Happy Thanksgiving 2012 From iFanboy!

EDITOR’S NOTE – iFanboy will be taking the holiday off (for the most part – there might be a random article here and there) and so should you! We’ll see you back here on Sunday with a new episode of the Pick of the Week Podcast. Until then, sit down with a big ol’ plate of food and enjoy the Thanksgiving memories.


Happy Thanksgiving 2012 from the staff here at iFanboy!


In an annual iFanboy Thanksgiving tradition, please enjoy these comic book related memories from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!


(This one is AWESOME)


  1. I swear it feels like yesterday I was watching these clips but it was last Thanksgiving. Enjoy your well earned time off.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Have a great holiday weekend.

  3. Wishing the ifanboy collective a fine Thanksgiving, from across the pond. By jove!

  4. Ah, that bandana again!

    Happy thanksgiving!

  5. Happy thanksgiving guys. Am I to assume there’ll be no audio podcast because if this?

  6. Thanks for everything guys ad everyone else with iFanboy. Happy thanksgiving.

  7. I am thankful for this site.

    I am also a little drunk.

    Happy Turkey Day everyone!!

  8. I’m actually Fred Travalena, too.