Weekly Sketch Up – 12.16.2011

Refrigerator Perry (G.I. Joe version) by Robert Atkins


Skeksis by Maxim Romanchak


Laura & Jubilee by Phil Noto


Gremlins by Jeff Zornow


Dream and Death by Evan “Doc” Shaner


Robin by Dustin Nguyen


Solomon Grundy by Brent Schoonover


Chaplin by Rafael Albuquerque


Big Trouble in Little China by Brandon Graham


The Joker vs. Batman by Dan McDaid


Batman by Sean Murphy


  1. I think I’ve said it before, but if Greg Capullo EVER wants a break from Batman….Sean Murphy better have right of first refusal.

  2. There are so many awesome images in this week’s sketch up. The Phil Noto image makes me miss X23, the both batman sketches are insanely awesome and Solomon Grundy? Yeah I hear that guy is born on a monday.

  3. That Batman Vs. Joker image by Dan McDaid? The one where Joker is sporting his ’60s era Cesar Romero mustache? Well done.

    Also, my love affair with Rafael Albuquerque and Dustin Nguyen continues.

  4. Hah, is that the Cesar Romero version of the Joker?

  5. Gah. That Noto sketch is making me want to read through X-23’s series.

  6. That is Cesar Romero, Adam West, & Burt Ward in the scene from the Dark Knight.

  7. Am I the only one who saw that shot of the Fridge and thought, “Wesley Willis?!”

  8. Much love for the Brandon Graham & Dustin Nguyen art too. And as always, Albuquerque be classin’ up the joint.

  9. Holy CRAP. Sean Murphy, badass.

  10. Gizmo!

  11. I sent the forms and the money, and my Fridge Perry figure never came. 6-8 weeks my ass.

  12. I like that Jeff Zornow put one of the gremlins in a luchador mask

  13. OK, this is just strange. I have a Charlie Chaplin sketchbook that I’ve been getting sketches in at cons for the past year or two and I was just telling my wife (two weeks ago) “I really hope Francesco Francavilla or Raphael Albuquerque end up coming to the Boston con this year, I’d love to see what either of them do for a Chaplin sketch.”

  14. Damn! That Skeksis is amazing.

  15. At first I thought that Big Trouble sketch was of Tom Schrapling.

  16. oh Robin, you adorable lil’ rapscallion

  17. Phil Noto! AGAIN!

  18. Zornow and Gremlins for the win!

  19. No love for The Dark Crystal??? That Skeksis fills my eyeballs with joy.

  20. What an incredibly solid week. This books up my lock/home screens for the next month.

  21. As a big Chaplin fan, this week did my heart proud. And GREMLINS! OMG! So great!

  22. Considering there are rumors that a second ‘Batman: Black and White’ series is in the making; Sean Murphy should be on the top of the list for artists just by that sketch alone.

  23. Great sketches this week! I love the Phil Noto and the Rafael Albuquerque.

  24. Sean Murphy. Not bad

  25. That Chaplin is tops!

  26. If you want more Sean Murphy Batman, check out Scarecrow Year One. It’s a pretty good story, too.

  27. Beaautiful Chaplin by Rafael Albuquerque. I’d frame that and put it on my wall.