TRAILER: ‘The Wolverine’ Murders and Smooches His Way Through Japan

It’s not Iron Man 3. It’s not Man of Steel. That’s right. It’s that other superhero movie coming out in summer 2013. That also isn’t Kick-Ass 2.

Like the headline says, folks. Logan is big in Japan, especially when it comes to murder, mayhem and macking. Oh yes indeed.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

The Wolverine gets slashing and frenching on July 26th.


  1. Nor is it Thor: The Dark World.

  2. I really hope this doesn’t suck.

  3. The only thing that would make me see this is a Deadpool cameo. It looks unbearably stupid.

  4. My excitement for this increases with the more ninjas I see.

  5. I never tire of the Terminator hit to the face/slow head turn with a look that says “you gonna die”. It’s used to great effect in this trailer.

    I remain hopeful about this one. Strange how my ability to hope for a good Wolverine movie mirrors both his own healing factor and his amnesia. No matter how many times they wound me, I just keep coming back.

  6. Two things.

    It’s face peeling’ time!

    … Also: Ninja, please!

  7. This looks great to me; ninjas, yakuza, katanas, count me in. Then again I’m one of the twelve people that enjoyed the last one….. so grain of salt and all that.

  8. Shrugs shoulders.

    Might be fun, but honestly none of the trailers have done that much to excite me. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve never been a huge Wolverine fan, though I do like the idea that this focuses on the Japan part of his story. Maybe I’ll see it on video, but in a quite crowded summer, in theaters is very unlikely . . .

  9. MORE NINJAS PLEASE. This looks awesome. Is it based on Claremont and Miller’s Wolverine mini from the 80’s?