Rain Over Me: The New “Motion Poster” for ‘The Wolverine’ is a Gift to Insomniacs Everywhere

Next summer, the ageless ronin known as Logan seeks refuge in Japan with James Mangold’s The Wolverine. It’s a fresh new start for a troubled franchise, and late last night we were alerted to its fresh new take on marketing. Somewhere between the traditional teaser poster and the full-on teaser trailer is the animated GIF the “motion poster.”

The Wolverine’s motion poster looks a lot like its simultaneously released international poster, seen below. Here, now, see an artistic rendering of Hugh Jackman crouching contemplatively on the roof of a pagoda in the pouring rain. Effective, but static.

Of course, in the motion poster, the rain actually…rains. And that’s accompanied by a relaxing sound which has lolled this already drowsy writer to sleep three times during the composition of this article. I will also concede that I may have peed a little.

There is a Facebook cover function available through the website, but we also recommend simply bookmarking the page for the next rainy day bout of restlessness.

Are motion posters the future? Are you excited to see this new chapter in the cinematic journey of Wolverine? Do you think he’s wishing he’d held on to that quantum jacket?

Look for The Wolverine in theaters on July 26, 2013.


  1. I for my part am looking forward to this… though it had it’s flaws i also liked Origins… why not? Jackman is cool as Wolverine and this will be a fun ride as well…

    X-Men 3 was a stinker but Jackman as Logan… count me in… and they only have to make it slightly better than the last time and we will all be happy (but I seem to be a very easy target group… I even enjoyed Iron Man 2 and stuff, so I guess I am not very critical as some other folks here 🙂 )…

  2. First thought: Why does Wolverine need a sword? He has six knives in his hands.

    Second thought: Excited for this movie. The last one was… not the best, but that’s no reason to doubt this incarnation. Hit me, bro!

    • Because swords are super fun. Also i always saw James as a guy who just loved to learn about different ways to fight/murder people.

    • It’s most likely a spin on the Muramasa blade. The sword is one of two swords with mystical properties that can drive the person who wields it batshit crazy over time. Logan’s was forged specifically for him, and it’s the only weapon that can truly kill him. It even slows down his healing factor. It’s also what he used to decapitate Sabretooth a couple of years ago.

  3. If any animated movie poster were to make me a cuckold to my wife, this would be the one.

  4. Im a huge fan of wolverine. But origins was God awful. I hope Jackman who was born to play Logan gets the sequel right. This is the summer film im most looking forward to. Logan in Japan .

  5. Hey, that’s pretty cool. Not sure if it’s the future, but it’s a neat marketing thing.

  6. Fox does not make good super hero movies. I hope this one is better but I will not hold my breath.

    • Scarlet-Batman, you no like the First Class?

    • First Class was a good movie but isn’t in the same league as the Avengers movies (save Cap’s film) or the Dark Knights. What bugged me about First Class was that it wasn’t really the first class, it was a bunch of B-list heroes parading around as the first X-Men. In addition one of the *the* most important aspects of the film was showing how Charles and Eric grew to be the best of friends. Sadly this aspect was breezed over in a montage scene. They went from being a chilly relationship to the best friends forever. To me, it felt like two movies had been shoved together and were made the worse for it (dynamic duo buddy flick and the movie with the first class of students).

      It was not a bad movie, by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn’t an amazing one either.

      Sad too, since I really think they found the perfect actors to play young Charles and Eric.

  7. It looks like a rip-off of this Daredevil cover by the incomparable Lee Bermejo:


  8. Considering the skills Jackman is showing this Christmas… how about an X-Men Musical? Mojo could be the villian…

  9. Looks awesome. Best movie poster in a while.