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Weekly Sketch Up – 03.09.2012

A Thundercat, an unlikely mashup, the bride of Mr. F, and Murdock’s vacation.

Weekly Sketch Up – -2.24.2012

Yet another take on Ghost Rider, and the Hanna Barbera Heroes, among others. Up is the direction of the sketch.

Weekly Sketch Up – 02.10.2012

If there were sketch awards, there’d be a whole bunch of nominees in this batch.

Weekly Sketch Up – 02.03.2012

Han Solo meets Sean Connery meets Battlepug.

Weekly Sketch Up – 01.27.2012

We’ve got characters from comics, games, movies, and even a character played by Billy Zane.

Weekly Sketch Up – 01.20.2012

Downton, Baby S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Darwin, and a killer Kool-Aid Man.

Weekly Sketch Up – 01.06.2012

The man in black, another man in Iron, an Iron Fist, and a Right Hand of Doom.

Weekly Sketch Up – 12.23.2011

Jimi, Mattie, Tony, and others.

Weekly Sketch Up – 12.16.2011

Some movies, a couple Batmen, and Jubilee goes to the photobooth.

Weekly Sketch Up – 12.09.2011

We go multimedia with sources this week, but let’s not kid ourselves, Reilly Brown wins the week.