Great Moments in Comics History: Detective Comics #64

In the 1940s, Batman’s commitment to fighting crime was not as all-encompassing as it is now.


  1. Not only are they in no rush to trap the Joker, Bruce apparently took so long to answer Dick’s question that both were able to put on new clothes and leave the house.

  2. I forgot my phone. It’s too late. We’ve gone too far.

  3. Just say no to dope Batman.

  4. Are we sure that when Bruce says “entertainment” he means an ice show?

  5. I like Dick’s commitment to a color palette in both his casual and evening attire. Did he get rid of all the green sport-coats when he became Nightwing?

  6. I love how dapper they look.

    Let’s also take notice that Grant Morrison thinks all of this happened in Bruce’s life. So there was a point where Bruce didn’t give two-shits about his arch-enemy killing people.

  7. Anyone find the owl yet?

  8. They only thought they were seeing an ice show. In actuality they were in an alley somewhere beating people with stray animals.

    File this under “Things you shouldn’t say to Red Arrow/Arsenal.”

  9. The franking ice show Dick!? Man that kid has some odd tastes…

  10. Judging by how they’re reacting to the Joker on the loose, I can only assume that when Dick says “ice show,” he wants to go watch Mr. Freeze murder people.

  11. There must have been an edited-out line from “Under the Red Hood” about this. “If you weren’t so busy taking that OTHER Robin to ice shows, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten the crap beaten out of me by a damn crowbar-wielding clown! Were you catching some entertainment while Babs was getting paralyzed, huh?”

  12. I find it odd that billionaire Bruce Wayne ever thought blue plaid was an acceptable sport coat pattern….was blue plaid EVER considered the height of fashion? Or did he call Barry Allen and ask him if he could borrow a sport coat and bowtie?

  13. Hmm, when someone says “Let’s GET some entertainment”, I don’t think he’s thinking of going to SEE an ice show. Rather, I think he really meant some form of adult entertainment? Maybe a couple of hookers?

    And how many people did the Joker kill while they were out on the town enjoying themselves? Probably that’s why Batman is so dark today, he realizes how many hundreds of people died in the early days while he was more interested in entertainment than fighting crime.

  14. +1

  15. The Dark Knight rocking a white fedora?

  16. This is glorious. Ah those were the days…

  17. I can never decide if the fact that most of these “Greatest Moments” come from Detective and Batman (two of my all-time favorite titles) is a good thing or a bad thing.

    What does this say about me as a person?


    I’ll think about it at the ice show this afternoon.