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Is “Batman” Dumb?

It’s more like expulsion of disbelief at this point. Or is it “just comics”?

Weekly Sketch Up – 04.12.2013

I wonder where a guy, an everyday Joe like myself, can find a little *art*!

Weekly Sketch Up – 03.22.2013

Clark, 2 Peters, a Pepper, Abe, and Blackagar.

DC Histories: Sherlock Holmes

The world famous consulting detective has been showing up in pages of DC Comics for years.

Everyone Is Mad, So Here Are A Few Poems

Be soothed

You Never Forget a Face – The Joker Returns

Braving particularly scalding nightmares, Mike spends the weekend reading “Death of the Family” and has thoughts on The Joker’s enigmatic return.

PREVIEW: Scott Snyder Unleashes the Horrors of Arkham on BATMAN

The King in the Asylum.

REVIEW: Batman #16 (Spoiler-Free)

Batman doesn’t get any better than this…

DC Histories: The Creeper

It’s the laugh that makes him so creepy.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 From iFanboy!

iFanboy is taking the holiday weekend off!