RIP Thor The Mighty Avenger

Perhaps fittingly, the first thing I did when I learned Marvel had canceled Thor: The Mighty Avenger was pick up a hammer. 

What happened next can only be related through Tasmanian Devil sound clips. 

Yes, according to Robot 6, it's true, and I haven't been this sad reporting comics news since Geoff Johns left Justice Society of America. The all-ages title by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee ends with January's issue #8. It shouldn't be too big a surprise since sales dwindled from 20,000 units to less than half that number between it's first and fifth installments. 


I'm angry. I'm disappointed. And I'm a little ashamed. If we as comic fans can't keep an amazing series like Thor: The Mighty Avenger afloat, especially in the months before the release of a Thor motion picture, I just don't know. 

Peace in rest, "My Boyfriend Thor" (as Ali and I have been so fond of calling it). And thank you, Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee for such a fun ride. 

UPDATE – Marvel hasn't said much about the cancelation (not that they would), but there has been talk on Twitter:

If the Editor-in-Chief/Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Comics doesn't make those decisions then who does? Publisher Dan Buckley and/or Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel is what we reckon. And that means that a lot of anger at Joe Quesada is probably misplaced. — Conor Kilpatrick



  1. If people didn’t want to read it then we shouldn’t be angry at them.

    You guys had a great time reading it and isn’t it better that you enjoyed it with your friends? Shouldn’t be mad at the lack of sales also consider there are dozens (feels like it) Thor books out there. How can the general audience know how great this is if their is too much for them to read? 

  2. I picked this one up after Paul and Ali both convinced me I needed to. It’s also one of the few super-hero titles that my girlfriend reads. In fact, she just asked me last night, "Hey, when does the new Thor come out?" So this is very sad indeed.

    And listen: I’ve seen a hundred midlist "favorite" titles disappear. I’m used to this. I get it. Sales were not good. Awareness is not there.  I definitely understand the business decision and don’t think Marvel is Evil or out to get me. 😉

    But still. A moment of silence, yeah?

  3. Are we allowed to curse in

  4. People bought the first issue and then stopped. Some of them continued and stopped an issue or two later. I do not understand this phenomenon. Because to read this book is to love it. 

  5. So this is what its like to be owned by a major corporation that isn’t commited to your product. No surprise really. Disney has a bad, bad reputation for this sort of thing across all its brands.

  6. @TNC they can probably find out through websites like this one

  7. This book was amazing. Sad to see it go.

  8. Damn, I wanted to read this in trades. Ah well, another Marvel series for me not to read. Whatever.

  9. I just can’t believe that more people didn’t get behind this book!!! If the hard cover comes out before christmas, I’ gonna buy a few copies to give as gifts. This really is the most upsetting cancellation I can recall. Definitely a book that is a true blast to read. Dag nabbit

    Oh MY GOD__ IT’s just SOOOoooo!!

    *SOB* *SOB*

  11. That is a complete drag. I just recommended this to my neighbor’s two girls and they were really digging on it.  Well, no time like the present to condition young minds for disappointment, I just wish it wasn’t a lesson learned at the cost of a book I was reading and enjoying as well.

    It was a great book.  

  12. Normally book cancelations don’t faze me but this one makes me angry.

  13. that sucks, i’m usually late to the party when it comes to books that get cancelled, but I got on board with this from the very beginning. With this, Nova, and Guardians of the Galaxy, my marvel pull list is going to be insanely small these coming months

  14. Well, I disagree about tone. Tonally, it fit Thor perfectly. This Thor. I don’t think concept of Thor (or any super-hero) needs to be restricted to a single tone. Thor is the story of a Norse God on Earth. After that, it can be anything a writer wants it to be. It’s too bad — I realize there are a bunch of takes on Thor, but man, this was a clean, fun, witty version that really could’ve had mass appeal if it were, say, a TV show.

  15. A trade of the first four issues (plus two issues of Journey into Mystery) comes out in December. 

  16. Gutted. Utterly gutted.

  17. @conor – Ditto. 

  18. It probably didn’t help that for an All Ages book; the demographic of readers were adults. 

  19. I feel guilty about this. I’m a trade-waiter on Thor books and it’s been cancelled before the first trade has even hit.


    I think Ron said it in a past show, this would have made the PERFECT 1 or 2 hardcovers that you could give to anyone to get in to Thor. A real shame this is gone.

    Thor the Mighty Avenger…RIP.

  21. Here’s to whatever Samnee gets on next

  22. @TNC – we get why it happened. No one here is really surprised. Certainly not if one looked at a sales chart. Nor are we angry at people who "didn’t read the book." We’re just mourning the loss of a great book.

  23. It makes me wonder why anounce anything as an on-going at the Big 2.  Just make minis, & if they do well, continue.  (See 80s Transformers mini.)

  24. Fuck.

    Well, congratulations Marvel. I’m not buying a #1 from you ever again.

  25. Yeah, it sucks. I was just thinking yesterday about dropping the main Thor book and keep this as my only Thor fix. Guess that decision was made for me.

    My only guess as to why more people didn’t buy it is the glut of Thor books out there now and Marvel not doing much to differentiate them from each other. Not faulting the business practice per se – with the movie coming out, more product (should) equal more sales. Quantity over quality – happens with everything. It’d be nice if if wasn’t that way and good books were able to hang on, but it’s just not the way of the world.

  26. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO man this sucks, Two major blows to me no more Hawkeye Mockingbird and no more Thor Mighty Avenger, my only hope is that this team can take over Thor the main title!

  27. it’s possible I’m physically shaking I’m so mad.

  28. Thank Heavens Marvel is letting us pick which Deadpool book to save. At least they gave us that. Right?

  29. Fuck! I feel partially responsible for this as well. I thought it was a mini and was waiting for the nice HC that was surely to come. Had I only realized it was an ongoing…

  30. I had assumed for some reason that this was a limited series–I must confess I’d actually stopped buying the issues because I liked it so much I figured I’d rather buy it in one big collection.  Whoops.

  31. @daccampo: I’m upset about it too. I don’t want people to think I’m doing a jig right now because it’s gone. It sounded like Samnee and Langridge was doing some amazing stuff here. Because, like a lot of people it seems, I also was trade waiting for this.

    Also, it does seem people are surprised about this if you don’t mind me saying. 

  32. When Young Allies and Hawkeye and Mockingbird were canceled, I was bummed but I looked at the sales figures and understood. I still believe you need to give a book at least a year for it to have a real chance, but I could not get to angry at Marvel. This, this is different. I blame the cancellation of Thor: Mighty Avenger on the flooding of the market with Thor books Marvel has done in the last few months. The sales on T:MA were decent to good at first. It was not until Marvel started putting out 20 Thor books a week that they began plummetting. Oh well, we wouldn’t want to get in the way of fracking Wolverine #1000 being published along the two ongoing Wolverine titles and Daken and X-23. Or the Deadpool/Cable #26 issue alongside the four monthlies. Yes, I am rather bitter at the moment.

  33. Awesome, Marvel. Way to go.

    I give the fuck up. 

    "Hell of a job, Brownie Joey." 

  34. This is a bummer. It would have lasted 60 issues had it been written by Tom Defalco and drawn by Ron Frenz. You know it’s true.

  35. Is this book already in a digital app? If not, it’d be interesting to see if putting a few issues in a digital format, released right before the movie comes out, would make any sort of impact. I don’t yet know what the demographics are on comics readers on the iPad (or other device), but it seems to me that a book like that has a shot at greater mass appeal in something like iTunes, rather than locked up in the direct market, where it doesn’t appeal to the core demographic, namely the 30-45 yr-old males who tend to want cool, gritty, ass-kicky stuff.

  36. I can understand your anger  StorytellerSJK!

  37. daccampo- look around the core marke for this particular book IS the 30-45 yr old males.

  38. Well, I know what my column is going to be about this week.

  39. I literally just cursed out loud at work, causing my coworkers to stare for a moment. It feels justified.

    Literally my favorite superhero book out right now, and one of only two superhero books my gf will read (the other is Batgirl).

     I have never been this upset about a cancellation ever.

     Now depressed.

  40. The thread where people go to mourn and the thread where people go to gloat ought to be different threads. Also, one of them should not exist.

  41. I’m never happy to see anyone lose work, and I don’t mean to rub salt in anyone’s wounds, but reading this book made me feel like it was the Emperor’s new clothes. That is to say, I really did not get the hype from iFanboy. I bought the first five issues because everyone here was gaga for it and it actually made me angry with it’s SuperHero-Squad-with-half-the-wit and more “RomCom” style.

    With all due respect (and I mean that sincerely), doesn’t the fact that the book’s audience was halved in no time suggest that – just maybe – many were like me who tried it and didn’t care for it? If it sold steadily but just not enough then I could totally get behind the “not enough people were exposed to this, etc etc” argument. But, as it stands, and from the info the post tells us, it seems that most readers were like me: they gave it a fair shot, and for one reason or another were not impressed (though I did like the art style).

  42. Booooo…. People suck.

  43. new comics make it on single issue sales- Period.

  44. Also, would love to start a campaign to get this comic an Eisner. It could be the 30Rock of Marvel (got low ratings until it won awards many years in a row).


  45. Well at least there’s still Atlas for a super fun book with fantastic art and not a lot of BS continuity …. oh wait. FUDGE.

  46. Dude…I’m so sad, this is my favorite Marvel book. A book hasn’t had a heart this big since All-Star Superman.

  47. @ericmci You’re right, and now Marvel’s trained people to not try new series. This seems like a tactical error.

  48. I’m not reading this (will give the trades a shot) but the news still makes me a bit sad. Not "Capt. Brit and MI:13" sad, but "S.W.O.R.D." sad. 

  49. I agree with TheNextChampion. There are just too many Thor books, or just too many books in general. I’m going to miss Thor: TMA, but it was fun while it lasted.

  50. This is the first time I’ve ever been this upset at a cancellation.  The comics world is less awesome now. 

  51. @70 – I agree.  Totally effin bummed out. 

    On the heels of that Deadpool cancellation nonsense, can we cancel 2! Deadpool books and keep Thor TMA?

    In all seriousness, another case of critical acclaim and commercial failure.  Sigh…. 


  52. Marvel is evil and is out to get me… jk I never read this, but I think I’m going to now just to show them what a big mistake they made!

  53. Does this mean that the trade will not come out?

  54. This is indeed sad news, and The Mighty Avenger will be sorely missed. On to VALHALLA!

  55. like a rainbow, it was not meant to last. 


    this is the worst news.   EVER.

  56. Actually it will come out on trade, so that’s cool. 

    Thor Trade

  57. It’s a shame to see this book go, I thought that it was better than the current Thor ongoing.  On the upside, It will make a beautiful oversized hardcover collection.  Hopefully Chris Samnee will be moved over to a more prominent book.

  58. I’m as upset by this as anyone—but can we really be mad at Marvel proper for canceling a book that was selling under 10k?? Get real folks. That being said, I hope this book sells tons once it is collected as a hard cover. Heck, wouldn’t this be a great book to be released once a year as an OGN?? 6 issues worth of pages once a year… I, for one, would LOVE that format for this book and it would almost certainly reach the hands of more readers this way too.

  59. @jdudley, absolutely not.  one of the fantastic things about this title was the "one and done" nature of the issues.  that’s a rare and great thing when it occurs in comics these days, and the ogn format would likely get rid of that.

  60. this book had the most interesting  art of any marvel comic going.

    and was a great continuity free book.

  61. I’m not mad at Marvel. I’m mad though. 

  62. Marvel got this exactly backwards.  They shouldn’t have less Thor: The Mighty Avenger.  They need more of it in all of their books.  Daredevil could do with a heavy dose of this comic’s outlook.  I actually blame all of the other Thor books.  This thing got lost in the shuffle.  What’s the list, right now?  Thor, Thor for Asgard, Ultimate Thor, Thor and his Amazing Friends, Thor: Man of Steel, Peter Parker: Thor…  Tough to bring in new people to a book with such a high signal to noise ratio.

  63. This was my favorite book Marvel was publishing. It’s a shame the market seems to really punish anything outside of the standard shlock. I had pretty much had it with regular superhero books before this happened; my interest has waned doubly so now.  

  64. NO!

    Day just turned to shit. 

  65. Who the frag approved this?! I want names! I want the names of the gutless bastiches who said cancelling one of the best titles Marvel published today!

    A pox on them! I hope their dog gets fleas and they infest the whole house forcing them to bomb it and live ina a nasty hotel for a whole week. While they are gone, I hope their pipes freeze and burst flooding their basement and destroying their comic book collection. All except Thor, The Mighty Avenger.


  66. @ericmci – Not really. We’re just a small sample commenting here. We don’t reflect the majority of direct market sales. I’m sure a lot of 30-45 yr old males have read Harry Potter. Doesn’t make ’em the core demographic. 

    My point is that this is the type of book that (seems to me) COULD have appealed to another demographic, if it could reach it. Maybe not, but it’s a shame we can’t find out. 

  67. Man, I’m actually really upset about this, I love this series.

  68. Well that blows. 

  69. Too many people waiting for the trades, we have nobody to blame but ourselves because it clearly wasn’t the creators fault.

  70. I know that this site isn’t a direct microcosm of the entire comic reading public, but the iFanboy pulls on THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER have been going up for the last two issues.

    Issue #1 – 260 pulls

    Issue #2 – 224 pulls

    Issue #3 – 254 pulls

    Issue #4 – 287 pulls

    Issue #5 – 343 pulls

    I know, this is probably statistically insignificant when compared to the rest of the comics public, but that’s not something you usually see on series, even here. As for me, I’m looking forward to the trades.

  71. Kind of sad to see this go. I picked this up until issue #5. Only reason I paid any attention to it was because of Samnee. Dropped it because I had to trim my pull and Thor is one of my least liked characters.  It was a charming book though, and those are often the ones that end up on the chopping block **cough** S.W.O.R.D. **cough**

  72. @ Thursday- I had to excuse myself at my job and cried a bit when I heard.

  73. This is one of the titles my LCS wouldn’t stock unless it was special ordered on a pull list. I was looking forward to trying the trades as that would have been the only way for me to get it. Its a sad state of affairs for how the industry works nowadays. 

  74. Aww sad/angry face 🙁

  75. What this means to me, is that Marvel doesnt really care about the readers that read in trade.  I just ordered my trade of it, now will I have a couple of single to finish off the series?  For the longest time it seemed that the publishers money flow was from trades, this is how Vertigo works, I guess I was wrong with Marvel.

    Being a trade waiter for Marvel collections has begun to suck. They keep cancelling series before trade waiters can even vote with thier pocket book.

  76. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I never picked this up but it didn’t jump out at me.  I feel the fans pain, it reminds me of when Exiles was canceled. It was nice that Marvel was trying another all ages book. It makes me wonder if the low sales numbers were specific of this all ages book or if this is a trend and younger readers just are not reading. I’m looking forward to see what Wood has to say.

  77. I suspect this book would still be going if it were telling current stories instead of tales from Thor’s past.


  78. I wonder how many people would have bought this had it been widely available at the LCS. (None of the ones I went to had it.) Why oh why didn’t we make this fuss a few months ago when the book still had a chance…

  79. @Diabhol It wasn’t telling tales from Thor’s past. It was telling stories about a different Thor. A better Thor.

  80. @Diabhol But you are probably right, which is depressing. It really makes me wish the industry as it is now would hurry up and die already.

  81. that’s really too bad, this was probably my favorite Marvel book (if not book in general) being published. Sad to see it go, especially when books some books just seem to keep going and going. 

  82. I debated not saying this, but i was about to drop this book. As much I love Samnee’s art, and i’m glad ifanboy puts his stuff up every friday in sketch up, i couldn’t get into the writing; i guess it just wasn’t for me, as much as i wanted it to be. that being said, i am sad to see it go because i know how loved it is, especially on this site, obviously evident by the number of post here.

    Though it is also sad to see that a good number of articles on this site today were about books being cancelled or characters that can’t hold an ongoing series.

  83. This business sucks. Such good books should not be cancelled.

  84. @ErronSF–its not so much that the book wasn’t made available…its that LCS owners like yours and mine didn’t get enough interest in this to want to take the risk to stock it for the shelves. 

  85. Very sad news. I hope we’ll get the occasional special – this book was an all-ages delight. Thanks Roger, Chris and everyone involved.

  86. I just don’t get Marvel. Shouldn’t they see how the trade will do before cancelling it? This seemed like the very definition of a word-of-mouth book but what good is word of mouth when the company that publishes it doesn’t even give it a proper chance.

  87. bullshitt

  88. If everyone could just buy the #&$% out of the trade this Christmas instead of getting me anything, I’d really appreciate that.

  89. I’m happy we got 8 issues.  The Thor movies about to come out, so Thor has hit critical mass.  Why did this have to be labeled ‘All Ages’?  All ages makes people think Marvel Adventures or Tiny Titans, when it should have been labeled ‘Accessible to All Ages’. 

  90. I work at my LCS and i do everything I can to pimp the books I like.  I don’t care how well they sell if I like it I make people buy it.  That being said I have never worked harder to sell more copies of a book than I have Thor:TMA.  I am disappointed in myself for not selling more and for the general public for not getting to see this amazing series continue.  I have thanked Mr. Samnee over twitter and would like to extend my thanks to Mr. Langridge  your work is greatly appreciated I eagerly await what you both do next.

  91. Terrible news. Of the half dozen Thor books out right now, this was the only really good one. Certainly the only one I looked forward to.

  92. Original post updated.

  93. Captain America is now the only Marvel book I am reading.

  94. Boooo-urns!!

    I am going to still hold out hope that the movie will be Iron Man-level successful and Marvel throws out a dozen Thor books (which they already seem to be doing) and this will be one of them, maybe picking up with #9!


  95. Wow…lot of of emotion in this thread.  It’s like this book was the Firefly of comics. 

  96. "I just don’t get Marvel. Shouldn’t they see how the trade will do before cancelling it? This seemed like the very definition of a word-of-mouth book but what good is word of mouth when the company that publishes it doesn’t even give it a proper chance."

    The industry is based on issues, month to month income, not trades, trades are a lil bonus that readers can enjoy later. If you don’t support issues then don’t be suprised there aren’t any trades.  it’s really a business model thingThe all ages thing probably didn’t help either. I didn’t read this, Thor doesn’t intrigue me, which is weird, cause I love vikings and norse stuff, just not in comics, and I hate "Thor speak" idk, just doesn’t work for me, sorry y’all.  

  97. A lot of people are asking about the trade. That brings up the myth of "waiting for the trade." With Big 2 mainstream material, the percentage of trades sold is almost always fractional relative to the single issue sales, regardless of the level. So the idea that a book will find great success in trade even if it doesn’t sell in issues is more of a romantic notion than anything based on empirical data.


  98. I would be curious to see (but realize we’ll never know) how this would have done as a series of Marvel Graphic Novels. Why can’t they bring that back? 

  99. I hope this collects into a nice deluxe hardcover trade.

  100. @Lostartist: If that was true then the entirety of Vertigo would have folded years ago and Indie comics really wouldn’t have a chance.

  101. This makes me hate deadpool even more 🙂

  102. Looks like I got another spot on my pull list. I was late to this book, but I picked up issues 1-4 and was going to buy this book until the creative team left.

  103. Easily the best Thor book on the stands. Always sold out at my LCS. I’ll miss it quite a bit.

  104. well that is indeed sad, I got "Double Rainbow" (still hate that title) and it was indeed a fun book. I was mostly shocked because I had heard nothing but good things and everyone I know talking about it. Which goes to show you how insular are little community is, just because you hear everyone YOU know talking about it, doesn’t mean everyone is talking about it. But if anything maybe the outpour will cause a 2nd volume down the line or these two can work on another book together, i"ll pick it up for sure. 

  105. I don’t think there was a title that made me smile more than Thor the Mighty Avenger, and I will sorely miss it when it’s gone.  I picked the title up with issue 2, and luckily my LCS still had issue one.  The art was beautiful, and the writing evoked feelings of excitement at the exploration of this version of the Marvel Universe.  I’m going to do my best to enjoy these last three issues.

  106. "@Lostartist: If that was true then the entirety of Vertigo would have folded years ago and Indie comics really wouldn’t have a chance."

    @ Ilash  Vertigo is backed by Time Warner, and they have a different business model, their paper is cheaper, their labor is probably cheaper, somehow they make trades work for them. but even not all vertigo books go into trade, and they still put out issues first to determine how long a series will go on. I don’t know of any trade that sells so much that they bring back a series for. Trades are a way to profit even more off a book, squeesing extra monies from consumers. Trades are killing the serial comic book. now every story has to be 6 issues long, so if you dont’ get in on a comic at the first part of that 6 issues, you might as well wait out at least 5 months before trying to get into it, or wait for trade if that happens. and some comics don’t make it 6 issues for a trade. companies still base their budgets on monthly incomes, and companies can’t play with ideas to get people into reading an issue or two by themselves, like switching up a creative team for an issue to see how the reaction is to boost sales to keep the series going just a bit longer, cause now they have a 6 issue commitment they have to decide on. independents can work there own business models, labor costs are deffinately lower, and their expected profit margins are lower, lower expectations, working 3 jobs, etc. ..  if you don’t buy issues, don’t complain when a trade doesn’t come out, kinda like voting, if you don’t vote, don’t complain about the outcome. Participation in the process is important. this is really a whole other discussion, so  

    Anyway, I’m sorry to see a book that so many enjoyed go away.

  107. HA, daken wins again.

  108. I was just thinking about Daken myself.

  109. This is what happens when you publish too many books. Let’s just have 1 Thor book, 1 Avengers book. We don’t need more. Today is like the glut of the 90s all over again, the next implosion is coming soon.

  110. Publishing one Avengers book would hurt Marvel a lot more than publishing "too many books."

  111. Yeah, and if they published just one Thor book, this wouldn’t be it, so that’s not going to help anything.

  112. I had never read a Thor book before this, but I absolutely loved it…I’m really going to miss this, why couldn’t they cancel one of the other 10 Thor books they’re plugging before the movie?

  113. @ LostArtist  I think that most people’s problem (here at least), isnt that they dont understand that the industry is based off of monthly sales, its that they think that basing it solely off these sales is the problem.

  114. They also need to go day and date digitally with their whole catalog, not just one or two series like dipping their toe in the water. I’m sure they will get a lot more sales if people can buy them from Comixology or

  115. I was thinking about that this morning, oddly enough.

    Marvel should really consider Day and Date for all their lower selling titles. They would literally have nothing to lose (shops wouldn’t/shouldn’t care since nobody is apparently buying this great books anyway). And who knows? Maybe the additional income would be enough to save some of these critical darlings.

  116. Just reading this headline felt like a punch ot the gut 🙁

    Sad times :'( 

  117. Rats!

  118. I was sad when Agents of Atlas was canceled; I love that book. Let’s see: sales are down and Marvel floods the market with 100 Thor books. Not surprising that not all 100 Thor books will survive the cut. I like Marvel, large portion of what I read, but come on, there are only so many titles comic readers can support (read: BUY). I love Capt America, but I can’t buy every freakin’ Capt America title Marvel is putting out. I’ve been reading comics long enough, I know some titles will get canceled due to low sales, like Milligan’s Human Target. I’m sure Landridge/Samnee’s Thor would’ve had a helluva better chance if Marvel didn’t flood the market and just focused their marketing efforts on a few Thor titles.

  119. WHAT THE F#&K?!?!?!?!? NO!!!!!!!!!! NO! NO! NO!


  121. between Hawkeye getting canceled and now this; why bother going to a comic shop! i feel sick. this is so fricking frustrating. i want to punch something!

  122. nothing personal…just business, just corporate business.


  123. Thor The Mighty Avengers went from 158k on the Amazon Best Seller List to 12K! Keep on preordering it guys! I’m getting it for the misses for Christmas as I already have it in issues. It’s an amazing book and perhaps Marvel will save it!

  124. how long does it usually take for a marvel book to get cancelled? it seems like they dont give a new series enough time to gain readers, do they even wait for the first trade to come out?

  125. This was not only my favorite Marvel book, but my 8 year old son’s as well.  He literally would ask me on wednesday’s before i’d go to the shop…"daddy, does a new Thor Mighty Avenger come out today???". 

    He loved it because it didn’t have five hundred issues of continuity attached to it.  He loved the art.  He loved the new characters he met in it. (Hyde, Captain Britain, and his favorite…Volstagg!).  

     This breaks my heart, man…it really does.  Stings more than a comic cancellation usually does.  And I think I know why….


    This feels like an attack on everything that I feel is COOL about comics.  This book was something so special.  And it’s now going to be gone.


  126. So disheartening.

  127. Bad Marvel. Don’t do that again…

  128. So what’s Disney’s endgame here?  Has anyone floated the idea of doing a Hellboy type thing with some of these mid-range but quality titles that have trouble getting established (i.e. one mini a year which is both self-contained but part of a larger whole)?  I could see that working rather well from both a sales and an editorial standpoint.

  129. For my part I apologise.  I picked up the issue that was a POW and liked it, but didst trade wait on the series as a whole.  Unfortunately, we can’t buy everything can we?  (In my defence, I can at least swear that none of the titles I DO buy regularly has the word Deadpool in the title)

  130. Fuck me.  That really sucks.

  131. we should ask Roger Stern how he saved Spider-Girl so many times. tips Roger! we need tips!!!

  132. @kmob181 i love that idea. i could hang with that. that would be cool.

  133. That Joe Q quote BAFFLES me. Even if it were true, why say it? He’s the head of the publishing division, just own that cancellations are part of the business; rather than pass the buck. If he doesn’t handle pricing decisions (his words re: $2.99 just a few weeks ago) and doesn’t handle cancellations, what in the holy heavens does he handle with the dual titles of EIC and Chief Creative Officer?

  134. Maybe I’m just tired, but I don’t have the energy to be angry. I’m just overwhelmingly sad, this book was responsible for making me love Thor. It was just an absurd amount of fun every time it came out. There will now be a Chris Samnee and Roger Langridge sized whole in my comic book heart (which is much larger and more powerful than my actual cold dead emotional heart).

  135. Ok, I get it now. I used to have trouble understanding the visceral reaction that most book cancellations got. When SWORD went under I felt bad for the readers, but I’d given up on it before then. I didn’t get into Dr. Voodoo until reading the trade after the fact. Capt. Britain never got it’s hooks in me.

    Now I get it. I loved this book. It made me appreciate characters that I never gave a second thought to, as well as ones that I already loved, in a whole new way. It made me a Samnee addict fo’ life. And it was that magical little slice of comics fun (remember fun, y’all?) that I’ve been missing since Young Justice was cancelled. Freakin’ bummer.

    *muffled conversation*

    No, no. No, Deadpool, this isn’t your fault. Don’t beat yourself up about it. There are plenty of people to do that already.

  136. Bad show marvel. This was the best. RIP

  137. Just pre-ordered the fuck out of the first trade. not hoping we can get a spider-girl sized ground swell going but it still felt good to pre-order and voice my opinion that this book rocks

  138. There won’t be this many sad people at my fuckin’ funeral. 🙂



  139. I enjoy Marvel but they really piss me off. More of Marvel training people not to buy anything new. It’s  just goes the way it goes in The House of Old Ideas.

  140. Just cancel the regular Fraction THOR. It’s super crap. 

  141. I’m one of the few people who is probably kind of happy about this. I had problems with the series, and I didn’t like Langridge on this book at all, so I dropped it. I loved Samnee’s art and can’t wait to see what he does next, as long as it isn’t with Lanridge.

    I’m sorry for all you guys who lost a book you cared about…the good news is that you will have extra money to try a new book, and find a new love, and hopefully support that for a long time.

  142. I picked up the first one, thought it was all right but it felt a little weird. I would have liked it a lot better if it wasn’t the Marvel Comics Thor but rather a new take on the Thor character. Something about it being a Marvel product seemed off.

    I never bought another one and I’m not sure I’ll read more of it. Sucks that it was cancelled for those enjoying it though. 

  143. Jesus H, and I just decided to add this to my pull list!

  144. I just picked up my first issue of the title today so I take some of the responsibility for allowing this to happen.  I wish I had jumped on board much sooner because it was a really amazing issue.  I sincerely apologize to all the fans out there who now are suffering because I couldn’t move my lazy ass much sooner.  I let you guys down. 🙁

  145. i bought issue 1 when it came out. I was looking forward to it. I love Samne’s art and have dug a great many Thor runs. Issue 1 did nothing for me. I completely lost interest while reading. For months it’s praises were sung all over the internet and when it made pick of the week here i picked up 2-4 at my LCS thinking maybe i didnt give it a fair shot. There were some nice moments but overall, again nothing. I tried 5 and really didnt like it at all. I decided to drop it again. The whole time wondering why i just didnt see it. If all these people love the book, many calling it the best of many Thor books if not the best Marvel book, why wasnt it clicking for me.

    When i heard this i realized apparently i wasn’t alone.

    Now i love the Fraction book, and ultimate Thor. When i bought 2-4 my LCS owner asked what made me pick them up. I explained that it was getting raves on all the podcasts, and he said he had a hard time selling them. And people werent ignoring it, no one in his store that even tried it liked it. People who even hated the art (the only part I liked) And he sells plenty of Thor and Ultimate Thor. 

    When books like this and Atlas, and others that get much praise get cancelled, there are always cries that good books don’t get a chance. It’s easy to forget that not everyone may think it’s a great book. I didnt like it. Nor did I like Dr Voodoo or Sword. I though Atlas was decent, really the Hardman art kept me going, but I loved Capt. Britan. Some books don’t click with some people. Not Marvel’s fault, or the retailers, or the fans. Ive loved many books that got cancelled. many that EVERYONE else seemed to hate or ignore. Just how it goes.