolverine practices safe SNIKT.

‘The Wolverine’ Gets Domestic and International Trailers, Many Jackets

That’s the best comic book movie teaser poster I’ve ever seen.

Trailer: ‘The Wolverine’ Teaser

“What they did to me, what I am, can’t be undone.”

Rain Over Me: The New “Motion Poster” for ‘The Wolverine’ is a Gift to Insomniacs Everywhere

Pee first. Then watch this poster.

First Look: Viper and Silver Samurai from ‘The Wolverine’

How do you say ‘SNIKT!” in Japanese?

FIRST LOOK: Hugh Jackman in ‘The Wolverine’

He’s the best at what he does and apparently it is pretty…

Adapt or Die

Why do we get so excited when they make our comics into something else?