DC Loses Two More Writers Before They Start: Andy Diggle Leaves ACTION COMICS and Joshua Fialkov Leaves GREEN LANTERN CORPS & RED LANTERNS [UPDATE]

Andy Diggle_Tony Daniel_Superman_Promo

Action Comics promo piece by Tony Daniel

I might have run out of DC Editorial Chaos Jokes so I’ll just report the straight dope: new Action Comics writer Andy Diggle has just confirmed on Twitter the speculation that he had walked off the book.




Obviously we don’t know the whys and wherefores, and because the industry is so small chances are we won’t, so for right now this remains just the latest in a long line of things that have happened at DC Comics over the last year that make you shake your head.

So! If Andy Diggle is no longer writing Action Comics, who would you like to join artist Tony Daniel (assuming he’s not going anywhere either)?


DC Comics’ head of PR just Tweeted that artist Tony Daniel would be handling writing duties on the rest of the first arc. After that, who will be writing the book is the big question.

UPDATE! (4:24pm ET)

CBR has confirmed that in addition to Andy Diggle’s leaving Action Comics, writer Joshua Hale Fialkov is walking off Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns due to the fabled “creative differences.”

UPDATE! (6:17pm ET)

Joshua Hale Fialkov has released a statement on his blog that reads, in part:

There were editorial decisions about the direction of the book that conflicted with the story I was hired to tell, and I felt that it was better to let DC tell their story the way they want. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I’ll miss working with the entire Green Lantern team.

UPDATE! (6:23pm ET)

DC Comics’ head of PR has announced via Twitter that Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer writer Van Jensen will take on Green Lantern Corps, with Green Lantern‘s Robert Venditti co-plotting. Swamp Thing‘s Charles Soule will now script Red Lanterns.



  1. DC is such a mess!

    • I only love and read DC books, and yet, right now, I feel so ashamed of being part of this company’s consumers… They look like the worst dumbasses ever. KEEP. YOUR. WRITERS. DC!

    • How can you say there a mess?. Cant you see that this is all part of there plan……well at least I’m sure that’s how they’ll try and spin it when hey announce Tony Daniel as being the new ongoing writer/artist…

    • Now it’s a mess and a joke!

    • I am beginning to wonder how long I should continue shelling out the cash to DC for sub-par books? Yes, I know, I can and should stop right now, limit myself to the titles I enjoy: Batman, Justice League, Green Lantern (for now)… and a handful of others. I had such hope for the New 52. I liked Flashpoint and I thought DC was taking a bold direction. Now, I think they are taking no direction. They need to see the fork in the road from The Muppet Movie (I fear the sign would have to be that obvious for them right now) and TURN.

  2. Sh*t.

    And on the day Action 18 comes out.

  3. I’ve never been much of a Superman reader, but if DC hired Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee to do a run on Action Comics that’s all about big fun super-hero action (and not so much dark, red-eyed scowling), I’d probably be powerless to resist.

  4. Paul Schrader

  5. Here’s hoping Daniels doesn’t opt to write the thing himself…

    This is very disappointing. I was really excited about this run.

    • And, of course, he will be. Damn, I had really high hopes for this book. Now, it looks like my Superman fix will be coming via Superman Unchained (that title still sounds awful).

    • DC shouldn’t let Daniel write ANYTHING. I think he’s an excellent artist, but I’ve never read anything he’s written that was any good. Sorry, Tony!

  6. Dream writers for Action Comics:

    Rob Liefeld, Tony S. Daniel, Tony T. Daniel, Kevin Smith, Alan Moore

  7. Well this is a disappointment. I was starting to get excited about Diggle coming on, especially thinking back on how much I loved his Adam Strange Planet Heist story. After Grant Morrison, it’s time for something different; can DC please get Darwyn Cooke to do something following his excellent Before Watchmen stuff?

  8. How about Jeff Lemire? He’s worked on Superboy, and I think he would bring a nice dynamic to Superman and his world.

  9. Aaaaand I’m out before I’m in. Thanks DC for saving me $3.99! I’d say they should get their sh*t together, but if sales are “good enough for them”, they won’t.

  10. Go home, DC, you’re drunk.

  11. I didn’t mind Daniels last Detective run, it was an easy (fun?) read. Nowhere near as good as Snyder’s Batman, but a nice book to buy along with it. I don’t think I’d buy Action Comics if he’s writing, unless he delegates the art to someone else. Why not get Greg Pak? He’s only got one title right now, get his feet wet with another till someone else can be found.

  12. I vote for me.

  13. If they use Tony Daniel the book will go into obscurity. I’m not to sure who I would like to see write it, though.

  14. NEW IDEA: Art Baltazar and Franco. Superman Adventures was FUN, and who better to create an awesome, accessible mainstream Superman book?

  15. DC is so FUBAR right now, it’s just not funny. I never really warmed up to Morrison on Action and I was looking forward Diggle’s run. Have to agree with @IthoSapien: Greg Pak would be a great choice. Of course, given how things are transpiring with DC now, who knows how long Pak will stick around Batman/Superman. The whole thing is really sad.

  16. I was going to continue reading Action Comics, expecting the title to be interesting. Now I’m not. DC’s editorial policy (or whatever is responsible for this continuous impression unprofessionalism) is too annoying for me to wait and see who’s next.

  17. Oh my god. Tony Daniel on writing and art duties? It’s like DC is telling me they don’t want my money. What’s next? Phillip Tan on batman?

  18. Maybe’s it’s time to call out Bob Harass. His arrival in a power position coincided with all the craziness on the business side.

  19. With Action in a tailspin how do they justify having Snyder & Lee start up a new Superman title ? Why don’t they put Synder & Lee on Action and admit that Superman is barely carrying the titles he has ?

    • Seconded! But Lee’s ego would probably prevent him from doing a new 52 book that doesn’t start with a number 1 with him doing it.

    • Now, there’s an idea . . .

    • Well, April is WTF month…

    • Yep Synder and Lee should just write Action Comics. I really hate the Superman Unchained title. They won’t but they should just make it a number 1 and move forward with a good superman book.

    • @:a.j.howard09, if that’s the case, DC must have some truly funky announcements waiting for us — maybe for April Fool’s they can mock fire the entire staff in one go, only to re-hire ’em all back a week later (OK, this is starting to turn into an Arrested Development episode . . . )

  20. So disappointed. DC, WHAT. IS. GOING. ON???

  21. HA!

  22. Disappointed. Whatever “Professional Reasons” means i wonder if that pledge at that creative summit to keep a handle on editorial was a bit of an empty promise. Just let creators do what they do. Its why you hired them!

    • DC Editorial strikes again, I’ll probably have to wait some 50 years or so for a behind the scenes book ala ‘Marvel-The Untold Story’ to fully know what was up over there.

      What a shame, I was really looking forward to this.

    • What comes to mind is that scene from “Downfall.” You know the one. If “Man of Steel” tanks, then I think a lot of things will change very quickly and drastically.

  23. Wow! Just WOW! I was totally into Diggle’s turn on Superman. While I’m not too familiar with his work always heard good things. Now I’m not sure I’ll be picking this up. This “creative differences” fiasco has got to fucking stop. I’m not buying many DC books to begin with and this doesn’t help.

  24. I wasn’t planning on reading his Action Comics anyway but this seems to further indicate that Superman comics are doomed. For now. Maybe they’ll surprise me with the next replacement. But it’s a year and a half after the reboot and Superman is in desperate need of another fresh start (and costume fix).

  25. How long is it going to take DC to take a hint from all of this? How many writers/artists have they lost or fired before the book even hitting the shelves? Maybe Roberson’s exit did encourage others to pull the same move. Luckily, Diggle is established enough that he can make a choice like this.

  26. There’s no upheaval here. None whatsoever. Right.

    What a joke.

  27. Disappointing to see Diggle not on the title as I was pretty excited to check out his take on Supes. I like Daniel as an artist, but was nonplussed by his writing on the Batbooks. I will still give it a try though because it’s the only Supes book I’m reading, and I believe in giving things a fair shake before bailing.

    • Funny thing is, he left Detective to do art on this book and now he’s in that same position. It’s hard to tell if he moved up of down tho…

  28. This has become a running theme since start of the “The New 52” over at DC. And for one I want to know who’s to blame for it? Is it Warner Bros. themselves? Is it Diane Nelson (The President of DCE)? Is it Dan DiDio (Co-Publisher)? Is it Jim Lee (Co-Publisher)? Is it Bob Harris (Editor In chief)? Is it Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer)? Is it the editors?

    Because at this point you’d think ONE of those people would see how much of a cluster _ _ _ _ this has all become and would have done something about it by now.

  29. What’s up with Angry Anti-Hero Superman on the cover there?

  30. webhead921 webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    “Come on!” -Gob Bluth

  31. If Daniel does writing. It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s a turd!

  32. Honestly, I’m not a huge Diggle or Superman fan, so this wasn’t on my radar, but, still, yeah, it doesn’t look good. I’ve been defending some of DC’s more “odd” decisions lately, but this one just seems all wrong. And now Daniel’s on writing duties now? Hmm, does not sound promising at all . . .

    Well, at there’s still Snyder’s new book . . .

  33. This kind of stuff has been downright comedic for awhile, but another year of it has me worried…

    And am I the only one who’s starting to think (in a cosmic way) of “The New 52” as DC’s version of Marvel’s “Heroes Reborn” era? And if that analogy holds, can we just get a new EIC (or whoever this whole DC mess gets pinned on) and start the branding push for a return to “The Original Universe” or whatever DC’s equivalent of Marvel’s “Heroes Return”/”Marvel Knights” era will be???

    Not that I need the old continuity or any continuity for that matter, it just seems like the only way to wash away the taste of the New 52 while still appeasing diehard DC fanboys?

    • It felt like Heroes Reborn right off the bat. Hell, it involved Bob Harras, Jim Lee, Rob Liefiled, and Scott Lobdell! I live for the day DC goes back to the Original Universe (which oddly enough was a marketing term they used in the early 2000s) and we can all forget the huge snowballing clusterfuck of the new 52

    • This is probably a good call. New 52, New Coke, Pepsi Clear… soon you’ll see “Original Formula D.C.”

    • Except there were like 3 or 4 good books in the New 52. Heroes Reborn was really bad. I know, I bought some of it!

      The positive side was Busiek, Chen and Perez’s Iron Man and Avengers that came out afterward!

    • @mikeandzod21 – Hehe, I was hoping someone else would get the parallels…

      @ResurrectionFlan – I wouldn’t fret about the handful of good books left in The New 52, “Batman”, “Batman Inc”, “Wonder Woman”, & “Swamp Thing” never needed the reboot to be great and could easily continue…

      Me, I’m still convinced “New Coke” was just a stunt to take attention off of the fact that they switched from sugar to high fructose corn syrup when they launched “Coca-Cola Classic”…

  34. Wow. DC has just been one giant cluster fuck for the past year now. They need to get their shit together.

  35. and looks like I’m down to no Superman books.

    • IF…and I mean IF Superman is FINALLY done right. Word of mouth will spread like wildfire and you will be running to get it like how it was when Alan Moore did his FAMOUS Swamp Thing issue changing the character forever in the DC universe.

      Remember when you buy a DC issue you are telling them you approve of it. Remember dollars equals votes. Why would they change a thing when you keep voting your approval for it?

  36. Diggle Defaults: DC’s Decision Dartboard Decimated.

    If Diggle just felt he wasn’t up to the task, that’s one thing. Somehow, I doubt that’s the case.

    Man would I love for one of these writers to just up and spill the beans.

  37. What the heck. Loads of people walking off DC books in the last year (not even counting the Sprouse/O.S.Card thing).

    It’s weird how mismanagement has eroded the whole line. A year and a half ago we had a huge wave of New 52 happiness (with only a relative few naysayers). But sales and critical opinion has just tanked, aside from a few projects. Basically, aside from what Morrison and Snyder have been doing with Batman, everything else looks like a sinking ship. Once Batman Inc is gone, Wonder Woman will be the last DC book remaining on my pull list. And just a year ago I was saying, “Damn, DC now totally dominates the portion of my brain that can care about Big Two superhero comics.”

    Something like Andy Diggle on Action Comics was at least something I would have been interesting checking out or hearing about at some point. But now it’s just gone. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, DC. I guess I’ll look forward to things like Constantine, or in another Tony Daniel-penned amateur-hour run on one of your marquee titles. Oh wait, no, I’ll just continue to ignore those things.

    • I know what you mean. I was also excited about Diggle’s run (even more than the Snyder/Lee series). I love DC and now I am down to pulling just two titles.

  38. Literally last night I was thinking, maybe I’ll stick around and give the other Action Comics and chance. Dang. L8R yo.

  39. This is becoming ‘an era’. In fact it’s a soap op-era.
    The DC Convulsion!

  40. The next New 52 replacement book should just be titled “Cancelled in Six”.

  41. James Robinson…really, really enjoying “Earth 2”

    • I really like Robinson, but was pretty mixed on his Superman work a few years ago. I have always chalked part of that up to being forced to work within an overarching narrative that wasn’t his but dictated from above. [Insert your own ironic joke here].

    • He didn’t actually get to write “Superman” thanks to DC Editorial haha.

  42. All of DCs woes can be summed up in two words: Bob Harras. That guy is a disease for comic publishers.

  43. Tony Daniel? Welp, I’m done. I’m f***ing done.

    Lobdell and Tony Daniel on your superman flagship books for his 75th anniversary? At a time when maybe, just maybe, people interested in the man of steel movie might check out a comic.

    I can’t think of a better way to try and crash a line of comics.

  44. WTF goes on at DC? This was all set to go on my pull list for next month… looks like I’m out before it even got started. Wanted to get into a good Superman book but looks like that won’t be happening. May check out Snyder’s ‘unchained’… but not real interested in paying 5 bucks per month for it. Maybe I’ll just put some Marvel on my pull list instead, they least seem to have most of their act together.

  45. Money. That’s all this really is. Thanking his editor on the way out? He was writing Action Comics, saw the initial preorder figures (or it was mentioned at the retreat) and went waa-waa-waa to the Powers that Be asking for more compenstation. He wasn’t granted it, so he packed up his old kit bag and decided to take his toys away, hoping someone would stop him on the way out. No one did, because Tony Daniel probably works a lot cheaper and easier to wrangle.

    Look at the Gail Simone situation from a few months back. it was well known her contract was set to expire. She was down to one book, which sold fairly well, but which had fairly low critical acclaim outside of the dedicated Simone-ites. She tried to play hardball, negotiate up, her editor was told to keep her at her former rate. She said no, so he fired her. She played the internet for sympathy, got her position back when the higher ups realized they got rid of someone with a small-but-rabid fan base. Look at her tweets since that incident. Nary a bad word said about DC. She got what she wanted. Others haven’t.

    Here’s the thing, even if this isn’t about money – (which word round the Zoo is that the editoral claims are to hide how cash strapped DC is) – I bet anything Diggle hit upon something Snyder was going. Snyder sells books, he’s the guy you make sure get his story his way. Diggle’s recent pulications haven’t been amazing. I’m shocked he was even considered to replace Morrison.

    Alas… this has gone on too long. Also, I’m getting very tired of Leifeld and Waid always being there to pile on situations like this. I don’t expect a lot from Leifeld, but Waid I do, and everytime he chimes in with some withering comment I lose a little respect for him.

    • If you’d been through the wringer that is the comic book industry like Waid has, you’d probably be a little snarky on the Twitters as well.

    • I don’t understand how announcing to twitter that you were fired in very plain language and then saying you were moving on is “playing the internet for sympathy” I also don’t understand how you can categorize Simone’s fan base as “small.” They might not be buying other books but I know tons of people who have left comics over the years yet still buy her work in various formats.
      If they were really small DC wouldn’t have listened to them. Numbers equal sales which equal money.

    • “Money. That’s all this really is. Thanking his editor on the way out? He was writing Action Comics, saw the initial preorder figures (or it was mentioned at the retreat) and went waa-waa-waa to the Powers that Be asking for more compenstation. He wasn’t granted it, so he packed up his old kit bag and decided to take his toys away, hoping someone would stop him on the way out.”

      NO. People have an agreed upon page rate before going into a book. Even if somebody suddenly saw a book’s big numbers after taking on a gig, that is what royalties are for, not page rates. (The idea that Diggle would not know what Action sells before taking the gig is pretty freakin’ ludicrous, for that matter.) Royalty rates are the same across the board for DCU work-for-hire, so it’s not like somebody would threaten to leave to negotiate a higher royalty rate. What you are speculating about does not happen.

      Whatever precipitated these creators leaving, the one reason it is not is money. Unless there is a dispute about ownership or rights, these things are NEVER about money.

  46. And if that isn’t enough…
    Fialkov off all the GL titles!

    I agree, Harras has to go.

    • Shame if this is true as well. I was hoping we’d stop seeing these frequent and sudden changes from DC this year.

      Thinking about all that’s happened, it’s kind of a miracle a book like Azzarello’s Wonder Woman has continued to exist in its original and current state.

  47. The only way to save this is to get someone better than Andy Diggle. It’s so obvious, but does DC know?

  48. Dear DC,

    Please get your shit together.

    A Concerned Reader

  49. “DC Comics’ head of PR just Tweeted that artist Tony Daniel would be handling writing duties on the rest of the first arc.”


    WTF DC, Tony Daniel is a GREAT ARTIST but one of the most pedestrian and worst writers. I bet most of you out there could pick out Tony Daniel art, but couldn’t point out an outstanding story arc. Other than his craptastic writting on The Dark Knight series, the only other plot I can think of was that boring ass crap with some kung-fu/Chinese characters he did back in Batman… and I only remember it because it stood out for how incredibly BORING it was.

    Jesus. Tony Daniel writing. Hey, let’s just make it super-awesome and make Daniel ONLY write and bring in Liefeld for the art. Why not… WhyTF not? BLEH. Not getting my money DC!

    • Gregg hurwitz writes “The Dark Knight Series” which used to be written by David Finch, and if you’re referring to the Detective Comics #0 story, that was written by Hurwitz as well.

  50. It seems like everyone piles on the “DC is screwing up” articles. Look at when this was posted, 4 hours ago. This will get 100 comments in the next hour and will be filled with people talking about how screwed DC is. I bet if I looked back far enough I could follow the trend and see that the articles with DC making a blunder got the most responses. Weird.

    • I don’t attribute this to people jumping on the bandwagon to complain as much as evidence that people care about how bad DC is blowing it. They’ve had, what 20 titles cancelled since the relaunch? Musical chairs on a ton of creative teams resulting in bad PR and bad press? They really were a credible threat to Marvel, but they’re becoming a joke. And this is from a 20+ year DC guy!

    • Ok how is that not jumping on the bandwagon? I can’t recall many times when it’s reported that Marvel screwed up, the last thing that comes to mind is when Dan Slott made Doc Ock Spider-Man and everybody almost exploded from rage. Now it seems like those same people are buying that book, and some are even enjoying it. WTF?! I think Marvel can just keep plugging away no matter what because they have so many Wolverine, Avengers,, and X-Men books. Oh, I almost forgot; I read some of what Marvel’s putting out these days like “Secret Avengers” and “New X-Men”. I couldn’t stand it! This is what people are buying these days, that’s so much better than anything DC does? Get real.

    • We comment because we want our voices heard. We like DC characters, we dislike how they’re being handled. Vote with your wallet and voice your opinion.

    • I am voting with my wallet, it’s why j stopped buying Marvel. And you dislike how DC is mishandling the characters? Like who, Superman and Green Lantern? They had 2 of their top writers on those books , Johns and Morrison. It’s not really DC’s fault if it’s top guys aren’t selling is it? Besides, Flakov left GL:CORPS, what’s the big deal with that? Talk to me when Robert Vendetti walks away from GL proper.

    • I’m a lifelong DC fan, but find myself reading more and more Marvel books. Still great stuff from both companies, but commenting because we care.

    • Uhmm Dan Slott had a bad idea (imho) that was debated. Marvel didn’t screw him over with editorial fuckery. Marvel puts out books like Avengers, Wolverine and X-Men from quality creators like Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver, Steve Epting, Paul Cornell (who defected from DC), Alan Davis, Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immomen, Chris Bachallo, Brian Wood (dropped from DC?!?!?!) and Jason Aaron. That’s why people like them as opposed to the shit show of 90’s writer’s that DC uses. That’s what peoples problem is. Listen if you don’t like the creators at Marvel that’s cool but anybody that is “loyal” to Marvel or DC is a moron point blank period. They are doing something negative that is making creators defect and if you love them too much to see that I feel sorry for you.

    • Itho, I hear what you’re saying. What I meant by my comment was people jumping on the bandwagon to bash DC for the sake of bashing DC, not because they care. The DC characters are my favorites, and always have been. You won’t find me defending Marvel’s practices of double-shipping in one month or having 10 X-men books, and I’ve bashed them on things before, I’ll admit. But if a book is good, I’ll read it, and I don’t care if it’s Marvel or DC. I just hate to see something I’ve loved for so long get screwed up by mismanagement. I don’t understand how people in leadership positions of companies, who are being well-paid, can continue to screw things up so badly without repercussions. FIRE THEM ALREADY!

    • @Kennyg, I think you’re getting what I’m saying. I’m not loyal to any company. I used to only buy Marvel, got sick of where it was going and switched to mainly DC. When I can’t find any good DC books I’m not going to go across the selves to Marvel and buy the latest Wolverine or Spider-man book. I don’t know why 90s artists are even brought up in this, what, Daniels was a big guy in the 90s and is old hat? Of course not, someone’s implying that’s all that’s left at DC which is a generalization. As far as i know, its not 90% 90s era creators working at DC.I have nothing against the creators at Marvel, I used to read Bendis all the time until I felt he ran out of ideas. Btw, Paul Cornell left Marvel then came back and got his own Wolverine series. If that’s all that Marvel can offer to bring in someone that “defected” from DC and it works, good for them but I ain’t buying it.

      ” I don’t understand how people in leadership positions of companies, who are being well-paid, can continue to screw things up so badly without repercussions.” I think you answered your own question @Kennyg, but then that happens in other companies and even our government. Yea somethings up with DC, I’ll admit that. I think alotta people tho are getting a kick out of watching it tho. And saying Dan Slott’s “Superior Spider-Man” pitch was “debated” is putting it pretty mildly don’t cha think?

    • The point isn’t that Marvel is better it’s to write “I don’t know why people pile on DC” when they clearly are doing something wrong. For one it’s bad comics by creators that were making bad comics at marvel 20 years ago. Two it’s dicking around the creative talent. Three it’s going from being a company that truly cared about making great forward thinking work, that published The Watchmen, Ronin, Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Preacher, Swamp Thing, all things Grant Morrison, Y The Last Man ect to what we have today. A line of comics that are almost all interchangeable from one another save for a handful of creators that sell and can do what they want from a company that at this point clearly does not respect it’s talent or the intelligence of it’s audience. I think people pile on because they are pissed off that a company that used to be so great has completely fallen off a cliff and is seems to be getting worst over time without addressing that in any meaningful way. If this was Marvel people would probably feel the same way. and BTW in addition to Paul Cornell there is also Gerg Rucka, Mark Waid and Brian Wood. Talents like Ed Brubraker, Grant Morrison and Brian K Vaughn are making comics at Image that would have been a perfect fit at Vertigo less then three years ago. That is more then just Paul Cornell going to Wolverine. And yes I say debated because I don’t take fucktards who yell on youtube and or send death threats via twitter as anything but white noise. It was debated by reasonable people and then left in the background where it belongs within a couple weeks. And again Dan Slott bad stories ideas about Spider Man and DC consistently screwing over creators is not the same thing.

    • Great, you admit people are puiling on DC. I already said somethings up with DC, we all know it at this point. It’s frustrating seeing all the same comments like “DC sucks” or “Reboot the reboot” while it seems like I never hear Marvel screwing up (really, Marvel never does that?). Occasionally I see people with real suggestions but mostly it’s all the same directed at the company I’m giving my dollars to because I feel they made an effort to do something new and make some interesting books, which there are some great examples of (not a 100% fine, doesn’t mean the whole line is crap). A ton of the DC books you just listed were mainly made in the 80s and mostly done by Vertigo, I can’t help but find some kind of folly in that. “All these great books made in the 80s, now 20 years later everything sucks “. Just seems like an unfair argument, but whatever. I’m not saying DC’s current editorial is the same as Dan Slott’s Spidey plots, I was saying thats the last controversy I heard from Marvel. If you still want to say it was some kid of calm and reasoned debate I need to find the comments made ON THIS VERY WEBSITE when the story broke and use them as examples. Speaking of editorial interference; wasn’t there something about Rucka being taken off Punisher then being given a mini-series to wrap up his plot? I admit I didn’t follow that story closely but I think I got the cliff notes. Yea sure, Marvel has the biggest talent pool right now, how many of them are on titles that aren’t Wolverine, Spider-Man, X-Men, or Avengers related? You talk about titles that are all interchangeable and Marvel has dozens of books featuring the same characters SIMULTANEOUSLY! I’m sure thats different tho, but whatever. Next week or tomorrow there’ll be a similar story and people are going to repeating the same stuff as before. I won’t be questioning why people are piling on because itll be obvious they are and pointless to ask why.

    • I agree. I’m beginning to hate this place. I just want to read comics I like and talk about them – most people here seem to want to complain, gripe, groan, insult and belittle. It wasn’t always this way, was it? I think this place used to be better.

    • One thing I have noticed, these things seem to go in cycles. DC was up, now they’re down. Marvel was down, now they’re up. Image has gone from a joke to having some of the best books being published. Now, the wavelength of the Marvel/DC cycles has shortened a LOT recently, but in a couple of years it will probably change again. Hopefully DC gets it together.

      The other thing – haters gonna hate. Lots of people like to kick someone when they’re down, and it’s even worse on the Internet. I mean, for the most part, we have a degree of anonymity available here, and with that people can be huge pricks with no consequence. I don’t think it’s as bad here as other places on the net, but people take shots. Don’t let it get you down.

    • Thanks @BCDX97 and @Kennyg. I just get sick of seeing patterns or that the “other side” is doing the same and no one will admit it. I might add some more DC books to my pull list, I promise they’ll be good ones. Im sure DC will get a boost soon and this bad streak will be history. Onward and forward!

    • So if people are frustrated with DC they shouldn’t say anything? The reason people don’t say this about Marvel right now is because we don’t see these stories right now. If they same thing was happening as you say then we would see it publicly from creators announcing that they are getting pulled off a book sometimes before it even comes out or Gail Simone getting fired then coming back or DC basically pissing on Alan Moore to make squeeze the Watchmen corpse dry. And what exactly is the folly of mentioning the books I mentioned? That’s DC legacy. That’s what I used to expect from them. What made them special was that they were making comics like this when nobody else did. They pushed the medium forward when Marvel was living off there characters without any concern for quality and Image was just making edgier versions of the characters from the Big two and DC was doing that for decades. Just because they are from the 80’s or from Vertigo shouldn’t matter. And if that’s your problem then what about All Star Superman, Gotham Central or Morrison’s Batman and Robin or the Long Halloween? I’m sorry for being upset that they can’t live to there own history or that I don’t see any parallels with what they are doing right now with what Marvel is doing right now or that I’m voicing these concerns and debating it on a website that was designed for fans to interact about comics. I’m sorry but I think your logic is flawed and I felt like commenting on that. I hope you are right about DC and they will get a boost but I’m not holding my breath. Onward and forward……..with good comics

    • Alright I’m going to give it one last go, just because you’re still not getting it. Yes, the Vertigo stuff from the 80s was progressive and cutting age, it was also done almost 30 years ago! If you had said “DC’s gone downhill from 3-4 years ago when they did stuff like the Black Mirror or All-Star Superman” I wouldn’t argue with that, it would be a valid argumentative position. But you want DC to be like it’s imprint/sister company from 30+ years ago? Really?! Ok, then I want Marvel to be just like it was when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby worked together and made comics. It’s part of Marvel’s history afterall. Unless that happens I won’t read any Marvel comics because nothing today beats what they did 50+ years ago (see my point here?). What about Marvel milking the Avengers which Kirby got jerked around for his compensation? That’s different I’m sure. You and yours can complain about DC all you want, but if you act like the whole thing’s SH*% and nothing they’re publishing is good at all then Im going to say something. Or maybe I won’t, it’s tiring debating this with you. I can’t wait for the tables to flip and I can bash Marvel day and night (and history is cyclical, which means it repeats itself). Forward and Onward; to good DC comics. Or whoever is publishing good that’s isn’t all generic movie tie series.

    • Nobody said DC is publishing shit they are saying that they are not publishing at the same quality as they were prior and there treatment of creators is crap. Watchmen, Vertigo, All star Superman were all part of the larger whole that made DC. DC does have great comics now but I’ve been hard pressed to find any that aren’t written by Lemire, Snyder or Morrison. I get what your saying but your reasoning is flawed. Nobody is saying they won’t read DC anymore or at least reasonable people are not saying that. They are upset at the publisher. And really dude generic movie tie in series? Like that’s just bullshit. What marvel is doing in there books and what they are doing with there movies have almost little to no correlation with one another. And if the table were turned I’m sure myself as well as everybody else would be saying the same thing about Marvel. I dislike the majority of Marvel’s 90’s comics for the same reason I dislike DC comics now. The overall quality sucks and the talent isn’t given the freedom to tell the stories that they want. And one final thing. The idea that history is cyclical is a logical fallacy. It can be but it doesn’t have to. If that were true then we would have no progress. I hope that DC get’s better. I hope that Marvel can keep publishing stuff like Hawkeye, Fury Max, Avengers, Daredevil, Thor God of Thunder, Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Captain America, Captain Marvel, FF ect ,that Image and Dark Horse can keep making high quality and boundary pushing genre fiction and that DC can get back to what it was. Just because one is good doesn’t mean the other has to suck. We as fans have a choice and when we support great creators making high quality comics the other companies will respond. I get mad about DC because I fucking love them. Like I really fucking love there overall catalog and they have so much potential but when your flagship Superman book is Scott Lodell writing about Clark Kent becoming a blogger in 2012, writer are consistently dropping off of there books before they are released and fans are getting upset something is wrong. Clearly you either can’t or don’t want to see that but I sincerely hope that DC will.

    • Last I checked Marvel changed their Avengers comics lineup to coincide with the movie’s roster (Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye) or just split them into other Avengers books since theres plenty of them to be filled (Secret Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Avengers Arena) not to mention they cancel “Avengers Earth’s Mightest Heroes” to replace it with a cartoon that is more like the movie “Avengers Assemble” (seeing a pattern here?). Since youre hard pressed to find good books not written by Lemire, Snyder, or Morrison I’m gonna suggest “Dial H” (China Melville), “Wonder Woman” (Azzerallo), “Aquaman” (Johns), “The Flash”, plus everything I’m not reading that has good buzz; “Batman and Robin” (Tomasi), “Batwoman” (J.H Williams 3, Hayden whats-his-name), “Demon Kights”, “Stormwatch”, “Earth 2” (Robinson), “Batgirl” (Simone). That’s not even counting “The Unwritten” or “Fables” or “American Vampire” (yea i know, thats Snyder). And the idea that history being cyclical is not a fallacy, we go through periods of familair circumstances all the time. Stuff is good, it gets better, it get terrible, it gets worse, then it gets good again. Sounds cyclical to me, the whole time we’re moving forward through these periods slowly (almost like progressing…) becoming somewhat more advanced as a species. Then again I’m not an English Major, or World Historian, so I’m not the greatest expert on whether or not we’re always moving forward never replicating behavior from 5,10, 15 years ago in an deciherable pattern. You’re witness.

    • The Avengers comic line up features all those characters plus a shit ton of others that will more then likely never be in the movies either because of licensing or because they haven’t used them in decades. And thats to say nothing of how far away the individual charecter comics are from the movies As for the DC proper books I read almost all of those outside of Unwritten, Demon Knights (which actually sounds like it’s in my wheelhouse) and Storm Watch, liked to love most of them at some point and ultimately dropped them. Batman and Robin is a great example. The first eight issues about Damien teetering on the verge of becoming a sociopath with Bruce trying to repair him and there relationship were great. I even got my wife to buy me the hardcover collection for Christmas after she read the description on amazon. Then it crossed over with court of owls, The next arc didn’t do it for me last I heard it was crossing over into Death of the Family before the last issue. And that last issue was gorgeous I will say but that’s like an additional crossover into Batman Inc. There was a fantastic stand alone story there about Bruce and this son he never even considered and that pretty much ends after issue 8. Like this is the type of relationship that can take a lifetime to figure out and we only get 8 issues. I mean different strokes and all that but the fact remains DC is not doing it for me and a lot of people. I blame Bob Harras more then anybody else but it just sucks man. I don’t know what to say besides that.

    • Well after that last post I feel I can live with your feelings. I’m ready to move on to new articles and new debates and new ideas concerning both, so I say let’s close the book on this issue.

    • Agreed. Thanks for providing a worthy distraction during my work day.

  51. Bleeding Cool reported it first and now CBR confirms that Joshua Hale Fialkov exits Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns.


    The ride never ends at DC apparently.

  52. Holy crap.

  53. On the positive side, the best Superman book since the relaunch has been “Superman Family Adventures”…

    • And it was canceled.

    • A sad fate, yes, but it proved to me that they can still make an enjoyable Superman book (at least, for me)… And with the “Adventures” digital-only, I’m hopeful we’ll be back to one wonderful Supes book for me and others who want it…

  54. Things like this make me glad I’m not invested in any DC book besides Batman

  55. Just read about fialkov, and apparently there are more creative changes BC will announce soon.

    As someone who considers himself almost exclusively a DC guy, my loyalty is severely wavering.

    I’m pretty disgusted about how creators have been treated since the harras regime took over. Things were just starting to look up, and now 3 of the books I was most looking forward to are aborted.

    My pull-list is literally down to about 5 books, and batman inc. is ending soon.

    This has turned a great comic book day into dark, dark times.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Why does DC keep giving Tony Daniels work as a writer?

    • I’m with you friend! I’ve always been a DC guy but these past few controversies have definitely tested my faith.I’m still gonna buy GLC and Red Lantern Corp.

      Action Comics on the other hand…..well if the first story arc isn’t good then i might have to drop it.

  56. As a pretty hardcore DC fan it looks like things won’t change until you get rid of DiDio and Harras. Now I sound like a disgruntled Philadelphia Eagles fan.

  57. I was going to try superman for the first time ever with the Diggle run (cause i know him from vertigo) and i was going to continue on green lantern corps cause Fialkov is talented. Now im probably off both. Definatly Action.

    • I’m with you. I’ve been waiting for some fresh ideas on the Green Lantern books for a while and had initially been excited about the change in creative teams. Instead, I’ll likely take this chance to drop all of them except the core title.

    • Ya i was excited about Fialkov too..

    • Definitely more bummed out about Fialkov than Diggle. I was looking forward to where the Corps and Red Lanterns were going next. I saw an interview with him and he had some really cool ideas. Oh well.
      As far as Action goes…. Well there’s $4 for something else.

    • Ya i was looking forward to Corp as well. Sucks. I thought Diggle could at least make Superman readable for me but thats out the window.

      Yes 4 dollars for something else.. This New 52 and Marvel Now and the Image launches have ballooned my monthly comics to enormously crazy levels.

  58. Marvel under Harras was not dissimilar to DC now, and much like DC now, there were many editorial issues and after a while Harras was not very well liked. A prime example of this is in the original print of Earth X: Spidey Special where I believe Al Milgram inked in the phrase “Bob Harras is an asshole” on the spines of books.

  59. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  60. With Fialkov getting another assignment at Marvel, I wonder if the real reason wasn’t an “us or them” ultimatum. Also, with the number of people getting this treatment, maybe some off the record conversations could be woven together into an anonymous pastiche of a story so we can see what’s going on. Or will this be like the government where stories don’t get declassified for 50 years?

  61. DC Fuckery never ceases to amaze. Can’t wait to read the unauthorized history of the new 52.

  62. I’m just bummed because today is Morrison’s last issue.

  63. It just occurred to me, where’s Howard Mackie in this whole mess?

  64. This is a good thing and hopefully will awaken DC’s fascist, editorial regime (yes I know thats way over the top but things are pretty dramatic at the moment!).

    They obviously are not allowing their creators to breath and write their own stories. Maybe they will start to realise that they cannot assume total control.

    • And also wasn’t there like a writer’s retreat not too long ago where creators went up to the cleansing mountains and opened up about their “feelings” and such.


  65. Aww man! And I was really looking forward to Fialkov’s Lantern stories. =[

  66. DC (Bob Harris from history really) seems to be treating their writers like replaceable commodities, as if anyone could do the job as well as any other person. This removes the excitement of reading a Superman or Green Lantern comic, and makes the stories feel like product to be given to the consumer instead of something that I want to buy or be excited about. I don’t want a Superman book because I enjoy the pictures, I want a Superman book because I like the story, I believe it’s going to mean something and be about something that an author actually cares about and that I could care about too. If it’s just another Superman book because that’s what the author had to do to pay rent that month then who cares?

  67. It seems like every few months I drop a DC title from my list and add an Image title.

  68. DC should just go the manga studio work pipeline route.

    Have a weekly Superman book and a Green lantern book.

    Pick a style for the books and have multiple artists drawn and write in the style.

    Then you can hire and fire as many writers and artists as you want.

  69. Thinking more about it, it may be that they want a type of Superman on the shelves for when the movie comes out that no one is willing to write. The biggest problem with the character lately has been that they are sort of making him a bit of an ass at times, a cocky frat boy with powers who deep down cares about people, and I think most writers have more respect for the character than to do that. The problem since the reboot is they wanted new and fresh at DC, when they should have wanted what Marvel did, which is just good storytelling.

    • That’s not what he’s like at all. There’s a bit more golden age influence in there, but it’s nothing like what you’re saying.

    • You’ve obviously never read any classic, Golden/Silver Age Superman.That’s ALL he is.John Byrne made him the boy scout in a cape that everyone moans and groans about.

    • @canadianD: Superman certainly was an upstanding boyscout in a cape parental figure in the Silver Age. That’s where that characterization began.

  70. I wish I was surprised when I read this, but I’m not.

    DC Editorial lost my trust and respect when they thought it was a perfectly great idea to hire Rob Liefield to write (and draw some of the) three titles. Yeah, whatever.

  71. Was thinking of jumping on Action and the Fiaklov books, guess not! No interest in the replacements and getting tired of these co-plotted books.

    • Honestly, with the way they departed, it doesn’t really matter who the new writers are. We already know the editors are just going to be using them as mouthpieces to tell the story they wish they could.

  72. MY WISH LIST: Are Jim Starlin, Darwyn Cooke, Keith Giffen or Jerry Ordway available to write and/or draw a Superman or Green Lantern title?

  73. I’m late to this party, but there’s nothing left to say, really.

    I care less with each DC book I drop.

    I’m curious as to what’s actually happening, but unfortunately we’ll just have to wait forty years or so for “DC Comics: The Untold Story”.

    Until then, I’ll be back on board when the wheel goes round again.

  74. Bad management but not an artistic tragedy.

  75. It’s Bob Harras and Geoff Johns

  76. Just cancel it and focus on the Superman book.

  77. I’m trying to think if there’s any DC book I can’t live without…because I’m getting really close to wanting to drop all of them (though I love Snyder’s Batman and Morrison’s Batman Inc… perhaps it’s time to let everything else go!)

    • If it the DC line gets truly good with great stories, (in the distant future) remember you can always catch up by buying back issues to get caught up with the current storyline. Vote with your wallet. You buy you are voting you approve of crap. Why change a thing when it makes money for them? Money equal votes.

  78. DC Comics: Wheel Turning, Hamster Dead.

  79. In hindsight, doesn’t it feel like Marvel heard about all this turmoil and saw the writing on the wall for DC and the New 52 before anyone else did?

    What was it they kept saying about Marvel NOW?

    “Marvel NOW is the top writers and the top artists writing the best characters in comics” something like that?

    And for the most part that’s been right. They’ve given their creators as much free reign as they could and a lot of the books reflect that in their quality. They’re marketing was all about the creators and it has held up.

    Why can’t DC learn from what Marvel’s been doing recently? Or even look at themselves, their best books (Batman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Batman Inc, etc) are the books where the writers are given a longer leash. How do they not understand that their most critically acclaimed books (Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) and their most financially successful books (anything that Geoff Johns writes, Batman, etc.) are all the books where they give their writers more freedom?

  80. So, who’s really in charge there? First, they try to emulate the WORST era of comics from a quality standpoint, then they alienate their creatives, then they alienate folks by hiring a bigot, then they alienate MORE creatives! It makes me sad that such great characters are being treated so shabbily. I could literally complain about this all night.

    I could figuratively throttle the idiots in charge at DC.

    • Someone’s views on gay marriage shouldn’t factor into the quality of storytelling that Orson Scott Card could bring right now. And quality storytelling is what DC needs right now. I wouldn’t ignore a book if it was good just because the author disagreed with me on some political or social issue.

      In any event, Fisch should be taking over. His style is the opposite of Morrison, which, with all due respect to Morrison, the character of Superman needs right ow.

    • I said they alienated people (like me) by hiring OSC, which is a FACT. Read the INTERNET if you need sources. You’re opinion about his abilities is irrelevant to my point.

  81. When I see the previews DC has put up for this new run on Action Comics WITH Diggle’s name all over it….That just makes it so much funnier and sad at the same time.

    DC has to realize this entire year has looked poor from the beginning of people quitting to today. I mean they have to right? No sane company can have all of this happening and not think, ‘Hey maybe we need to change a little bit here…’

    So far this shit hasn’t affected any books I read. But I am just waiting for Dial H to get cancelled or Aquaman getting rebranded or something.

    • What is the status with Dial H? I recently read issue one (finally), loved it, and am wondering whether to catch up from the beginning (I see the first trade is due out in April), or start picking it up with number 10. Any thoughts out there?

    • At Cosmo, the first arc kinda confused me but reading it all together inone go helped. If you can’t catch up from on up, start with #7 if you can, or whenever the second arc started. That should catch you up just fine, and it moves pretty cleanly away from the end of the first arc just running from a different thread (finding where/what the dials are).

  82. If DC is now looking for someone to replace Andy Diggle then they don’t need to look far. Sholly Fisch has consistently written some great back-up features in Action Comics, including the latest issue. This should be a no-brainer but something tells me it won’t happen.

    • @Mister: Yes! Fisch’s back ups have been amazing in Action Comics. He has been a great find for DC….

      And that’s why he seems to only be doing cartoon comics. (Like Looney Tunes)

    • I think Fisch did all the backups and the Annual for Action, all of which were good. It’s a real no brainer. Drop the book to 2.99 give Fisch 6 issues with Daniels on art and no backup story, and see what happens. How well this would fit into what DC currently has planned for Supes is another story, but as it stands I will not be buying this title. Id try out a Fisch run though, I really enjoyed the tone of his writing in Action.

  83. Bob harras smh

  84. Keep in mind, everyone, that these guys aren’t leaving DC, just these titles. I’m sure their names will pop up regarding something big within the next month or so.

    • I’d be shocked if this were the case, you don’t drop high profile jobs like this and just get assigned new ones. They might see work with the company later when the current regime overturns, which although i’ve defended DC lately I’m starting to hope is soon.

  85. DC’s worst enemy continues to be DC.

    “There’s no such thing as bad press”? Yes, there is. And these continuing stories prove it.

  86. The New 52 will be rebooted sooner rather then later to many gimmick based marketing ploys not enough good writing across the board. And most of the bright spots could have happened in the old continuity.

  87. Whats sad is that a year and a half ago they did, IMO, an alright thing with the new 52. I know I am in the minority with that, but sales wise it helped them. It seems that DC wants to rely on the same 3-5 writers for everything. Those guys are good, but c’mon DC. Was the New 52 just a band aid, because they knew after the honeymoon was over they didn’t have anything great coming down the pipes? It’s sad. Competition makes both of the big 2 better. DC has problems. I hope they get them straightened out.

  88. Meh.Gonna ride GLC and Red Lanterns to the end of the Wrath of the First Lantern then see where that goes.If it doesn’t improve and i don’t like it.I won’t buy it.Same with Action Comics, simple as that.

  89. webhead921 webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:


    Apparently an editorial mandate to kill John Steward prompted Fialkov’s departure from Green Lantern Corps


  90. As has been mentioned, its time to vote with my wallet. I have 9 DC titles that I am going to drop. Some will be painful. Most will be not. I want creators to come up with a great story idea and have editorial work to make that story work within the overall universe not an editor with a story and a human typewriter to pound it out. I have been reading comics for 30+ years and consider myself a DC guy. I am not really in love with the new 52 but I understood that DC needed to freshen things up. Whatever good will they built up with their bold step to reboot has been washed away with this editorial nightmare. I’ll add titles from others to fill the gap. I wish there was another way but the only power I have is what I buy. Perhaps if enough people do this, there might be a change. If, as has also been said, DC is merely the paper pamphlets to keep their movie properties in the public eye, then it doesn’t matter what happens in the comics and things will continue to stumble along.

    • I agree about the power of the wallet, but am not willing to drop the DC titles that I do believe still deserve my support — I don’t want to give DC any sudden reasons to ax Demon Knights, for example . . .

  91. Sad thing about Demon Knights is that it is selling less that 14,000 copies and several titles that were doing better than that have already been axed. I think its a dead-man walking.

    • I have long suspected that Demon Knights was in trouble but do what I can (buy it every month and tell others how good it is). Even with the writer change it’s been consistently one of my favorite books since the re-boot . . .

      And see, this is what puzzles me about DC. Some titles get cut after 5, 6 issues, while others just as low selling continue for a year and/or get new creative teams brought in. I wonder if Demon Knights fits into some long term story plan for DC which is why they keep it around. Not that I’m complaining — as I said, it’s a great book . . .

    • Ya i think Demon Knights is better under the XO Manowar writer. Its going places. Although i love most of Cornells work as well.

  92. webhead921 webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    This is really off-putting news, especially since I was considering dropping a book to pick up Diggle’s Action Comics. This news really doesn’t bode well for DC, but luckily none of the books I read (Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash, Justice League Dark) have been affected. I’ll keep reading what I enjoy, and hope that editorial doesn’t muck any of it up.

  93. A combination of this news and reports that Fialkov left because DC is planning to kill of Jon Stewart, really makes me question if I want to keep buying from them anymore. The only DC titles that I’m getting right now are Batman Ic. and Snyder’s Batman. Inc is wrapping up, but Snyder’s Batman is just so god damn good!!!! I’m really in mental tug of war over this. My favorite comic book company has become something that I hate.