Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #18

Selina isn’t the only one who can be catty.


  1. Did Alfred get shot by some type of aging ray in future Batman comics?

  2. Ah, lime green, why did you go out of style as a background color? Why were you ever a background cover to begin with. Also, something about this picture makes me think Alfred is driving a bus, not a fancy car. I can hear the laugh track over this panel though, and that makes me smile.

    • yeah i agree, however i’ve had the good fortune of being able to sit in the drivers seat of an old school 1940’s Lincoln…those big luxury vehicles were like buses by today’s standards. The front seat was basically a living room couch, and the steering wheel was gigantic. Definitely not a Prius!

  3. I like how everyone is smiling. Such happy smack talking.

  4. “Why are you on the wrong side of the road Alfred?”-Dick
    “I’m drunk Master Dick…”-Alfred

  5. The angle of those windows, and the featureless exterior, make me think Alfred is actually flying a blimp.

  6. what happened next: Dick and Alfred look at Bruce. “Master Bruce, we’re in the driveway.”

  7. I actually miss fat dopey Alfred (oh God, shoot me now…..)