Weekly Sketch Up – 03.22.2013


Superman by Kris Anka

natashaandclint_notoClint and Natasha by Phil Noto

IronMan_BH_BCIron Man by Brian Hurtt

PepperPotts_Rescue_MellonPepper Potts by Kevin Mellon

BlackBolt_SamneeBlack Bolt by Chris Samnee

ABE_pinup_01_mittenAbe Sapien by Christopher Mitten

Batman_GrampaBatman vs. Joker by Rafael Grampa

spider-man_KevinColdenSpider-Man by Kevin Colden


Spider-Man by Tom Fowler


  1. Tom Fowler’s and Kevin Colton’s Spider-Man sketches are awesome. I also like Rafael Grampa’s Batman vs. Joker Sketch is pretty cool also

  2. GRAMPA!!!!!!

  3. I love everything Rafael Grampa does. Is it just me or does Noto’s Hawkeye look a bit like Alan Tudyk?

  4. i love that drawing of superman. he looks a bit like the older versions of him that i’ve seen. which brings me to my next point – the new costume really isn’t working for me.

  5. Love that sketch of Abe Sapien by Christopher Mitten, also really like that Black Bolt sketch by Samnee (but really who could screw up that great costume design by Kirby).

  6. Love the Kevin Colden Spidey!

    the Tiki

  7. Gotta get more Grampa on the shelves.

  8. That Superman was just one of several DC redesigns that Chris Anka did. Check them out, they’re all fantastic:


  9. Amazing sketches all, but how about Chris Samnee? Can he draw most, if not all, comics in the world?

  10. Who is Kris Anka and is he doing any comics in the near future? I see a future iFanboy Upstarts article!

    • Weird, as I thought who is Kris Anka, was about to type it and you said it and happen to be the last post. Ifanboy upstarts for sure cause I have no idea what else he’s done and love that color scheme combined with the unusual, hard to pinpoint age disposition of Supes.

  11. MMMmmmmmm…. Dat Black Bolt…

  12. Love the Fowler Spider-Man, specifically for the look of sheer panic on his face. I think Peter should be in that state a bit more often than we see him (or saw him, I guess.)