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DC Histories: Grant Morrison’s Batman

As Grant Morrison’s years long Batman story wraps up, remember where it’s been.

DC Histories: Dick Grayson (Robin I / Nightwing II / Batman III)

The original teen sidekick has been swinging around the DCU for generations.


Dick Grayson. Robin. Nightwing. Acrobat. Trapeze Artist. Circus Brat.

DC Histories: Jason Todd (Robin II / Red Hood II)

He was one of the first “permanent” comic book deaths to return. But he wasn’t the last.

Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #18


Great Moments in Comics History: Detective Comics #64

Eh, it’s just The Joker.

DC Histories: Tim Drake (Robin III)

Tim Drake is in Teen Titans #4 today but didn’t he used to just be regular ol’ Robin? He did! Check out his DC History to find out more.

The iFanboy Letter Column – 10.28.2011

This week: Three questions about the Bat universe, writing comics, & original art