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DC Histories: The Ventriloquist and Scarface

Nothing should come between a man and his puppet.

DC Histories: Clayface

From washed up actor to shape shifting menace, Clayface has done it all.

DC Histories: Edward Nigma (The Riddler)

E. Nigma has more than lived up to his name as the Riddler.

DC Histories: Bane

Meet the man behind the wrestling mask.

DC Histories: Batwoman (Kathy Kane / Kate Kane)

Two Histories for the price of one as we delve into the lives of two very different Batwomen.

DC Histories: The Joker

He’s gotten a lot of mileage out of that one purple suit.

Great Moments in Comics History: Detective Comics #42

And my piercing blue eyes!

John Layman Named as New Writer of DETECTIVE COMICS

New food-based rogues gallery still unconfirmed.

Tony Daniel Announces His Departure From DETECTIVE COMICS as Writer with Issue #12, as Artist with #0

The writer-artist is moving on from Gotham. Who should don the cowl next?

Great Pages: DETECTIVE COMICS #442

Alex Toth and Archie Goodwin craft a Batman story that looks like nothing else.