Weekly Sketch Up – 01.27.2012

Batgirl by Kevin Nowlan


Ghost Rider by Andy MacDonald


Ultimate Peter Parker by Jamal Igle


Super Mario by Cliff Chiang


Marvel Comics Star Wars by Phil Noto


Jax Teller by Dan Panosian


Trevor Bruttenholm by Brahm Revel


Plastic Man by Robert Atkins


The Phantom by Chris Samnee


Miles Morales by Jamie McKelvie


He-Man by Ryan Stegman


The Flash by Geoff Johns & Phil Jimenez


Buzz Lightyear by Adam Carabet


Earthworm Jim by Skottie Young


  1. I think the Flash was drawn by Geoff Johns and inked by Phil Jimenez. Just so Geoff can get credit for yet more stuff.

  2. Another GREAT week of Sketch-ups!!! Love the Stegman He-Man especially! Why is no one doing anything with the He-Man property now???

  3. Jamal Igle’s Peter Parker? That is 100% fantastic. Tons and tons of movement and action in a single panel.

  4. He-man is brilliant.

  5. Yeah, He-Man. You get yo battle tiger.

  6. Another awesome week. Would love to own the Samnee & Young pieces (hint hint) 🙂

  7. I haven’t thought about Earthworm Jim in a about 20 years. Thanks Mr. Young.

  8. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again can Samnee draw….EVERYTHING?! PLEASE!

  9. Andy MacDonald is really cool. Love the big wheel Ghost Rider.

  10. great collection as usual…so in this context..what makes him “Ultimate” Peter Parker as opposed to regular Peter Parker? Is it the haircut and the more youthful apearance?

  11. Full of so much AWESOME today!

    When I look at Ghost Rider all I can thank of is the “It” episode of South Park. “What do you mean you can control it with the buttons on the Steering Wheel!”

    And that Phil Noto Star Wars cover makes me think of the Penny Arcade Post and Strip from Wednesday. Darth RAGE indeed!

  12. I would do unspeakable things for a legitimate scifi, action adventure Buzz Lightyear of Star Command ongoing if Carabet drew it.

    • I would love to read the story of a modern Buzz Lightyear. An OGN done in this pastiche would, IMHO, be a license to print money.

      Right up there on the shelf with the Space Ghost remake.

    • I was thinking the same thing when I saw the Buzz sketch, but no way Disney would allow it… Pixar probably would though. They made Toy Story 3 more mature, I think, because the knew the kids who had grown up with those characters were older now. This would be the extintion of that. But like I said… No f’ing way Disney would get on board.

  13. Chris Samnee is a great artist and all, one of my faves for sure, but I think Jamie McKelvie would have been a better fit for Ultimate Spider-man as a fill-in artist for Sara Pichelli. I mean look at that Miles Morales Spider-man. It’s almost as good as Sara Pichelli’s!

  14. I would buy the Hell out of that Plastic Man book

  15. Check out Del Mundo’s Avengers poster:


    I’d buy that poster in a heartbeat!

  16. The He-Man sketch is fantastic! The Buzz Lightyear is also good.

  17. Ghost Rider would be a HELL of a lot more interesting if he road that instead of a motorcycle.

  18. BTW, this is just the kind of column I’d pass along to my more casual comics reading friends. More people should see this stuff.

  19. I really love the Sons of Anarchy and Super
    Mario sketches, but I would totally buy a Ryan Stegman He-Man book, and I’ve never bought a He-Man book in my life.

  20. Amazing week. Sons of Anarchy was amazing, and I can’t be happier to see some Samnee sketches.

  21. Now I need a sketch of Skeletor sitting on the fuzzy shit purple cat that I had as a kid. I would totally buy a He Man comic!

  22. It’s cool to see a lot of names I don’t recognize, and I love how that He-Man looks like a Frazetta painting in its pose and position. Perfect.