Weekly Sketch Up – 01.20.2012

Drive by Ibrahim Moustafa


Bane by Tom Raney


Swamp Thing by Eric Powell


Roger the Homunculus by Nathan Fox


Winter Soldier by Michael Walsh


Kool-Aid Man by Andy MacDonald


Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Dennis Culver


Darwin by Kalle Malloy


Spider-Ham by Kevin Colden


Batroc ze Leaper by Brion Salazar


Bates by Phil Noto


Baby Nick Fury by Gene Ha


  1. OMG, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is BRILLIANT!!!!

    the Tiki

  2. BATES!

  3. OMG this is the best weekly sketch up in a long, long time!

  4. Black ops Kool-Aid Man is all kinds of awesome.

  5. Took me a sec to get that Dragon Tattoo joke. Nice!

    Also, can we PLEASE get Eric Powell on Swamp Thing!?!??!? I’m def into Paquette’s work, but if we could get a fill-in arc from Powell, that would be AWESOME!

  6. I thought it was Batroc ze Leap-air?? Great week, I honestly can’t pick a favourite.

  7. I want to read a Kool-Aid Man book right now! And the Girl with the dragon tattoo is wonderful.

  8. Love that Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  9. The Kool-Aid Man should have been in The Expendables 2. Maybe he’ll make it in 3.

    And if anyone from Marvel sees this, I want a baby Nick Fury comic. And I don’t mean some few-pager in the next Strange Tales.

  10. Tom Raney’s amazing Bane drawing is a perfect example of just how miscast Tom Hardy is in the role. Bane has got to be HUGE.

  11. DRIVE!!!

  12. Swamp-Thing and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are my favorites this week

  13. The inking in the Darwin piece is incredible!

  14. Raney’s Bane is breath-taking. I really miss him on Avengers Academy!

  15. Wait, I thought Eric Powell hated everything representing the big two? So why is he drawing Swamp Thing?

  16. I asked Gene Ha for a baby in a spacesuit. The rest was his idea.

  17. Now we know what the eTrade baby is going as for Halloween 2012.

  18. Nice seeing the Winter Soldier commission Walsh did for me. It will fit nicely next to my Bucky and Cap pieces done by Samnee.

    • He’s really got a Samnee vibe going there, hunh?

    • Exactly, Josh. I saw his work on another site’s weekly art feature and immediately thought of Samnee. I commissioned the Winter Soldier piece and bought some other art he had done previously. I definitely see Walsh as an up and coming artist and he is an incredibly nice guy to deal with. I’d suggest anyone that likes his stuff to let him know and pick something up.

  19. God. Notto does great sketches, was is it that his comic work is bland. I just didn’t care for his Jonah Hex.

  20. I want a comic starring Action Kool-Aid, Dragon Tattoo, and Lil’ Nick Fury. Somebody make that happen!

    Also, really digging that Drive poster, Bane, and Homonculus. Great stuff all around.

  21. They stepped off the boat and, to their surprise, were greeted by a small humanoid dragon in a tux and a wisp of a girl with cold, dark eyes. She opened her pierced lips to speak and said in an almost robotic voice, “Welcome to Fantasy Fucking Island.”

  22. I gotta give my boy Ibrahim mad, embarrassing amounts of praise for his DRIVE piece! He is truly KILLIN`it!!!

  23. Kool Aid man for the win

  24. For the first time ever not one amazed me (although there is still some cool and well done art). Still a great article, cheers guys!

  25. That is the worst picture of Darwin Cooke I’ve ever seen.

  26. Gotta be one of my favorite sketch ups in awhile, love Drive, I see Ron Perlman and Albert Brooks likeness but Ryan Gosling looks more like Bill Pullman, course this is a novel 1st so it doesn’t matter. Walsh’s Winter Soldier is sweet, very close to Epting’s style. Darwin(nuff said). Dragon tattoo, love it and am looking forward to the direct to graphic novel series. Banes chunky boots sold this one for me. Swamp Thing looks like a character that would fair well in an Eric Powell Goon story and love all things B.P.R.D.

  27. Compiling the Weekly Sketch Up must be the most enjoyable task at iFanboy. Dragon Tattoo made me laugh out loud and Baby Nick Fury makes me wish I was in charge at Marvel, because issue #1 would be headed to the presses tout de suite!