‘The Wolverine’ Gets Domestic and International Trailers, Many Jackets

If you were jonesing for even more Hugh Jackman as Logan action, we’ve got good news for you. If you were looking for an update the jacket, I think we’re going to have to keep waiting. I know. It’s difficult. We’ll remind you that this one’s directed by James Mangold, who did Walk the Line and 3:10 to Yuma, and other movies that I don’t like as much.


You can watch the domestic trailer here, on Apple. It deals with Wolverine making what seems like a terrible decision, as Clark Kent learned in Superman II.

If you’re living in parts of the world other than these here United States, you can watch this trailer instead.

Both contain sweet samurai fighting. The international version has much more beard.

Look for it in the theaters July 26.


  1. Mangold is overall a solid director, I love Copland. Also it looks like Fox didn’t cheap out of the effects, or at least what we see from the trailer. I’d say I’m looking forward to this one overall.

    • Considering all the glorious things they could have mined from the Weapon Plus program in Origins, the general fanboy consensus was that X Men Origins: Wolverine a a colossal disappointment, shouldn’t have really even been made. Having said that, this looks pretty awesome; solid director, solid script, solid lead. Maybe even a solid villain? The flying Wolverine with claws outstretched had me in goosebumps. Looking forward to seeing how Hugh Jackman has learnt from his mistake if anything

  2. This looks A TON better than “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Thank you, Mangold.

  3. I had no idea what to expect, I’ve kept in the dark on this and don’t know anything about his time in Japan. Is this based on a particular comic story?

    • They’ve been marketing it as being loosely based on the the Claremont/Miller miniseries “Wolverine” that helped launch Logan’s solo title. I strongly recommend it for anyone with even a passing interest in the character. It’s fantastic.

      Judging from the characters we’ve seen in the teasers and set pics, it appears to be an extremely loose adaptation considering that at least two of these characters do not appear in said mini. Still, his time in Japan has been a very integral part of Logan’s history, so it should be fun.

    • Definitely integral to Wolverines story and his solo series spent a bit of time in Japan also with what I see in this movie for inspiration as well, they bounced around in Japan in and out of the 1st 23 issues or so if I remember correctly and established some pivotal moments for Logan there too….I want a “Patch” nod somewhere.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if this WW II subplot and losing his powers is a rewrite. All I wanted was to see Wolvie kick some ninja ass, was that asking too much? I fear they may have screwed up what was once described as an incredible script by McQuarrie. Damn you Aaronofsky, why couldn’t you have stayed on? Here’s hoping I’m wrong, but this trailer does not leave me excited at all.

  5. webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    I’m not sure what I think about the whole losing powers thing. Hmmm….. Whatever. I’ll probably see it in theaters no matter what.

    • He has lost his powers before, and believe it or not, there were some really great stories from then. I suggest Wolverine: Ain’t Dead Yet by Warren Ellis and Leinil Francis Yu. I mean, it’s Warren Ellis writing Wolverine, plus some really awesome art from a young Leinil Yu. With that kind of talent, you can’t go wrong.

  6. I wasn’t really looking forward to this flick, but the international trailer makes it look like it could be a good time.

  7. Of course Wolverine was in Hiroshima when the bomb dropped. He has NO luck but makes up for it in his taste in jackets.

  8. Doesn’t look great or bad I really wish someone could break the code and come out with a great Wolverine movie, or Marvel would take a note form DC animation and make an animated movie out of a good story line from the books like Old Man Logan.

  9. So did this trailer have a pretty direct reference to BKV’s Logan story?

    • Could be more of a nod than a reference, but yeah.

      Considering the fight at Shingen’s is the only thing I recognized from the Claremont mini, it looks like there borrowing from various stories.

  10. Anything has to be better than Origins….ANYTHING.

    Of course it’s weird why this guy wants to kill Logan considering he saved his life judging from the trailer. I’m sure more, stupid, U.S. trailers will explain the plot a bit more before the film debuts.