Weekly Sketch Up – 01.06.2012

Aries by Rafa Sandoval


Wonder Woman by Doug Hills


Whiteout by Colleen Coover


Up by Dan Hipp


The Joker by Steve Ellis


Johnny Cash by Dan Panosian


Iron Man by Kevin Colden

Iron Fist by Andy Kuhn


Doctor Who Christmas Special by Francesco Francavilla


Conan by Yildiray Cinar


Hellboy by Chris Samnee (Colors by Nathan Fairbairn)


  1. I have become a huge fan of Chris Samnee. Cool guy too. Great week. I’m on a kindle fire (not to take anything away from the kindle) and these panels still pop.

  2. *gasp* No Noto? It almost doesn’t feel like a Sketch Up without him.

    Panosian’s “Johnny Cash” is amazing, Samnee once again proves anything he draws is golden, and Dan Hip’s “Up” is becoming my new wallpaper. Great choices all around this week as always!

  3. Personal favorite this week is Aries-When will he return?

  4. Wow, that Samnee Hellboy. I love it. The movement, the push-off from the pistol, I love it all.

  5. Man, I thought that first piece was of a gladiator times Punisher. Still cool, nonetheless.

  6. Some really cool Cliff Chang art was revealed on project rooftop 2 days ago. Think Gatchaman meets the Justice League.

  7. Love Samnee and Francavilla’s pieces (which is pretty much standard for those two guys). Panoshian’s Johnny Cash is great. I always love when an artist surprises me by doing something in a style I haven’t seen from them before.

  8. More Cinar, please!

  9. Really dig the Iron Man from Kevin Colden. Proof of how you can get a character across in just a handful of brush strokes.

  10. Damn, that Aries is electric! Great week.

  11. That Johnny Cash sketch is amazing. Not sure who Dan Panosian is, but that is incredible.

  12. Hands down that Ares is the best of the week. Oh my god (pun intended!) that is amazing.

  13. I misredad up as Us and thought “I could see that” but that would make Conor a dog and reread.

  14. if you don’t like the Up sketch, then you’re dead inside!

  15. i miss Ares… i actually really like what Bendis did with him

  16. Chris Samnee really needs to draw an arc in one of the Mignolaverse books now. Keep Dave Stewart (or even Bettie Breitweiser) on coloring and I think it would be a beautiful book.

  17. I want Aries back! Awesome sketch, wish I could buy it!

  18. That Aries is F@#kn BA@##A$$!!! Can’t never get enough Hellboy images and gotta love the man in black.

  19. Just to clarify…

    Aries= zodiac sign

    Ares= Greek God of War

  20. The Up! sketch is just beautiful.