First Look: Viper and Silver Samurai from ‘The Wolverine’

Oh internet, how we love you.

Although filming isn’t even complete on 2013’s The Wolverine film, we’re already getting a steady supply of set photos showing various new characters in action. Just this week, photos came online of Viper (played by Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova) and a back view of Silver Samurai (played by Korean-American actor Will Yun Lee).

The images of Viper come courtesy of the Russian Hugh Jackman fansite HughJackMania, and show the young Khodchenkova-as-Viper working with some high tech sunglasses, gloves and a mobile device. If this were the 90s, I’d say it was a VR rig and we were watching Johnny Mnemonic, but we’re not. Of particular note (and consternation on some fans) is that this movie version of the Viper is missing her trademark green hair, although perhaps they’re doing it in post-production with special effects.

On the flipside, we get a teasing view of Silver Samurai from the back courtsey of ComicBookMovie. This character plays a key role in Wolverine’s time in Japan, and is one of the secondary antagonists in the Chris Claremont / Frank Miller Wolverine miniseries this movie is reportedly based on.


  1. Is that Viper or Guile from Street Fighter?

  2. Viper? I barely know her!

  3. That is one silver samurai.

  4. I SOOOO want this movie to be a frame by frame homage to Miller& Claremont’s classic tale.The hand, fight scene with Shingen and Samurai? YES!!
    ohh and BTW this BETTER have the kick ass Black and brown outfit!!

    • It won’t be a frame by frame homage to the miniseries, because Viper and Silver Samurai aren’t in the miniseries. But I still have high hopes for this one, and I wholeheartedly seond your desire for the brown and orange costume. Dare I say it, maybe even a mask. *gasp*

    • I was thinking of the follow up issues in Uncanny X-men#172 + #173 with some great battle sequences(awesome widescreen type panels by the great Paul Smith) with Viper and Silver Samurai.

  5. Since when is Viper blonde?

  6. You had me at Viper.